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Tornado, high winds possible today, into evening

Severe thunderstorms are expected starting this afternoon and lasting through the evening, according to forecasts published by the National Weather Service office in Peachtree City.

The storms will be capable of producing isolated tornados, large hail and also high winds, forecasters have said.

There are no immediate storm, tornado or flash flood related warnings at this point to report as the area is expected to get no more than an inch of rain.



Is there any other "lowly' pilots out there (whom depend of ACCURATE weather forecast) that can not see the $$$ in these fear forecast?
NONE of the conditions exist to generate tornado's, the Jet Stream is at a level that will shear tops, the temp/dewpoints are way too close and finally
the surface winds vs winds aloft are NOT divergent enough to generate thunderstorms North of Kcsg

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