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FreeSpeech for 10-06-10

Outdoor burning ban is lifted. That’s great. Just when the weather cools down and we can turn off the air conditioning and open the windows. Guess we will have to hold our breath until the ban goes back into effect. Why can’t you just be a good neighbor and bag it and take it to the recycling center?

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

Nothing lowers the quality of life in a town more than that angry, thumping, heartbeat noise that is popular with a few idiots and their “pimped” cars. I’m trying to have a nice evening on my back porch and suddenly it feels like there’s an earthquake or explosion somewhere. It’s a LOUD bass noise. I can’t believe this is acceptable in Peachtree City. Then I realize the source of the noise and I can’t help but feel like I live in some sort of ghetto. Low quality living. I don’t know where these individuals come from, but I think it’s time we silence the blaster tubes in their cars. Extremely loud noises are universally unacceptable. I should not have to tolerate sonic assault. It is a violation and these youngsters should be taught what is and isn’t appropriate and considerate in a civilized society. I am asking, as a citizen of Peachtree City, that the police please step up enforcement of the noise ordinances. Toughen the penalties if necessary. I know I’m not the only one who feels this way. If you live near Ga. Highway 74, Peachtree Parkway, Robinson, Crosstown, or Hwy. 54, you definitely know what I’m talking about. Let’s find a solution to this growing problem. This is the #1 quality of life issue in Peachtree City, as far as I’m concerned. Thanks for reading my rant.

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

I was sorry to hear the PTC Council is still considering a ban on gas carts. I use the paths for walking and for my electric cart and have for seven years, and during that time I have very seldom encountered a gas cart. I don’t believe there are that many here. The carts are not that loud and the smell of fumes lasts only a few seconds as they pass. They certainly do not pollute the the air as much as the numerous semi-trucks that travel Hwy. 54 through town day and night. I also don’t recall any of the council members saying they would ban gas carts before the last election. To do it now would be unfair and an abuse of power. What next, will they mandate hybrid autos for all citizens in the city? We are all hunkered down now waiting to see what the federal government will do to us next. We shouldn’t have to worry about our City Council in the same way.

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Thought I’d seen it all until I saw a bicyclist on Hwy. 54 in the middle of town, texting while driving a bicycle through town. I was behind him for a while and thought he was either drunk or impaired, but when I pulled up beside him, he was texting. This is just the greatest country in the world: you can ride down a major highway and text on your phone at the same time.

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

I’d be delighted to share the road with cyclists. Is your bicycle licensed and are you paying insurance to drive it on the road? If not, hop on the cart path and quit blocking traffic on Hwy. 74 and 54 and endangering the public on Peachtree Parkway north and south.

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

Aren’t bicyclists adorable in their brightly colored “Sesame Street” Speedo outfits? They look so manly and feminine.

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

I have no problem with sharing the road with bicyclists. Although if I am going to share the road with them, I think it should be mandatory that they have their bicycles inspected yearly, pay taxes on them and have them properly licensed to use the roadways.

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

Bicyclists on Peachtree Parkway north and south and on Hwy. 54 and Hwy. 74. Why not let golf carts travel on these roads also? They are more visible and provide more protection than on a bicycle and can travel just as fast or faster than a bicycle.

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

Seen on the golf cart path: a blue stretch golf cart with five or six little children under 5 years old, and the Mommy (or babysitter) driving with one hand and talking on the cellphone with the other. May I ask why is it so important that you talk on the phone and jeopardize the lives of those small children? You are really a sad person.

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

Someone keeps building sidewalks. These sidewalks start nowhere and end nowhere. There seems to be no logic to their location or purpose. It is the Fayetteville city planners or the county. Spend our money wisely, and this is not it. Let’s look at Whitney Street. The potholes are not deep but they can rattle your teeth and might burst a tire. City Council does not seem too concerned right now, but next year is an election year for some. Let’s see if anything happens then.

