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Democrat Carroll presses case against Rep. Yates

As a candidate for the Georgia House of Representatives, I would like to make the citizens of Fayette County aware of the national non-partisan voter education movement called Project Vote Smart (

This group, together with CNN, sent out questionnaires for the 2010 Political Courage Test to all candidates nationally, asking them to take a stance on tough issues and submit their responses for publication on the Project Vote Smart website, where voters can familiarize themselves with the candidates and make informed decisions.

As a candidate, I feel it is important to let the voters know where I stand on the significant challenges facing Georgia now. I feel it is worthy of their attention to point out the sharp contrast between myself and my opponent, as I received recognition from Project Vote Smart for demonstrating “100 percent courage” for my participation in answering ALL of the questions regarding a host of complex issues.

My opponent, [incumbent Rep.] John Yates (R-Griffin), declined to answer ANY of the questions (and was rated with “0 percent courage during the test”), just as he has also declined to participate in the candidate questionnaires from BOTH the AJC/Atlanta League of Women Voters ( and the Georgia Chamber of Commerce (

As a 20-year incumbent, Mr. Yates’ lack of response to the issues constituents care about implies a lack of concern and respect for those very voters he represents.

Mr. Yates, as the Republican party candidate in the traditionally conservative district 73, may be banking on the voters having certain assumptions about him because of his party affiliation, assumptions which his voting record does not uphold.

Similarly, some voters may make assumptions about my views because of my Democrat Party affiliation which are also false. I would urge voters to check my candidate responses on the above listed websites. I believe I have shown my forthrightness to the voters of district 73 by sharing my views on issues in these easily accessible public forums.

I respect the right to differing views and will seek input from others, with the goal of representing the best interests of the voters of District 73 with energy, integrity, and a vision for the future.

Rose Carroll

2010 Candidate Georgia State House District 73

(Parts of Fayette, Spalding and Henry counties)

Fayetteville, Ga.



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Rep. John Yates' conservative record speaks for itself. If he failed to answer a CNN poll this is a district in which that sin would be readily forgiven.

It seems that Ms. Carroll (neighbors with a former unsuccessful challenger to Mr. Yates) is engaging in the same last minute attacks that other desperate Democrats are resorting to nationally. For Ms. Carroll to suggest a problem with Mr. Yates' voting record ("assumptions which his voting record does not uphold"), without mentioning a single vote of Rep. Yates is nothing less than a humorous and baseless attack. Most distressing is that Ms. Carroll, with an open letter, mentions not a single viewpoint of her own. "VoteRose" ? I do not think so.

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