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Newnan federal Judge Jack Camp arrested for buying drugs from stripper

Federal authorities have arrested and charged sitting U.S. Northern District Court Senior Judge Jack Camp of Newnan in a lurid criminal complaint that alleges Camp hung out at strip clubs since last spring and bought sex and illegal drugs from one of the strippers, who later became an FBI informant and wore a wire. To read the federal criminal complaint, click here.

A criminal complaint filed in U.S. District Court Monday has Coweta County resident and U.S. District Judge Jack T. Camp, Jr. charged with a variety of criminal acts, including the possession and use of illegal drugs purchased from a stripper at Atlanta’s Goldrush Showbar and carrying weapons during a drug transaction. Arrested Friday, Camp was released Monday on $50,000 bond and is expected to plead not guilty.

The affidavit by Federal Bureau of Investigation Special Agent Mary Jo Mangrum was filed Monday in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Georgia where Camp has presided for more than two decades.

According to Mangrum’s affidavit in the complaint, Camp had been involved since the spring with drug purchases and drug use in connection with a stripper at an Atlanta club. The judge is also charged with having a loaded, chambered handgun in his vehicle after the drug transaction on Oct. 1 when he was arrested by FBI agents.

The series of events involving Camp began in the spring when he met an FBI confidential informant (CI) who worked as an exotic dancer at the Goldrush Showbar on Metropolitan Parkway in southwest Atlanta.

Camp initially purchased a private lap dance from the informant, the federal complaint charges. Camp returned to the club the next day, when he purchased another private lap dance and paid the CI for sex, the complaint said.

Camp that day also asked the CI what she was “on.” The CI, a convicted drug felon, told Camp she had used cocaine and Camp asked if she had any more he could ingest, the affidavit said.

Camp was provided with a quantity of cocaine for which he paid $40-50 in cash. Both Camp and the CI snorted the cocaine, according to the complaint.

The association between Camp and the CI continued through the spring and summer. Camp met the CI on multiple occasions where they would use cocaine, the pain-killer Roxycodone and marijuana and where Camp would pay the CI for sex, the complaint said, adding that Camp would furnish the money for the CI to purchase the drugs. Camp and the CI would use a pill crusher to turn the Roxycodone into a powder for snorting. Camp provided the pill crusher, the complaint said.

After a transaction in June to purchase Roxycodone in Marietta and during which Camp had followed the CI without her knowledge, the CI approached Camp’s vehicle after the transaction and observed a small, black metal, semiautomatic handgun on the front seat, the complaint says. Camp told the CI that he had the gun out to protect her.

The affidavit said Camp’s involvement with the CI continued into September. They met at Follies strip club on Buford Highway where the CI worked occasionally as an exotic dancer. On one occasion they snorted cocaine obtained by the CI from an individual listed in the complaint as “Person A,” someone known to the CI. After the transaction and as Camp and the CI were leaving the club and sitting in a vehicle, Camp indicated that he was unhappy about the way Person A treated the CI.

“Camp had a firearm on his lap when he was expressing his displeasure about the situation,” according to the complaint. The CI asked Camp not to get out of the vehicle after he opened the car door.

And on Sept. 28 during a recorded telephone conversation Camp and the CI discussed “getting together” over the upcoming weekend and discussed obtaining cocaine and Roxycodone, according to the affidavit.

“In deciding the type and quantity of drugs to purchase, Camp stated ‘I think I’d rather have the, what are they, Roxis, uh, but I don’t mind sending a little extra if you want to get a little of the other too.’ When asked if ‘the other’ meant cocaine Camp said yes,” according to the complaint, adding that Camp ultimately decided that the CI should purchase 16 Roxycodone pills because “that’s an even number we can split.”

“Jack Camp” subsequently wired $290 to the CI through Western Union, the complaint noted.

Things came to a head on Friday, Oct. 1. The complaint states that at approximately 3 p.m. in a recorded telephone conversation Camp and the CI discussed her felony conviction that was preventing a potential employer from hiring her.

“Camp and the CI discussed the fact that Camp had previously said he would try to help (the) CI with the criminal record. At one point, Camp told the CI that (she) should tell the potential employer that ‘it was a minor offense and that one of the judges on the court can explain that to him. And that it does not indicate that you were really dealing drugs, you just made some phone calls,’” said the complaint.

