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Fayette OKs changes to PTC sales tax projects

Changes that will allow Peachtree City to spend up to $500,000 in sales tax funds on traffic studies and other new road improvements were approved by the Fayette County Commission Thursday night.

Prior to this change, the project list for the proposed Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax covered street paving, repair and maintenance of existing cart paths, new cart paths, eight bridge and tunnel projects other bridge and tunnel maintenance. That left no room for smaller construction improvements.

If the proposed Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax is approved in November by voters countywide, the city would receive a projected $14.5 million over the two-year life of the levy.

The $500,000 pot would allow some funds to be earmarked for a potential corridor study that would evaluate potential additions to help traffic flow on Ga. Highway 54 West, where westbound traffic often backs up to Willowbend Road in front of City Hall during afternoon drive time.

DOT officials said Thursday that such a study is necessary to analyze the potential traffic improvements, and that it could also take into account sections of Ga. Highway 74 as well.
The $500,000 set-aside could also be used for a potential traffic calming project at Peachtree Parkway and Loring Lane.

The City Council voted 3-1 last week to carve out the $500,000 add-on, with Mayor Don Haddix casting the lone vote in dissent. Haddix contended the city should spend the money instead on necessary street maintenance, which has $20 million of repairs needed.



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While I remain opposed to the SPLOST our list is not subject to County control. It is our list, not theirs.

Also, I have not yet signed the Inter Governmental Agreement because we have not seen it to vote on it yet.

<strong><em>Peachtree City Mayor</em></strong>
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<cite><strong>Don Haddix
Peachtree City Mayor</strong></cite>

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You need to run these posts by your ghostwriter Mr. Haddix, you'll look better.

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Imagine how difficult her job of covering for the bozo will be if she actually gets elected to replace Kimmy.

I doubt we have to really worry about that, but don't be complacent - go out and vote for George (or Vanessa if you must), Kim, Mike King, Terry Ernst. Things will get better right away. I think. I hope.

Live free or die!

you are like the train

He who calls his brother a fool is in danger of the fires of hell. Pumpkin you need to go back to the vine until you are ripe, at the rate you are going Donnie boys ride won't turn into you at midnight

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We received the County's proposed Intergovernmental Agreement late on Oct 2nd, just in time to make the Oct 3rd meeting.

I looked at the proposal, then immediately sent an email to the City Manager and Councilmembers. I talked to the City Manager on Thursday and suggested he propose the item be continued, or else I would make the proposal on the Dais. He agreed it was best for him to do so.

The Agenda Item was continued until Oct 19th, with my suggestion we not comment on why to give Jim a chance to do his job by talking to the County Administrator.

So, I will give no details here.

In relationship to this issue, and the SPLOST in general, for those who watched, Councilmember Imker ambushed me at the Sept 19th meeting, accusing me of lying about him supporting the SPLOST. He demanded proof he had, which I obviously did not have with me.

He said, he had looked and could find no documents. That meant he felt safe in accusing me of lying.

He also made the same accusation plus other accusations in a citizen email on the City email system. Yet more blatant electioneering.

Well, he made a mistake. There is proof. Click his link, <a href="">April 18, 2013, Meeting Minutes</a>. Then go to page 18 and read the support given by Imker, along with others, for the SPLOST. On page 19, paragraph 6, it clearly reports Imker in fact stated his support for the SPLOST.

So, I did not lie and Imker clearly did not tell the truth.

Neither George Dienhart or Kim Learnard have hidden their support for the SPLOST. In fact, at the Saturday election event, where it looks like Dienhart brought all his supporters with him, both repeated their support.

Harold Logsdon also gave his support while Ryan Jolly and I did not support it.

On another topic of much discussion, Learnard was the only one of the 9 candidates taking part to support District Voting.

<strong><em>Peachtree City Mayor</em></strong>
The Comprehensive Strategic Plan Proposal
Is in the Updates Forum

<cite><strong>Don Haddix
Peachtree City Mayor</strong></cite>

A little bitter? The room was a mix of conservatives and liberals. Republicans and Democrats. In fact, it was organized by Dawn Mabra (Great job, Dawn!)- chair of the democratic party. Dienhart is a republican. I will say this. I loved it when you were up on stage and you said you had black friends. I never saw that many people cringe at the same time before. Dienhart walked into the room alone and walked out with a bunch of new supporters. Your reign of error is over.

Ok, so let's tell the rest of the story behind what was said at Saturday's candidate forum.

