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Fayette is a top performer on ACT

2011 ACT test scores show that Fayette County’s high school seniors are among the most prepared for college-level coursework in the state and nation.

Fayette posted a composite score of 23.0, up from 22.6 last year. In comparison to state and national composite scores, state schools scored 20.6 and schools nationwide scored 21.1. That puts Fayette 2.4 points ahead of the state composite and 1.9 points ahead of the nation.

The ACT consists of curriculum-based tests of educational development in English, mathematics, reading and science designed to measure the skills needed for success in the first year of college coursework.

Most students in Fayette take the SAT, the other college entrance exam. The ACT is the primary college admissions test for schools in some other parts of the country.



Our Fayette County teachers should be COMMENDED! Teachers, across the board, take a lot of grief today due to multiple problems manifesting themselves in classrooms. Teachers in Fayette County consistently rise to the ocassion, and EXCEED EXPECTATIONS!! Kudos also, goes to the Fayette County parents. This is just as indicative of strong parenting, and disciplining the kids to work hard, study and ACHIEVE! Kudos to all!

Visit a Fayette County school! You'll be proud! Great teachers and great parents equal a great school system and successful students. (Let's don't forget maintaining good property values) Thanks to all!

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What are the real scores if you just tested the students that were here legally instead of including the illegals from Fulton and Clayton. Just wondering if those illegals make the average score go up or down? Inquiring minds want to know.

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