It was during the same conversation that the two discussed one of the CI’s friends spending some time with them, with Camp noting that he needed to be careful using drugs in front of someone he did not know since his situation was “more precarious.”

“Specifically, Camp stated that he would like to meet and get to know the CI’s friend and ‘make sure that I feel I can trust her before we go the whole monty with it.’ When asked what he meant by the ‘whole monty,’ Camp said that he meant using ‘drugs,’” according to the complaint.

At approximately 5:45 p.m. that day in another recorded telephone conversation, the CI said she had been unable to get the drugs with the money Camp sent her. The CI said she had given the money to another person but had not received the Roxycodone. The CI indicated that the drugs could be purchased from another person and asked Camp if he would be willing to follow her as he had done before because she was afraid for her safety.

“I’ll watch your back anytime ‘cause I’m afraid and I not only have my little pistol, I’ve got my big pistol so, uh, we’ll take care of any problems that come up,” Camp said, according to the complaint. Camp then said he thought it “might be fun” to have the CI’s friend spend time with them.

At approximately 7:15 p.m. that day Camp and the CI met in the Publix grocery store parking lot on Shallowford Road in Atlanta. Unknown to Camp was the fact that his life would take a dramatic turn just 30 minutes later.

The two again discussed the upcoming drug transaction. At one point the CI asked if he brought “protection” since she did not know the drug dealer very well. Camp responded, “Yes, feel right here” and the CI felt the gun in Camp’s front pants pocket. Then Camp said, “Let me let you pay him because you’ve already got a record, I don’t.”

Camp then took $400 from a nearby ATM machine and gave the CI $160 to purchase the drugs. The two then drove separate cars to the Velvet Room on Chamblee Tucker Road.

At 7:35 p.m. Camp and the CI, in a recorded meeting with an undercover agent, gave the agent $160 to purchase Roxycodone and cocaine. They were given a bag containing blue pills and another containing a white, powered substance. Camp put the bags in his pocket, the complaint said.

Ten minutes later, at 7:45 p.m. Camp was arrested by FBI agents. Asked if he had any weapons, Camp initially said he did, then said he did not. Agents recovered a .380 Sig Sauer and a Colt MK IV from the front seat of Camp’s vehicle.

“The Sig Sauer had a loaded magazine, and a round seated in the chamber and the hammer of the gun was cocked. The Colt had a loaded magazine but no round in the chamber,” the complaint said.

Camp was released Monday on a $50,000 unsecured bond, according to news sources.

Mangrum in the affidavit said that because the purpose of the complaint was to state only probable cause for the arrest, she had not described all the relevant fact and circumstances of the case.

Camp’s attorney Bill Morrison said after the initial hearing he would not discuss the specifics of the case though he did say that Camp is expected to plead not guilty, sources said.

A senior judge in the Northern District of Georgia for more than two decades, Camp was appointed by President Ronald Reagan in 1988.



PTC Observer's picture

Just what we need another judge gone wrong.

If true, this guy should be put under the jail.

Cyclist's picture

judge. What the heck is going on?????????

Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

ptctaxpayer's picture

I'll bet when he heard "I'm gonna need you turn around and put your hands behind your back", his so-called "little pistol" got real small. What an arrogant dumb ass.

Reported he told the little lady he'd give'm the money because she already had a felony. We were raised up right in Newnan.

Now where is Rush Limburger calling for the death penalty for drug addicts? Wait..he are 1 & he changed his tune. Now, Jack (I know Judge Camp from skool daze) got on the bench recommended by Rep Pat Swindalu (know him too from UGA) & Newtster (Jack's wife was his office manager, I believe). Let's not be too harsh. I find myself becoming a TeaBagger.
1) Why can't he have a gun(s) in his personal vehicle? 2nd Ammendment right? + That Stewart, mean Metro Ave is a rough hood. 2) I beleive the War on Drugs (as does Sec of State Schultz) is a failure & he should be allowed to consume any substance he so chooses. 3) He's not charged w/ prostitution but what happens among consenting adults can stay between the 2. Why do these things seem to happen to Repugs & why are they such hypocrites? I mean that Dem. Edwin Edwards at least admitted to all his fobiles and shortcomings. Ted Kennedy, no poster boy for family values there. Slick Willie, just a good baptist boy.. it wasn't sex. If he'd ask me I would have sent him down to Tattletails.