George Dienhart said he was in favor of the SPLOST saying it provides a "bridge" to cover part of the cart path and road work needed in PTC and, if he was elected mayor it would give him time to revamp the city budgeting process so we "live within our means". He was clear that he believes we should only spend what we take in.

Kim Learnard identified 7 ways to cover cart path and road repairs which is on her website and that the SPLOST was the cheapest way.

I did not hear one council or mayoral candidate support the concept of TAX AND SPEND....

Kim also qualified her statement on district voting by stating that as a PTC council member it was not an issue for her to vote on, so she only stated her personal opinion and asked the audience to think if they believe that everyone if Fayette is really properly represented.

As a member of the audience, I saw and met a large number of Peachtree City residents so to say that George brought our his supporters is not accurate.

Don, your statement at the end on Kim is total proof that having you and your wife on council together would be a total disaster. To identify Kim's personal opinion on district voting is only because Cathy Haddix is running for council against Kim. Thank you for showing the citizens how this is going to really work if both of you were to be elected.

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Learnard asked the audience how many felt disenfranchised because of race and then stated her support for the Fayette County redistricting and voting.

The question was a County-wide issue asked of all due to the elected positions they were running for. That was recognized in how the question was asked.

I stated I did not support it, but judged people on who they are. I also stated we recently hired a black gentleman as the new District 4 Health Director and appointed another black gentleman to the Planning Commission. Both due to their qualifications, not for being black. Commissioner Barlow, who was part of the hiring process, and at the event, can confirm that.

Not one word about black friends came out of my mouth. It is irrelevant.

Learnard also defended the current tax and spend budget, several times, which still has us spending more in 2018 than we bring in. It has more tax increases, fees, etc, planned. She supported the SPLOST on top of that.

Dienhart said he supported the SPLOST to give him 2 years to "fix" the spending issues. Two points here, "fixing" was all based on his personal opinion, largely by doing cuts to Safety. Also he cannot "fix" anything on his own. It takes a 3 vote.

Making promises that cannot guaranteed is classical election politicking.

He also spoke about changing how budgets are created. That proposal was in violation of the City Charter and common sense. Elected do not have the expertise to create Budgets for everything in the City and give to Staff. Yet, he has stated he would at other times on the blogs and elsewhere.

Both Cathy and I recognized these realities and proposed the Comprehensive Strategic Plan. We said all ideas get laid on the table in that process plus citizen input is essential. Dienhart always referenced him fixing it on his own.

A Zero Balanced Budget, as an example, has been proposed. But, as in the links and materials I have given elsewhere, citizen input is required as is a Comprehensive Strategic Plan, both which Dienhart and Learnard have both rejected.

So, it was amazing when Learnard claimed she has always listened to and backed the wishes of the citizens. She just didn't tell everyone it is selected citizens who agree with her.

As with Imker's false claims, documentation on Learnard can be found on and other Mayoral candidates in the link below.

<strong><em>Peachtree City Mayor</em></strong>
The Comprehensive Strategic Plan Proposal
Is in the Updates Forum

<cite><strong>Don Haddix
Peachtree City Mayor</strong></cite>

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I for one am not taking my time to read what someone has written for you.

No one is listening Mr. Haddix, no one. You are not even a contender Mr. Haddix. Unless of course we see a massive turnout by your supporters at City Hal to support you, with speeches, hot dogs and apple pie.

Then, maybe we will start taking you seriously.

You are rambling.....and so busy taking shots at your opponents and now Cathy's opponents because you offer little, only more committees and PLAN.

It does take 3 on council that you are right about. For 6 years you have tried with no success to get 3 puppets instead of working with fellow elected officials. Unfortunately, you don't get along with anyone and you don't understand that leaders earn the right to lead it's not handed to them. Further proof we need a change. That was emphasized by every mayoral candidate on Saturday. Mr. Jolly spoke about "taking responsibility for things that are said" which is a reference to your libel suit. Both George and Harold talked about bringing back honor and respect to the mayor's office which is all about your behavior in office.

