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Senoia cops cuff man for 100mph chase

A Senoia man faces multiple charges after a Sept. 25 high-speed chase that began and ended in Senoia after he raced through portions of Coweta and Fayette counties at speeds up to 100 miles per hour.

Jeremiah Baker, 24, of Senoia, was charged with fleeing and attempting to elude, reckless driving, driving with a suspended license, failure to obey a stop sign and failure to dim lights, according to Senoia police spokesman Jason Ercole.

Ercole said an officer was positioned on Rockaway Road at Morningside Boulevard at approximately 8 p.m. when Baker’s Honda Accord passed him flashing the vehicle’s high-beam headlights on and off.

The officer pulled out behind the vehicle with blue lights on and and siren engaged with the intent of stopping it on a failure to dim headlights infraction, Ercole said. The Honda increased in speed as the officer got closer, Ercole said, adding that the Honda reached speeds of 80 miles per hour in a 35 miles per hour zone.

The pursuit continued for 8.2 miles, into Peachtree City where the vehicle turned south onto Ga. Highway 74 and south onto Ga. Highway 85 where it again entered Coweta County. Another Senoia officer joined the pursuit on Hwy. 85 but was unable to stop the Honda that turned onto Seavy Street.

Baker during the pursuit attained speeds of 100 miles per hour, Ercole said.

The vehicle continued on through the city, sometimes reaching speeds of 70 miles per hour and running stop signs. The Honda also evaded another Senoia officer who had positioned his patrol car at Seavy Street and Baggarly Way. Officers reported that several pedestrians in the downtown area had to jump out of the way for fear of being struck by the speeding vehicle.

The chase continued through the city until the driver pulled into a driveway on Morgan Street. An officer in pursuit pulled behind the Honda, with his gun drawn, instructed the driver and two passengers to exit the vehicle. The three refused to comply but were quickly removed from the vehicle by three of the officers who arrived at the scene.

Baker was arrested at the scene. The two passengers were not charged, Ercole said.



Idiot police officers !! 100 miles per hour thru residential neighborhoods
To arrest someone how flashed their lights to warn on comers of Senoia
infamous speed trap. I’m sorry but I live on Seavy and if one of my kids were hit
By a police car going 100 MPH on Seavy for ANY reason, there would have been
an officer involved shooting.
The officer involved should be fired, come on Mayor Bob do the right thing.

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So everyone who doesn't want a traffic ticket should start a high speed chase? Good luck with your future shootouts with police, idiot.

I am so glad you were able to assess this situation from the security and comfort of your own home.

How many times do police officers attempt to pull over vehicles for a tail light or head light that is out, swerving, running traffic lights and signs, etc. only to have that vehicle flee at a high rate of speed? Of these simple traffic stops, how many of these fleeing felons have illegal drugs, abducted children, stolen property, bodies, or are simply wanted fugitives (rape or murder)? Hint: GBI and FBI databases

Bad Bob, do the right thing by commending this young man for his actions. Also, make certain you budget for another officer to be added to the Dept.

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Not every fleeing suspect is a mass murderer, but in can quickly devolve into that by police making the wrong decisions.

I agree with Ruger on that. Case in point...driving to Carrollton Sunday around noon on GA 16 in Coweta County. (Heck, this may have even been the same incident in a different part of the county) Going 55 MPH behind one car who is directly behind a Coweta cop car. I have at least two other cars behind me. No one is following too closely as far as I can tell. Other traffic coming the opposite way also doing 55-60 MPH (6-7 cars and trucks). I see blue lights come on from the cop car that is traveling westbound in front of me so I slow down in preparation to stop (and hoping that the cars behind me also see the blue lights, but because it is rather hilly there, not sure that they can). As I continue to decellerate, I see now that the cop is making a U-TURN IN THE MIDDLE OF THE HIGHWAY! Not, let me pull over or find a turn out where I can make a safe 180, but simply...I'M GOING THE OTHER WAY NOW PEOPLE...EVERYONE HAS TO STOP WHAT THEY'RE DOING AT 55 MPH - EVEN ANY 18-WHEELERS THAT HAPPEN TO BE ON THIS ROAD - SO I CAN GO THE OTHER WAY NOW!!!
Needless to say, it caused a dangerous, even deadly, situation for a dozen carloads of people. And, he didn't even complete his U-turn!!! He had to do a 3-POINT TURN in order to get going the other way. So, yes, all traffic had to come to a complete stop so this idiot could turn around on the highway. And guess what...50 yards ahead was a turnout parking lot where he could have completed a safe maneuver and avoided endangering dozens of people. But what can you say? In Coweta County, nothing. Because cops do what they want when they want and answer to no authority. They IS the LAW! - or at least that's the attitude they appear to have.


Since you more than likely didn't have any personal investment in this incident it must be really easy to sit back and insult these police officers. I mean, if it were one of your family members they were responding to, instead of simply depriving you of some relative timely convenience, you might change your tune.

You have the right to agree with Ruger if you desire, but if his daughter or son were were just abducted in that fleeing car, what spur of the moment decision would you have made? Check the national statistics for what happens if no recovery is obtained over 48 hours. Take it from one who knows. You can pray to Jesus all you want to in a crisis situation, but it will probably take one our public servants you are now chastising that keeps you from seeing him.

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...doesn't justify killing one child in a car wreck, does it?

I realize we are talking hypotheticals here, but you have to ask yourself some deep moral questions here. No, no one was killed in this incident, but the danger was certainly there. I was involved and I felt my life was in danger.

So, to answer your question, "what spur of the moment decision would you have made?" Simple. I would have made the decision to make a relatively safe u-turn maneuver rather than endanger dozens of carloads of cars. It would have taken 10 seconds longer than it did.