NUK_1's picture

According to WSB, they arrested him and he had some coke, some blue pills(if I recall all the Viagra commercials, it's nickname is the "blue pill") some generic Oxycodone pills, some weed, and two guns, one of which was "cocked." Uh, no comment on that last part :)

Just how many laws did this pathetic LOSER break anyway? In addition to all of the above, he was also paying the stripper/informant to go buy him the drugs while he tagged along and also paying her for sex. Wow. What a total FAIL.

Why do we insist that our "judges," have fewer faults than our movie stars, preachers, bankers, developers, road commissioners, politicians, and car salesmen?

Just because they may sentence you to jail for having dope on you, doesn't mean that there is no way he will ever have any on him!

And do most of you want him jailed for going to strip clubs, cavorting with strippers possibly, (they are legal) and having "blue pills?"
They sell millions of those pills and he doesn't buy all of them, and also we have WWF women running for Senator and a possible Presidential candidate who abandoned her Governor's office to capitalize on non-thinkers who have made her very wealthy.

Then we have a candidate for Governor here who preaches integrity after being forced to resign in Washington, (of all places), AND NOW HAS TO RE-SUBMIT HIS REQUIRED FORMS EVERY FEW DAYS AS A CORRECTED COPY WITH SERIOUS IMPLICATIONS, and excuses the "errors," as just a way to help his son-in-law and daughter who now have TWO bankruptcies---the first one of course not mentioned when filing the second one!

In Connecticut, I think it is, we have a lady running for the Senate who had for years an illegal on her "payroll" (cash I suppose) and she and her husband saying "they didn't know," although they got an investigative letter years ago which was ignored.
The illegal has now turned on them for overworking her without pay, etc.
She apparently was as well treated in their home as some dog-lovers treat their beloved pets!

Then we have Charlie Rangel, a war hero--of old, who congress charges fudged expenses and deductions and is to be re-elected anyway by those who don't care what he does.

I'm not even going into sexual problems with those we elect an put up with, but the point is: just what makes us want to sting a judge more than say---"rainmakers" on Wall Street?

They don't "judge" anyway really---just have the computer select "the law" to recommend sentences.

Heck, we release people from prison every few weeks that DNA clears because we didn't like then very much at trial. (if they hadn't been executed by then).

We also have a lady (Christine O'Donnell) running for Senator who yesterday said:
The United Nations is going to take our guns away from us
The United Nations is going to take our sovereignty away from us
The Obamacare was jammed down our throats when we didn't want it,
we must repeal it when I get to Washington and start over

As to President Obama vetoing such a re-done (impossible) bill, she said he wouldn't dare once the "people" spoke.

Some of her sentences I have heard from many other TEAers, word for word. She stumbled somewhat but got all the words in!

Is this even one of the best qualified people they can run?

Don't you know that all this entertains the Russians, Chinese, and Europeans immensely at there cotillions?

Seriously, what business does the government have in any of this? Is it really constitutional to judge what a man puts in his body when a woman can constitutionally have privacy over her body to kill an unborn child? Does the government really have any business judging people for who they choose to have sex with? Is this what our founding fathers gave us the bill of rights for? There was a faction of the founders who opposed the bill of rights even being created because they knew it would LIMIT our rights to only that which was written down. THEY WERE RIGHT! This moral jihad against sex and drugs by the federal government is fertilizing corruption and violence in our nation. Leave peoples sins between them and God and stop trying to save the world from sin through the law.

NUK_1's picture

...the laws we have right now are the ones that have to be enforced until they are changed and Judge Camp is extremely familiar with them. After all, he's been handing out stiff sentences along with some Shakespeare quotes for decades to people who got caught doing the same things he did.

Blatantly breaking the law in order to change the law seldom works, especially if you are in the position Camp is. I don't think his actions are going to change many minds about the archaic and plain goofy laws presently in the US when it comes to crimes of morality.

ginga1414's picture

The Ethics Flu is spreading like wildfire. It is a communicable disease. Who might the carrier be? Where did it start? Did the Federal Judge give it to the Fayette County judges? Did the Fayette County judges pass it on to Commissioner Horgan or was it the other way around?