You are failing to understand that you will be judged on all your past actions as mayor and there is far more bad then good

Don, you had choices and you chose to take taxpayer money for your private libel lawsuit. You chose to threaten to sue Peachtree City when council took action to protect us by trying to get our money back.You chose to run Joey Grisham out of town after agreeing with council to hire him. You chose to repeatedly blog with the title of mayor under your name knowing it places our city at risk when you personally attack people because you are unable to decipher the difference between you yourself and you the mayor and people you represent. No one is to blame for your actions other than yourself and the voters will decide based upon your past choices and actions.

the voters WILL decide. based on what the other candidates are offering/ or not/ because they don't have a clue. We expect to get the results quickly. you better get your four or five to the polls because all of ours will be out in full force.

you few just make it too easy sometime.

Where exactly did Dienhart say he was cutting public safty? Links to lies on your website don't count- post a link to a reputable source. Same for Learnard and Dienhart rejecting the strategic plan- post proof.

The only thing anyone heard on your bizarre answer about district voting is that you "had black friends". Good for you donnie. That was the most cringe-worthy statement I have ever personally witnessed at a political event.

Waiting to see the proof, but of course I won't. You are lying again.

I cannot believe the comments made stating they are at meetings and blow out their understanding. is this really what we are facing that they cannot comprehend statements, is anyone following up, especially with Dienhart and Learnard? maybe the big five will call a meeting at mimi's and invite them, maybe give em a little poke in the ribs with the elbow and advise them to study up before opening their mouths.

or maybe not as they will not know unless they study the issues and how city hall runs.

Don Haddix's picture

Yes, they need to do some study before talking. I was not the first Mayor to be Censured. At a minimum Mayor Fred Brown was censured before:

Fact is, they Censured me over issues where I was later proven correct. Smith and Steele, in example, lost their elections over exactly the issues I was attacked for saying.

As for leaving the meeting, it was because it was an ambush Agenda, Councilman Doug Sturbaum was not there and they gave me no time to compose a rebuttal since they knew I had a meeting the prior evening.

They tried to justify it by claiming I had no right to speak, which the City Attorney shot down immediately. The City Attorney also advised me recuse and leave, which is what you do when you recuse. You do not stay on the Dais.

Ambush Agenda Items have been their tool for four years.

The most ridiculous part of all of this is Dienhart walked out of a meeting in anger. He made a snarly remark then stomped out for a good amount of time. No excuse for it, no reason to recuse, etc.

That they try to justify but cannot.

On the Comprehensive Strategic Plan that was a top priority from the citizens at the One Peachtree City, in example, and I am getting a ton of positive feedback for it, including from the City Manager and others.

So, indeed they have no clue on the facts, law, policy etc. It is all an excuse to do political attacks, nothing more.

<strong><em>Peachtree City Mayor</em></strong>
The Comprehensive Strategic Plan Proposal
Is in the Updates Forum

<cite><strong>Don Haddix
Peachtree City Mayor</strong></cite>

there are just too many more adjectives that describe morgan, I won't touch. 'brother' is not in that list.

You are using your brain with a ‘zip line’ and letting the facts go right over your heads. Try and set aside your hate and comments, put your listening ears on and realize all things cannot be accomplished just because you want them. There are procedures, rules, mandates that have to be followed. Watch Sesame Street and learn the first step to learning/comprehending is listening. Aren’t you reading our Mayors comments? He is working hard and spending time trying to explain this to you. Perhaps spending some volunteer time at city hall, or arranging a one on one meeting at city hall with your mayor might help you understand, might help you get to know our mayor and his vision for our city. Offer up suggestions, let him think about them, he will listen, he will give you an honest answer and he will implement those you offer if it makes sense and can be done; even then some have to be put to a vote and it can’t happen. You are not part of the ‘mimi five’ you are an intelligent citizen, please start acting like one and bring others on board, we need forward thinking citizens.

Robert W. Morgan's picture

But if I take my brain on a zip line to city hall and ask for a one-on-one with Haddix after watching Sesame Street, I will be considered the sane one?

Thanks pumpkin, your contribution and dedication is duly noted.

Live free or die!

You are a disgusting groupie, sucking up for what I do not know. Donnie would not know the truth if it shared his office, offer suggestion yea right, been there done that, he passes the buck or ignores you if it does not fit his agenda. good bye Bumpkin

If in fact you hired them for their qualification why even mention race, we"ve all heard the statement made by southern racist in the 70's, "why hell I got some black friends". Listen carefully, you and your little bumpkin are in deep enough, you have ruined this city, we are doing good racially so close your mouth for the next few weeks and do screw something else up.
BTW, I think Pumpkin is one of your alter egos and it should be country bumpkin. I will be asking at a forum later but tell me in advance where did you go to school? Did you drop out or graduate?

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