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Speeding golf carts dangerous, not dogs

I am not surprised at the result of the vote to eliminate the voice command option here in PTC. I guess if the new chief of police wanted the change, the council was obliged to accommodate his request, even though none of the reported dog bites were from dogs walking off leash but dogs who escaped from their yard.

There were complaints of a dog jumping in a golf cart, or bumping into a child — “dangerous,” indeed. Complaints from a few has resulted in a big change for many responsible dog owners.

So there goes a ritual that we have been enjoying every day for most of my dog’s life. Billie, my 12-year-old Australian Cattle mix, is a dog who is truly under voice command, very smart, obedient, friendly and never caused a problem. He earned the privilege of walking off leash through many hours of training. Thank you, Chief, Mayor and Council, we can all feel so much “safer” now with dogs like Billie on leash.

Ironically, today while we were trying out our new routine with Billie on a leash, a golf cart with two teens on their way to school suddenly veered over to our side of the path and almost hit my dog. Billie has been trained off leash to move over to my right side and wait for golf carts to pass and he can hear them before me.

Today was different, though, thanks to the elimination of the voice command. I have another dog who has always been on leash. She was on my right side and I did not hear the golf cart coming because of traffic on the parkway. Billie was on leash on my left side and because he is obedient he remained there. Another inch or two and he would have been seriously injured or worse.

Personally, I know of two people that have been struck and injured by a speeding golf cart and were unable to get the registration number. I have written to the mayor and council, requesting that all golf carts display their registration on the back of the golf cart as well as the side.

Today, I would have reported this incident but could not see the number on the side. I am also requesting that there be a speed limit set and enforced for golf carts. If you agree, please make your voice heard, email or call the city.

Speeding golf carts are the danger out there, NOT dogs walking off leash.

PTC resident for 20 plus years, “For Sale” sign coming soon.

Jacqueline Solsvig

Peachtree City, Ga.



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It will require someone to be seriously injured or killed before anything will happen.

I can only suggest you have good medical insurance and a good injury attorney at hand.

So much for a leisurely stroll down the pedestrian paths.

I agree with the teenagers on the golf carts. I have had to swerve off the path, stop altogether and once had to back up so as not to be hit by a golf cart with a teenager on it. And it seems to me that 4 out of 5 golf carts have teenagers in them. I don't want to say they are all like that, some are quite polite, but most don't care...


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