Do we call it the trickle down effect or is it the trickle up effect?

PTC Observer's picture

Beautiful post!

I just don't know what to say about this story!! I am seldom at a loss for words, but this did it! A very well written story for the soon to be ex Judge Camp!!!


I'm with you on the victimless crimes thing, though this remains icky conduct. But we are missing the point. This is, once again, about the insane arrogance of government "officials." Here is a man that has convicted untold numbers of persons for victimless crimes during 20 years on the bench. But because he is a man of "substance," he need not live up to the rules set for the masses, and which he was sworn not only to uphold, but to enforce. By the way, recommended by Swindoll?? Wasn't he the one that built the beautiful mansion monument to himself in Stone Mtn, then got into $$ problems related thereto, ultimately ending in a federal stretch for lying to the Feds during an investigation? Arrogant birds of a feather ... Oh yeah, I should add - "allegedly."

Please give Judge Camp a fair shot in court before we convict him in the public circus. I know Judge camp growing up and I did not know a man with more integrity in my life. He was and is an excellent father and was always someone that I could count on for solid advice. Please give him the benefit of the doubt until all the information comes out. I only pray that these allegations are untrue and that his family can get through this difficult time with some dignity and peace.

Send Camp to prison. He was a sorry judge, like all the others. I had a case in Camp’s Court. He dragged my case out for 4 years, and then sent it back to State Court, wasting everyone’s time and money. He wouldn’t rule on motions, refused to give a court hearing, didn’t know the law, and violated federal rules of procedure.

Camp would have died in office if he hadn’t got caught dealing in drugs and prostitution. Citizens no longer have any way to get justice. Who wants to put their lives in the hands of all these drug addict, immoral judges.

Guess who Camp sent my case back to in Fayette Superior Court? Judge Johnny Caldwell, another immoral jerk. Lady Justice has been exposed as a prostitute. When are the lawyers going to start cleaning up their broken judicial system? Never of course.

L.K.Stephens's picture


In giving my two cents to this issue, I can only state Drugs & Corruption should never be tolerated. GOD is great!!! I NOW have a complete understanding as to what was wrong with this Northern District Judge. It is my prayer that Mr. Jack Camp will have a better Judge than he was!!!!!!!! What goes around always comes back around.

It has been my great prayer that GOD will help me to understand why this
Northern District Judge Mr. Jack Camp wrongfully did what he did, and in further prayer to please open a door for me. Thank You GOD!!!!

L.K. Stephens - The Peach State Of Georgia :0)

L.K. Stephens

God has nothing to do with it you religious nut job, go back to bible school and let Judge Camp be until proven guilty. What happened to giving the benefit of the doubt. All you Jesus loving bible thumpers are the same. Jesus did not judge people, he turned the other cheek and you are a disgrace to his movement.

L.K.Stephens's picture

Hello Swingingadam,



L.K. Stephens

God is dead you moron,

Observerofu's picture

Just asking.

"Neither the wisest constitution nor the wisest laws will secure the liberty and happiness of a people whose manners are universally corrupt"
-Samuel Adams
Illegitimi non carborundum

Gene61's picture

The judge is helping spread the last of the stimulus money around!

I've been waiting for some decent double entendres.

Wow. Really? This is absurd...think about the people he put behind bars for doing the same thing... . Really it's his and his wife's problem per his interview with the Newnan Times Herald...give me a break! You gotta read the interview....unbelievable!!

abeautifulday4us's picture

Is this what Judge Camp meant when he said taking senior status would give him the opportunity to do some things “I really want to do, but never had a chance to do.” ???

evidently he didn't save any for himself. A man can be what appears to be a good father and good husband, and a "good Christian" and still have a second life that embraces none of those good qualities. As for myself, I cannot believe a man is being a good father, husband, Christian or citizen when he breaks the law, especially if he is sworn to uphold that law. Too many people let their positions go to their heads and they begin to believe they are above the law. He not only solicited for sex (his and his family's business), he bought drugs,( broke the law), had firearms (three was it?) in his automobile (broke the law), offered advice to CI on how to get around her convictions and offered to intercede (if not against the law, certainly not morally correct.) So, the man you know/knew may have seemed a paragon of virtue, but evidently he has feet of clay. AND, we only know he got caught this time---how long has it been going on? He should be treated like any lawbreaker.