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

After a 4.5 percent pay cut this past year for ALL Fayette County Board of Education employees, and a one-time “bonus” check of 1 percent of that back this year, many in the schools have found they are not being treated equally. The teachers were given a step-raise that gives them a raise for the years that they have served in the field. That is great and they deserve it, but what about the staff that work so hard to support the schools and the teachers? Although the board gave the teachers step raises, they did not give that step raise to staff positions or parapro teachers. Considering that HR only gives one year of credit for two years of work in any field and the 4.5 percent pay cut that everyone took, why are they left out? Some employes have 14 years of more experience in their field and are only given credit for six. To add insult to injury, they may have worked in the school system for four or more years, which would normally give them two steps, and have NEVER gotten a raise. Is this fair? Some of the full-time parapro teachers make so little that they have to go and get free meals at school just to feed their kids. For being the “best” school system in Georgia, are we really making it worthwhile for the good people to work for the FCBOE? How good do we want to be if Clayton County pays better?

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

I have been living in a rental house for a little over two months that is found to have a mold problem. My health has suffered, and I was blessed to quickly find another place to live to get my children and me out of this unhealthy environment. I am a teacher in Fayette County and a single mother who is temporarily handicapped due to complications with a knee replacement surgery and a subsequent surgery six weeks later. Teachers get paid once a month, and my ability to move is limited. One of my coworkers caught me in an emotional state a couple days ago. I shared my plight with her. As a result, she has organized people (some of whom I do not know) to show up at my house on Saturday morning at 9 to help me move. I just wanted to let someone know that there are some seriously wonderful people in in Fayette County.

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

I just returned from the members-only presale at the Friends of the Library book sale. When I got there at the opening time, an obvious book dealer was already indiscriminately grabbing handfuls of books and filling large boxes with them. He filled box after box as he grabbed books from under people’s noses. I was very offended that he was taking so many books away while I was looking at them. While I understand that the library benefits from huge sales, I think a dealer should only be allowed to shop after the rest of us have had a chance. A book dealer should not be allowed to shop before members and the general public. Even if the dealer has bought a membership in order to snag a lot of books, he should still not be allowed to make his huge purchase until the afternoon of the regular book sale day. We members are book-lovers who eagerly anticipate the book sales to find books by favorite authors. This man was only interested in taking what books he could grab and then selling them in order to make money for himself. He really took my joy out of the anticipated book sale.

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

Why do road workers in Fayetteville decide to paint lines and arrows during school rush hour traffic on the main road through Fayetteville. Why not do this at night during non-busy hours. What is the road department and/or DOT thinking? Oh, maybe they aren’t.

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

Although it was recently reported that Peachtree City and Tyrone have some of the lowest violent crime rates in the Atlanta area, we need to take off our rose-colored glasses and look at how crime has continually increased here over the years. We should all ask our sheriff to start the ball rolling to make these thugs not want to go to jail for free room and board and basketball. If our inmates were treated like those in Maricopa County, Ariz., and had to wear pink jumpsuits, work on chain gangs, give up smoking, coffee and unrestricted TV, that might just be a deterrent. Ask the sheriff to make the inmates clean up these blighted and foreclosed homes to help better our community. If he did this, he would be as popular as Sheriff Joe Arpaio who has been reelected an unprecedented five times. Take note, Sheriff Hannah.

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

Why do we need a gate at Kenwood Park? There are plenty of Clayton County kids in our schools; why not the parks too?

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

When I go to my son’s honor roll awards event I prefer not to have 40 minutes of black history month presentations forced on me. Let’s keep on task and honor those students that have worked hard for good grades. Inman Elementary, I’m looking at you.

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

I am an American. I am also a Muslim and the mother of a young man who was killed in the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center nine years ago. This loss has been made even more painful by the attitudes of a growing number of Americans toward people of my faith. Please, please, try to understand that the great majority of Muslims are very much like you. We too want to see our children and grandchildren grow up in a safe and peaceful world. Do not judge an entire population by actions of the fanatic few. Anti-Islamic rantings, such as several published recently in this newspaper, are adding to the prejudice and misunderstanding that hurts us all. I thank those voices that have spoken out in defense of reason and tolerance. I wish I felt courageous enough to sign my name.