Protect and Serve. Protect and Serve.

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I can see why a lot of jurisdictions have a strict policy of not engaging in them whatsoever unless there's a high probability of someone's life being in immediate danger. In this case, there sure wasn't.

PTC banned them years ago...don't know if that is the current policy under the doofus they have running the PD these days, but PTC already had a fatality of an innocent person due to cops roaring through PTC all the way from Meriwether County chasing someone.

Social Unrealistic arguments are faulty. Saying nothing bad in this incident happened here and so it's all good is like me saying that I drank a 12-pack last night and several shots of Jack Daniels, but drove home fine so it's ALL GOOD! Nobody got hurt!Let's do it again!

Let me see if I understand this correctly. The next time a violent crime is committed all the assailant needs to do is hit the accelerator (stolen or untagged vehicle) and the police will discontinue the chase?

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...and in this case, no violent crime had been committed in the first place.

Not pursuing at 100mph through a residential neighborhood doesn't mean that police are stopping pursuit. It just means they aren't going to risk everyone's lives for no reason whatsoever and can still follow the perp and get assistance from other LEO.

Then at what rate of speed is safe for a pursuit, so that you don't lose this vehicle?

I see where he obtained a speed of 100 mph but I don't see where this was in a neighborhood. I read up to 70 mph in some locations but it does not mention any speed around this park (Ruger's complaint). Where does it say 100 mph near this playground?

Is that your position? Sure seems like it. Has to be common ground somewhere...

Certainly not my area of expertise, but I would think that ideally, get the tag number and surprise the driver at his residence!

Just as much of a position as it is with you not wanting to chase anyone under any circumstances. In all seriousness, the common ground has to be in the officer's discretion. Circumstances dictate.

To not chase under any circumstances?

That is FAR from my position.

I agree with you. And nowhere has anyone on this thread taken the position of "chase at all costs" either. Just saying.

The chase you mentioned out of Meriwether County was not a victory for ex-Police Chief Murray, it was a fatal example of his bad policy. The woman being chased was one of the Mceary's. A professional shoplifting family out of south Fulton County. She and her uncle had both been arrested in Fayette County for shoplifting that same year. Once by me. She ran straight to Peachtree City when Meriwether got behind her after yet another felony theft incident. She ran here because her group was sophisticated enough to know which Cities will not chase. They chose our city as an avenue of escape because of Murray's policy.

Chief Murray during that long chase had his officers block every red light intersection as she came thru the city creating a raceway for the felony suspect. Mceary then perceived that she could now plow thru each intersection at 90 mph and the police had her back at the intersections. It worked well until she left Peachtree City and tried to go thru the first intersection outside of Peachtree City without touching her breaks. An innocent man was killed, Mceary was crippled, and Murray claimed himself a hero. Others believed a hero would have blocked the intersections and made the city safer. What if a child had been crossing a crosswalk with this maniac flying thru?

Major Mike would argue opinions vary. In this case my opinion varies. Chases have to be evaluated on a case by case basis and not arbitrarily dismissed as bad policy.


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I don't think you have a 100% ban on high speed chases regardless of the location(s) of the chases. I do have a real problem with pursuing at high speeds someone who flashed their headlights or someone getting killed over a SHOPLIFTING chase. I don't understand that at all.

It IS officer discretion and they need to use their best judgment and I'm not arguing against that. They also need to be held accountable for their errors in judgment, just like the trooper who killed Jeff Porter's wife in a really stupid crash in downtown.

refused to exit the vehicle so were "quickly removed" by 3 of the officers?

Bet that was a pretty sight. What part of a gun pointed at you by a police officer with instructions to exit the vehicle could these numbnuts not have understood?

Maybe the conversation went this way:

perp #1 I think I'm going to throw up on this officer if I open the door.

perp #2 I just wet my pants, I can't go to jail this way.

perp #3 Wet your pants? I just S#@! my pants! I ain't movin'!

Foot Prints, Did you ever hear the saying, you can’t out run Motorola ?? Social Realist, did you read the article this guy wasn’t running a road block after an
Amber alert, he flashed his head lights to warn an oncoming car of a speed trap. How many kidnappers and rapists are considerate enough
To do that do you think ? I would bet you that if you dig down in the protocol of any Law enforcement agency, the cop broke protocol
for a high speed chase. But on the other hand with a screen name like Social Realist I bet you already know everything, and can’t be told anything.

I’m not bashing all police officers, I have total respect for them and their position. But if you know any ask their opinion of this situation
I’d bet they would agree, this cop should have backed off.

As respectfully as I can say this, when you start your post off by saying "Idiot police officers" you're making a reference to all police officers. It appears to me that you don't hold any respect for this profession based on your emotionally charged comments, thus stereotyping the entire department.

The protocol as you call it is usually dictated by the situation. Meaning, it is at the officer's discretion based on his or her assessment of the situation. Would of, should of, could of, is all nice in hind sight.

The officer acted appropriately under the circumstances. No one got hurt and the assailant was apprehended. Your arguing about something that never happened. What more do you want?

hiding in the weeds. As they will flash on and off. Funny how that happens.

Now I love to see them patrolling our streets...looking for dangerous drivers etc..but sitting and running radar is purely about revenue. It only causes drivers to slam on the brakes...whether they are speeding or not.

Senoia’s a very small town, the officers patrolling it are very aware of their surroundings. When the chase left HI way 85
And continued up Seavy, at that point the officer knew he was headed directly past the city park which means kids at play.
even at 8:00 at night, Boy scouts meet there in the evening, kids ride their bikes, tennis courts.
My option doesn’t change, if a cop chases someone thru an area like that at 100 mph for something that minor he needs reevaluated as a
Police officer.

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