NUK_1's picture

...since she's a "confidential informant." We might have to go to the Gold Rush (World Famous Showbar!!) and ask around.

Whatever small-time drug peddling charges she had ought to be forgiven now that she's definitely helped law enforcement nail the big fish they were looking for and they are likely ecstatic over this event that will mean all of nothing in the long-term, except to bozo Camp.

it means basically nothing.

I will say I would find it troubling if this same Judge had passed sentences on similar drug cases. I guess the law only applies to some. The some being the ones that "got caught".

Busy Bee's picture

Maybe she looks better when she's not strung out.

That picture was from 2004, before she did 3 years hard time in prison for selling meth, so she was 20 years old in that picture.

<a href=" Smoking Gun website has a lot more details on this woman, including six pages of pictures of her</a>

What a piece of work...she ratted out her husband/boyfriend to get a reduced sentence for selling meth, and then when she was in danger of going back to prison on a parole violation for failing cocaine tests, she started recording her drug/sex sessions with the judge and shopped them to the FBI. In return, the FBI allowed her to engage in prostitution and take drugs as often as she liked while they worked up a case against the judge.

What FBI agent made her a "Confidential" Informant? Probably wasn't one of the females.

At least the Judge got her off Meth. Coke would be like methadone to a heroine addict. I see a defense forming here. It was an outreach. Counseling. I'm wondering now if they crossed paths 4 yrs ago. One thing we know in the Newtser won't take back his confirmation support for the marital cheating part. Since the Judge's wife worked for the Newtster, she shouldn't be surprised w/ Birds of a Feather. Let's be fair, if the Good Bishop Long, a Dim supporter, has been on the down-low after his anti-homo / gay marriage rants; he too is a hypocrite. Hw too is wound a little too tight.

There are questions about this I wonder about. Did some FBI Agent just stumble on this stripper, find her engaged in drug activity, use her past criminal history to move up the drug chain. OR, Were the LE (Law Enforcement) after Jack all along? Now he's been pretty hard on defendents & their lawyers. Gave some pretty stiff sentences while quoting Shakespeare (sure glad Miss Maryella & Miss Sally missed this). BUT, what about this TX pilot in PTC & all those drugs? How did that guy just skip w/ a Schultz defence, "I know NOTHING!" He didn't even smell anything. We have common patrolmen that can get a warrant on some smell & this pilot smelled nothing on several charters? Don't remember if this was a jury trial but it had to p-o the LE.

Tony G's picture

He was a well respected judge for many many years. Many are disappointed with this issue. As a part of a plea deal negotiated with prosecutors, Senior United States District Court <a title="Substances and prostitution all in day's work with Judge Camp" href=" Jack Camp</a> Jr. has pleaded at fault to drug charges. Judge Camp admitted that he not only paid Sherry Ann Ramos for sexual favors, however bought her drugs. The judge has admitted guilt to three allegations. The maximum punishment for these allegations is four years in prison.

What does "well respected" mean? Aren't they all until caught? It is the nature of red-nekin!

Isn't selling drugs for sex a severe crime if you are a minority race?
5-15 years?

ilockemup's picture

Sorry Tony G--- CHR is right----Judge Camp was a good ole boy who even now is working his connections to avoid the harsh realities of his criminal misconduct. Criminal misconduct that would give a poor defendant a long sentence. His careful avoidance of charges of "using a firearm in the commission of a felony" has helped him immensely already. He has already been done a huge solid.

Before becoming a Federal Judge, Camp's political pull was obvious. He came from a local law firm that was investigated by the FBI for public corruption. Then US Attorney Bob Barr declined to prosecute. Attorney General Michael Bowers declined to prosecute. Camp's partner was President of the State Bar. The case was investigated by an FBI agent, former Marine, who has said that it was the only case in his entire career that was not prosecuted when he recommended prosecution.

Well respected? By whom?

....attending the correct social functions, belonging to the correct political party, having high-faluting friends, able to use influence legally or illegally, and able to provoke fear---which is a form of respect!

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