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

The Tyrone mayor has been trying to get the council to hire a part-time code enforcement officer. After reading the minutes of the last council meeting, I can only surmise the reason a part-time code enforcement officer is not hired is because Mayor pro tem Furr stated, “In these economic times, we ought not to be too hard on the towns’ businesses.” As a taxpayer of Tyrone, I expect the council members including Mayor pro tem Furr to enforce the town ordinances in good and bad economic times. To do otherwise is a violation of her oath of office and she and any other council member that refuses to enforce the town ordinances should be removed from office.

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

How hard would it be for the owners or operators of Marnelle in Fayetteville to enforce safety laws? If you’re going to post speed limit signs in the community, then find a way to put some actions behind the signs. Also, how many arrests have to made for driving without an operator’s license before you can remove them completely? One kid has been hit in the community. Will it take a kid being killed before someone enforces the law?



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March 5th would be fine.

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Hey Gang,

Let's move this back one week if possible as "hutch" is in Savannah this weekend. Is March 12 doable?

Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

Works for me--just let us know when you turn Final!

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March 12th sounds good. I hope there is a good turnout, but I enjoy any turnout regardless.

This issue is such small potatoes. We have a president that is hell bent on bankrupting our country and you guys are up in arms about this? There are much bigger problems than this, and the democrat leadership in the U.S. are the main cause.

on Hwy 85 south of Fayetteville? Was by there the other day, and wow, it doesn't seem to fit in with anything in the area.

As I live S. of there and will pass it often, I'm more interested in what they will charge for gas than what their awning looks like. I'm sure it had to pass muster with local planners.

especially when compared to Quicktrip, etc. I make it a point of not shopping at places like that. I remember this coming up in the paper a few months back, and there was a LOT of discussion on the height of this thing. Looks like the concerns some had were worthy. Oh well, what's done is done.

As these unprecedented govt. revolutions play out overseas, we all should be concerned about the price of gas. And the availability.

And I do agree, that red cover is hideous. I sure hope the lighting isn't as glaring as that color is. Really drowns out the understatedness of the Chick fil A next door. I can hear the cow now, "No mor gas!"

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pirates killed the 4 Americans on their yacht. According to news reports after the shootings the US Navy captured some of the pirates. Perhaps those captured pirates will participate in a "deep sea dive". After that, it should open season for hunting on the open waters off of Somalia.

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hutch866's picture

I think it would be a terrible shame if the pirates stole more anchor chain then they could swim with.

I yam what I yam

Might want to wait a little for a few more facts as to the cause of the deaths.

Invasions by troops don't always end up as well as they did before! We can't swap four of ours for thirteen of theirs! They go straight to heaven anyway. Hope it is exactly the way you guessed.

Are you in favor of invading Somalia harbor and free all those people as soon as they are exactly located? (several score or is it hundreds of prisoners there.)

This story changes nearly every day about the pirates and the American missionaries distributing Bibles.

Last I heard: Two pirates came aboard Navy ship to negotiate. The negotiator who was helicoptered in and the Navy decided to put those two in the brig instead of telling them they could go back when negotiations failed.
When the U.S. Navy ship (person unknown) told the pirates on the Quest to send someone else they could negotiate with, apparently the pirates squabbled among the 13 of them, shot off a rifle grenade which missed at that distance; then someone said the heard gunshots aboard the yacht (Quest), and the 15 Seals (commando es they called them) raided the yacht.

No one has yet published what then happened when the Seals went aboard killing two pirates. They found the hostages shot and dying.

I hope our new policy about pirates is to attack at too great of risk to hostages is not true!

If so, I would suggest that we invade the 30-40 high-jacked boats they have docked and any nearby threats--dropped maybe by parachute or stealth, and free all 4-500 hostages at once.

Yes, some hostages may die in that situation----but it appears now with so many of the pirates on a boat, we have no way to get to them before deaths occur.

Of course, we may get a totally different explanation tomorrow as to what happened.

The 13-15 pirates are currently on the USS Enterprise carrier in the brig.
They will never be free again until killed. However we can't lose so many Americans per attack as happened here. 4/13 ratio isn't good.

