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PTC company to show off solar power system

A Peachtree City company’s new solar power generating system will be on display Saturday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., and the public is invited to drop by and learn more about solar power.

The event will be hosted at ALTA Refrigeration located at 403 Dividend Drive in the city’s industrial park. The open house is part of the national Solar Tour campaign in which solar sites all over the country will be open for the public to help spread the word about the benefits of solar power.

ALTA’s solar panels are providing 50 percent of the company’s power needs and the company is very proud of its investment, said Steve Chiariello of Georgia-based Inman Solar. On top of that, ALTA is saving even more on its power bill because it is using less power during peak demand time for electricity, officials have said.

The event is free and light refreshments will be served. Representatives will also be on hand to answer questions and explain the solar power generation process in greater detail.

ALTA’s solar photovoltaic system is located on its roof and uses high-power modules made by Georgia-based Suniva.

The installation benefitted from state and federal grants that were part of the Clean Energy Property Rebate program, as administered by the Georgia Environmental Facilities Authority (GEFA). GEFA promotes the stewardship of Georgia’s energy, land and water resources and encourages economic development through low-interest loan and grant programs.

The company is expected to have saved enough money on utility costs in five years to fully repay the entire project, said Steve Chiariello of Inman Solar.

“ALTA gets a great investment that matches its commitment to making the community and environment a better place,” Chiariello said. “Plus, the community benefits from the reduced emissions that result from solar projects.”

Solar energy projects in Georgia received $4.5 million in grant funds through the Clean Energy Property Rebate Program. The program funded 14 projects as a result of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA), including the ALTA Refrigeration solar installation.

ALTA Refrigeration is a full service industrial refrigeration solutions manufacturer of field-erected systems. The company specializes in the design and installation of refrigeration systems for food processing plants, multi-temperature distribution centers, food service centers and cold storage facilities among other industrial applications.

For more information, visit ALTA at www.cold4u.com and Inman Solar at www.InmanSolar.com.



PTC Observer's picture

If the government had not provided all those grants, would this company actually have made the investment?

If not, then it is not market based investments, it is government distorted investments. It benefits no one except crony capitalists associated with the government.

You can absolutely count on the fact that solar is not market based.

Start up costs can prohibit small companies from getting a foothold in this capitalist society that we live in. And major companies will do whatever they can to keep new competition from happening. So sometimes the government has to step in to help encourage a new direction. In this case I see nothing wrong with offering incentives to use new technology that may help make this a better planet to live on in the future.

But that is socialism!

Companies started from scratch and built up very gradually usually make fewer mistakes, because it is their time and money---not the governments!

All of the big companies of say the 50s, or older, started that way.

Heck, in recent years we have never even been able to run a railroad or a MARTA without government help! (taxes).

The tax backed loans to such as Delta, General Motors, AIG, Banks, Municipalities (GA for instance), to run schools, cops, firemen, etc., is pure socialism! Not a bad thing if regulated properly.

Yet, those same people who benefit the most from these "handouts, as they call them, are the ones griping (TEAS).

Depends on whose Ox is in the ditch being gored!

You said: "Heck, in recent years we have never even been able to run a railroad or a MARTA without government help! (taxes)."

Of course not. Thats because only a select few really use the service. I see a difference between offering a one time incentive to a buyer to purchase a product that helps the environment vs continually supporting a failing business. It was much easier in the 50's to start a business than it is now. You didn't have as many monopolies trying to stifle competition. Still the only way that I feel that the Government should get involved is to offer incentives that help you and I purchase things of our choosing. Not just giving money away to large companies.

And yes it does always depend on whose Ox is being gored.

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