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Man arrested for showing self at Starbucks

An intoxicated man who flashed a local Starbucks employee Monday was arrested later that day by Fayette County sheriff’s investigators, officials said.

Ryan Haynes, 21, of Fayetteville, was also intoxicated at the time, investigators said.

The victim was a female Starbucks employee, who was cleaning the men's room when Haynes came in and began to use the facility, officials said. The woman asked him to wait until she finished but he declined ... and soon after, Haynes turned around and exposed himself to the woman, making a crude remark, officials said.

The incident took place at the Starbucks location on Ga. Highway 54 West just outside Peachtree City in the Peachtree East Shopping Center.

Haynes was charged with public indecency and public intoxication.

On Wednesday sheriff’s investigators arrested three people hours after they committed a burglary at a home on Haddock Point in south Fayette County. Detectives also found items taken from a home on Marron Road the same day, and a burglary Sept. 13 at a residence on Old Greenville Road.

Arrested and charged with burglary were Quinton Davis, 22, of Jonesboro, David Palmer, 20, of Rex and Christian Riggins, 19, of Jonesboro, sheriff’s officials said.

The three suspects are believed to have forced their way into the Haddock Point residence and took items from the home, officials said. Some of the stolen goods were recovered and returned to the victim.

The break in the case came when alert witnesses noticed a suspicious vehicle Sept. 29 which led to the arrests in the case, detectives said. Residents are encouraged to report any suspicious vehicles, persons or activity by calling 911 or 770-461-HELP (4357).

Homeowners are also encouraged to keep a list of all serial numbers and a description of their property that will help investigators track down items that are stolen



Were any of our "coffee" people at a get together there?

Cyclist's picture

No get together held. The next one is this coming December. You ought to come.

Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

Since there must be a thousand people on here by now and your meetings attract just a couple or a few sometimes---maybe most understand nothing good can come from them since it would limit greatly what one could say now. Unless you have just selected a few subjects which are safe such as fishing, beer, restaurants, and President Obama.

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We talk about a blogger named dollaradayandfound. ☺

Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

That is what Mr. Pepper of the movie "...Pepper Cattle and Land co., said to some cowboys he was offering a job on the trail. Then they complained about the "found."
Mr. Pepper was an obvious republican. They had a canvas to sleep together under if it stormed, (unless on duty with the herd, a pot of cold food 2-3 times a day, which no one even the cook knew exactly what all was in it since it wasn't ever totally emptied, hardtack and some dried beef.
A cow was worth $20 dollars so they couldn't possibly afford to kill one to eat. Occasionally they could steal some chicken or eggs along the way.
They drank from the streams before the cattle passed through them, sometimes.
Sometimes they got a partial day's rest when the cattle needed to graze!
If you broke your leg, arm or some ribs or wounded your insides or stomach, you weren't allowed to go on. The scrawniest old horse was given to you to find some help if you could make it. Maybe $5 cash.

Mot of the cowboys were Independents. They hung democrats.

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It still remember when ole dollar proclaimed that his research was "clogging". Gee I wonder what happen to that old goat? ☺

Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

I don't remember "Ole dollar!"

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Attendance might improve if it was agreed no one would reveal their blogger ID.

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I would simply have to open my mouth and everyone would connect me with my avatar.

I think that most would rather keep things just the way they are, we might find out some really unsettling things about friends we already know.

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I have been to 2 coffee gatherings a while back and people either tell u who they "are" on The Citizen or not, real names, whatever. It wasn't an issue that I saw about how much or how little you reveal about yourself or whatever. Good times was what I left with.

CHR/Dollar/Bonkers/NumerousOtherALisases/ has been spazzing about anyone here getting together and how evil it would be and all the usual nonsense his diminished mind comes up with, but I don't think it's a life-changing event to sit down and chat with some people.

CHR/Bonkers/Whoever gets VERY upset whenever this topic is brought up and will respond over and over and over about how he doesn't like it. Whatever, Bonkers. Go take ur meds, lie down and have a nice nap.

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Cut the PC crap, the headline should have read "Man arrested for flashing" or "exposing himself" or "whipping his hog out" or whatever. "Showing [him]self" is a lame attempt to polish a turd - what the guy did was gross and the language should reflect it!

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The poster known as "jackmehog" weighs in!

For heaven's sake... This displaying of pee-pees in public is becoming disturbingly common! If I were the target of such a lewd, nasty assault, all the beta blockers in the world couldn't stop me from having a heart attack! I'm an elderly lady and my heart is finicky. I have to take nitroglycerin tablets. In my day, this just wasn't done. Women didn't let their bosoms out for all the world to see, and men didn't haul out their baloney ponies at babies in bookstores or the lavatory at Starbucks. It's bad enough that we have to pay nine dollars for a cup of coffee; it's well nigh on unacceptable that decent hardworking folk get accosted by tipsy hooligans. Notice to all exhibitionist nasty persons who act a damn fool and get your tallywhackers out in public: do your tallywhacking in private. I keep a can of pepper spray tucked discreetely away, up in my good church hat. If you think you have a license to sell hot dogs, please... I pray that you reconsider. Someone is liable to take exception to your egregious dong-showing and turn that little frankfurter into a red-hot. I've always felt that genitals are like firearms: most classy people have them, but carrying openly makes folks a smidge antsy.

Let's put and end to all this private part Tom-cookery. I declare... What is this silly planet coming to?

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Now that was funny. You need a job writing comedy, I really enjoyed that.

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Oh wow......... :)

Why is the home robbery part of this article? Why doesn't it stand alone as a main news article? It appears to be written as an afterthought. The exposure article, is being made fun of, by people who have nothing to do, but continuoulsy comment and blog all day long? The robbery is so important. We need more information! Don't tell me that's all the information you have. Tell us more information to follow, or something. If you want this paper to have up-to-date news, then make sure it's complete, thoughtful, and thorough. What time did this occurr? Was the family in danger? Did they ran-sack the house? I guess no-one was home, I guess no-one was hurt. How exactly did they catch them, did someone remember the car, and then the police put out the information, or did that car scope out that neighborhood for awhile and they remembered it? The last line refers to home owners keeping a list of serial numbers of items..what? How about reminding citizens to be careful in their neighborhood, and look out for one another, and know where your gun is .? Are the police going to start randomly going through neighborhoods on patrol, in south Fayette? That sounds like a good idea and try to prevent any other thugs from trying to rob another house. What is up with Fayette and the crime? Don't tell me it's the economy, the people robbing are young. I hate going to the Pavillion to shop, something always seems to happen, like that stupid car chase from Clayton county. It is a joke, you have half drunk/stoned people with butt-crap showing-hoochies, and guys pants completely below their boxers, and their whole rearend showing. Why can't police tell them to take their dirty selves home? Not to mention the parents who let their kids scream and run around, and maybe take them shopping dirty and tired to begin with. It's not rocket science it's basic standards. The crap comimg into Fayette just shows the difference of people's morals, and the stores and police just let them come.

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I have to agree, love the citizen online, but the story headlines need more work or at least a few more moments of thought!

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