The somalis should be taken out. Now we have arrested 13 of them. Big damn deal. Just shoot them instead of feeding and housing them, You will never get my sympathy for the animals of somalia. Its called simple pay back. And the big question is why did those people go sailing through those waters knowing what was about to happen. Did they think they were not going to have a problem. Their stupidity cost them their lives. Pretty sad.

We give everyone a trial if some idiot doesn't perform murder on a prisoner!

As to why the four Americans were sailing in that area, they were missionaries, distributing Bibles to people who can not read them nor want them!

Then they can go home to the country club and over tea every day talk about saving the Muslims, etc.

Real reason they were in that particular area: one of the Muslim countries they wanted to distribute Bibles and tracks in was IN THAT area!

People such as these people (missionaries) have been traveling to Central America for over 200 years building Christian Churches---as soon as the church is built and they leave----the church is burned!
over and over.

I think the kind of mission work mentioned in the Bible included "Living" there permanently most of the time! Dropping off a Bible is useless to anyone except the dropper!

with a blue stripe just a while ago. Thought at first glance it was PTC PD, but up close it said Federal Protective Service Police-Homeland Security. Then a 2nd SUV not marked but with a dashboard sign that reads U.S. Police....something or other parked behind it. There's a sight you don't see every day. 3 agents standing in the parking lot having a confab.

Spy, are your papers in order? Oh no wait, the SANY shebang is going on next Monday. I got it. Nice to know they're looking out for us at the lake, too. Just a little more impressive than those PD atv's.

I'll take care of it. Got to be stealthy about it though. :)

no camo. These 3 have eyes in the back of their heads. And big gold badges on their belts.

Perhaps they have been doing a facility security survey at the FAA Facility--that's one of the things FPS does.

facility security survey. Glad you got my point.

Did anyone hear shots fired around 2:20 am Tuesday morning around Old Senoia Rd? Almost sounded like someone hammering...continued for 10 to 15 minutes. Called Police and they said they received over 25 calls but it was Sheriff's jurisdiction. Called Sheriff's office and they had no idea what I was talking about.

it was Woody woodpecker marking his territory for his Woodette. Love this time of year, dont you?

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Haaa-haa-ha-ha-haaa, Haaa-haa-ha-ha-haaa, Haaa haa ha ha

the Farrelly brothers have announced they will be filming The Three Stooges here in Georgia. The stooges will be announced in the next 3 weeks. Filming starts in April. I could not make this up.

The Wedge's picture

Are they going to go with Curly or Shemp? Shemp was actually first, then Curly, then Shemp again after Curly had a stroke. I wonder what third stooge it will be???? Thanks for the info

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I am like, you know, way amazed that I have not received an invitation to audition("They're gonna put me in the movies, they're gonna make a big star out of me, and all I have to do is act naturally....").

it's going to be moelarrycurly, of course.

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Legalize Shemp!!!!

I yam what I yam

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I think it is fitting that the last WWI veteran should lie in state in the Capital Rotunda. I hope that both Speaker Boehner and Senate Majority Leader Reid will make this happen.

Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

<a href=" pays respects to last U.S. World War I vet</a>

President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden made an unannounced, unscheduled trip to pay their respects to the family of Frank Buckles at his funeral ceremony at Arlington today.

It's a shame that Speaker of the House Boehner declined the request for our last link to World War One to lie in state at the Capitol Rotunda. He probably needed the space for a fundraiser.

Kudos to our President and Vice President for doing the right thing.

Get a free "Golden Shrimp Dinner" at the PTC Panda Express (in front of PTC Walmart, next to 5 guys burgers) TONIGHT 3/9 Wednesday! $5.75 value! Nothing else to buy!

Go to the Panda Express page on Facebook. Click coupon, print out the coupon....that's it.

I had to laugh, they had a stack of redeemed coupons at that restaurant that must've been an inch thick.

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This Saturday - March 12, 0900 - at Starbucks PTC Publix shopping Center(HWY 54). Come by for a warm mug. We all swap stories about......well about other bloggers. Anyways, don't miss it.

Gym, I'll come by and pick you up. Shot me an e-mail with the details.

Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

I'll be there and while I sincerely appreciate your offer of a ride, I just can't eliminate Frau Gym's chance for a first visit to The Fresh Market! See you there.

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What time?

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Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

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I won't be able come, I have to be in Newnan for a bike race.

Maybe next time though. I wouldn't mind meeting some of the folks on this board and you happen to be one of them.

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Tomorrow Morning 0900 at Starbucks PTC Publix shopping Center(HWY 54). Come by for a warm mug and enjoy some time with other blogging characters on "The C"!!!

Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

Will see you all there

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we waited for you to join the coffee gathering , but we did not see you. Perhaps next time when Cal will be invited to buy the coffee.

along the Parkway, especially from Booth Middle to Hwy 54. Great job guys. Thanks also goes to the City Council. I think of them every time I see the great variety of weeds we are blessed with now.

Every year since TruGreen has taken over, it gets worse and worse. Limbs all over the place on the paths, etc...I guess that what the folks want.

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Way to go Ladies, AWESOME SEASON.

I yam what I yam

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Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

our support for such a gratuitous display of socialism conducted in the guise of youth sports. Why should the taxpayers have to fork out their hard-earned dollars to build massive pork-barrel gymnasiums just so 15 or so students can play a simple game of bouncy ball! Ludwig von Mises is spinning in his grave I am sure, as are all the other good and deceased Austrian economists, libertarians, former Melears' customers, and other real red-blooded US citizens!

Do the math. What is the cost per player, including the gym, buses, insurance, gasoline, nets, goals, referee pay, parking lot, shoelaces, etc? Well, I will tell you, its over 2.5 million dollars per player! Per player! I am sure Observerofu can back up these figures with some figures from the NY Times with Bacon's help!

This assault on the US Constitution must stop! I demand that the Republican led legislature under the gold dome in Atlanta immediately vote to repeal youth sports socialism yesterday! We must drain the life blood from all socialistic sports programs in our fine state!

Who knows, some of these state champion players could go on to become public school teachers with state-funded salaries, sick leave, pensions, and such.

Swift Death To Evil!

Help is on the way, Ninja.

State Representative Matt Ramsey has introduced legislation in the General Assembly giving police officers the right to stop any basketball game in progress and determine the citizenship status of any player via fingerprinting and/or DNA testing.

Players not carrying photo ID proving their citizenship will be removed from the game immediately.

In order not to adversely impact Caucasian players, this proposed legislation will only apply to players with Hispanic surnames on their jerseys.

this great nation of undocumented interlopers, we need to really crack down and go back at least give generations! If one cannot prove that at least one of their great, great, great grandparents entered this great nation legally, tough legislation is needed to expel all of their direct descendants! Let's clean up this great nation once and for all!

Swift Death to Evil!

Yes, I agree, I think. And the President doesn't belong here, send him back to Kenya where his Father came from, I think.

They need to be obliterated even further back than give generations! If they look Hispanic (not Italian) send them out. If they look one-half funny, send them out. I'll pick the beans and fruit and roof the houses. Governor Deal says I won't, but I will.

If they own a jewelry store or most any storefront or movie production company or book-binding business, send them back.

We need to create a special police with black uniforms and high black jack boots to hunt them down and stomp them.

However don't make the deaths 'swift', as you say, make their kids watch!



But the Governor said he is now against it!
He was for it before the election, but then he voted against it---Senator Kerry said that didn't he?

Many bean farmers objected and sent big checks before the election.


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Writer’s block I knew one day it would happen. After 14 years and over 700 columns, something that strikes fear into this writer has finally arrived at our house: Writer’s block.


Fayette Senior Services will host “Modern Day Sherlock” Tuesday, Nov. 3, 10-11 a.m. at its Fayetteville location (The Life Enrichment Center, 4 Center Drive).


Starr's Mill, Northgate and East Coweta are all unbeaten at the midpoint of the football season after their wins Friday night. Northgate is 6-0 while the other two teams are 5-0.


The Centre for Performing & Visual Arts, 1523 Lower Fayetteville Road in Newnan, hosts The United States Army Band & Soldier’s Chorus for a complimentary concert Sunday, Nov.