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Westmoreland hosts job fair in Fayetteville

Congressman Lynn Westmoreland hosted a job fair Sept. 29 at New Hope Baptist Church in Fayetteville.

The event was very well attended, with 31 employers and more than 600 job seekers present, according to Westmoreland spokesman Leslie Shedd. Three people at the job fair were hired on the spot.

“There’s a lot of talk in Washington about creating jobs, but I know that the people of Georgia’s Third District prefer action,” stated Westmoreland. “That’s why I decided to host this job fair. Times are tough right now and I know there are some people out there who feel frustrated by the job search. They aren’t sure how they are going to put food on the table for their family or pay their bills.

“But we had more than 30 companies at this job fair, all of whom are looking for new employees. I hope this job fair showed those people who are looking for a job that it’s not hopeless – there are still jobs out there,” Westmoreland said.

I want to thank all the employers who participated, as well as Newnan-Peachtree City Area Employer Committee, Newnan Career Center of the Georgia Department of Labor, and New Hope Baptist Church for their help. I look forward to having another event like this soon. There is still a lot of work to be done to address the unemployment rate but I hope this job fair was a step in the right direction.”

Georgia’s unemployment rate for the month of August was 10.1 percent, higher than the 9.1 percent national average.

At the fair, job seekers met with employers and handed out resumes. They also learned about resources available to them through the Georgia Department of Labor and outreach programs like the Goodwill Industry Career Center. The Georgia Department of Labor provides computers for online job searches, fax and copy machines for job applications, and assistance with writing resumes.

Many of the more than 600 attendees were surprised at the number of employers currently hiring and the jobs that are still available. Terry Matheson, one of the job seekers attending the fair, looking for a job in the industrial field, wrote:

“I found the job fair very enlightening to the fact that there are jobs to be found. All one has to do is look,” stated Matheson.

In addition to the fair itself, 40 attendees signed up to participate in a job skills training class for six weeks prior to the job fair. The class provided job seekers with training in resume writing and lessons on how best to interview for a job.



I did a search for job fair and do not see an article announcing the job fair ahead of time. Let me guess, it was in the print edition? I do not receive the print edition. I would have appreciated knowing about the job fair before it was over.

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. . . are the responsibility of the event sponsors, after-the-fact reporting on the event more the province of The Citizen but no guarantees every event is covered. I don't work for the paper, just send in an occasional column, and that's only my personal opinion.

Terry Garlock, PTC

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You are correct. The announcements are the responsibility of the organizer. And they did such a good job of announcing this that I actually got a notice in the mail about it!!!! Two days after it happened!!! LOL

About right for Westmoron

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This event was purposely not advertised due to the organizers pushing for hard for that. There have been to many fights at other job fairs and New Hope Baptist Church was on the line since NO WHERE was the Congressman's name listed outside of the flier.

We had to have safety in mind FIRST. The planning took 2 months and we ended up with 6 police officers and several undercover and ZERO incidents.

Fortunately, I have a job but thought it odd that when I came home from work the day of the job fair, there was a big nice glossy flyer from Westmoreland advertising his job fair waiting for me in the mailbox. Wouldn't have done me much good if I was unemployed and looking for work getting it that late. Poor planning all the way around. Wonder too how many of these employers were really hiring. It's a well known fact that a lot of employers sign up for these job fairs knowing they have no jobs available but use the job fair as a marketing opportunity. Sad to know they are exploiting someone's misfortune like that by giving false hope of getting a job.

if they had no Job Fairs?

You obviously didn't go, but you go on to complain about said Job Fair. Me thinks you complain too much.

No, I'm not complaining about having job fairs. I think they are a wonderful opportunity for folks looking for jobs if in fact participating companies are hiring. And who knows....maybe all these companies participating are hiring. But I think that is wrong and misleading to those seeking a job for a company to sign up for a job fair under the pretense it has openings when none exist at the time of the job fair nor any in the forseeable future. The last thing an unemployed person needs to be doing is spending gas money and time chasing a job opportunity where none exists. Surely you wouldn't disagree with that would you?? And my comment about the marketing aspect of a company participating in a job fair is no secret. My main complaint about Westmoreland's job fair was sending out a flyer that did not arrive until the day of the event and the overall lack of publicity prior to the event.

was for Westmoreland's benefit. No doubt about that. He's an incumbent using the incumbent's advantages.

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No need to wonder as an organizer (non government) of the job fair there were 17 employers that attended and all had at least 1 job. Have a job was a requirement to the employer participating.

No false hope was given and in fact many employers also mention hidden jobs that they were not going to advertise until later and help job seekers apply for those as well.

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This appeared to be more of a propaganda event based on after the fact mailings. They couldn't even spring foe an ad a week out? Two weeks out? What would someone truly concerned about unemployed people do? Now ask this: What would someone or some company looking for PR ops do.......

And u take issue with borntorun? Curious.

Vote Mytmite in 2012!

Maybe Westmoreland can call his colleague Maxine Waters and ask how they advertised their successful job fairs throughout the country. I congratulate Congressman Westmoreland for meeting the needs of his constituents!

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This event was purposely not advertised due to the organizers pushing for hard for that. There have been to many fights at other job fairs and New Hope Baptist Church was on the line since NO WHERE was the Congressman's name listed outside of the flier.

We had to have safety in mind FIRST. The planning took 2 months and we ended up with 6 police officers and several undercover and ZERO incidents.

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As an organizer to this job fair I am disappointed that the facts have been misrepresented by Ms. Shedd.

There were 17 employers all had at least one job, 610 job seekers, and several offers of interest if the job seekers followed up with the employers and applied online. No one heard about 3 people being hired on the spot and this would have been big news among the organizers.

Also, there were only 15 who signed up for the workshop and got to go in early. They were trained by Fayette New Hope Job Seekers community outreach to the unemployed of Fayette County hosted at New Hope Baptist Church. The workshops include:

Strengths Assessment
Resume Writing
Dressing for an Interview
Mock Interviews
And a Wrap up with certificates being handed out

The workshop attendees got to go in 30 minutes early to the job fair and then they served as helpers at the job fair directing others.

By misrepresenting the facts it hurts the cause and sheds a bad light on future events.

I guess the moral to the story is never let government get involved and NEVER LET THEM SPEAK!

You say the folks who organized this did not want to advertise the event due to security concerns? I can understand the security concerns but your post lends credence to the argument that the intent of the job fair was purely a political event for Westmoreland more so than actually helping unemployed folks find jobs. Seems to me if the job fair was really intended to put job seekers together with employers, the organizers would have found a larger venue and staffed it with enough security to prevent trouble. I know Westmoreland is taking credit for hosting it but who were the organizers of the job fair?

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