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More range for gas-electric golf cart?

Peachtree City residents may soon be grateful that the City Council declined a proposal in January that would have banned the use of gas-powered golf carts.

New technology from golf cart manufacturer E-Z-GO is promising to significantly extend the range of electric-powered golf carts by using a “hybrid” system that includes a gas-powered generator.

In addition to the typical electric power plant, the new hybrid golf cart will have a gasoline-powered generator that will charge the cart’s batteries “on the fly,” according to a press release from E-Z-GO.

Tests simulating real-world use showed that carts equipped with the Exceed Hybrid Technology were able to go for 150 miles between charges, the company claims. Carts equipped with the generators came on the market this past summer.

The extended range will be tremendously useful in Peachtree City, as some residents have reported that electric-powered golf carts can’t travel longer distances because they run out of charge. Just about everyone in the city has a story about at least one time they’ve had to push a golf cart the rest of the way home.

In addition to putting the Exceed Hybrid option on some of its newer carts, owners of two existing models will be able to upgrade their vehicles with an after-market Exceed Hybrid kit that can be installed at E-Z-GO authorized dealers.

The Exceed Hybrid kit can be added to the company’s Freedom RXV golf cart and its “2Five” street-legal vehicle.

A bonus for the Exceed Hybrid system is that it features a power source for charging and use of small electronic devices including cellphones, radios and laptop computers, the news release stated. For such charging, a standard 120-volt three-pronged electrical outlet is mounted in the dashboard of the vehicle, the company said.

The test in which E-Z-GO measured a 150-mile range was designed to simulate real world “stop and go” use with an “average load” and a speed of 16 mph. The company noted that the range will vary depending on factors including a vehicle’s load, weather conditions, terrain and any optional equipment installed.



The lead sentence is mis-leading. So, if they had passed the ban w/ the 10 year Grandfather clause, no past or present exception could have been made?
I still favor the ban. Many are not maintaining them and many are smelly and noisy. Oh, there is no mention of what one of these cost. Having not gone to the EZ-Go website, just for fun, I am guessing $6k. Whatever, it is going to be considerable more than what you can pick-up a: needs a tune-up & muffler $1000 model that will plague for years to come.

I hate to be near a gas cart.

I recently had the opportunity to see a golf cart fitted with an Exceed and from what I can tell you, it is an interesting product but I doubt we will ever have to worry about seeing many of them around Peachtree City.
EZ-GO never intended Exceed to work on 4 or 6 passenger golf carts. Exceed was only designed to work on select group of 2-passenger (1 bench) golf carts.
The exceed power plant is a small generator which sits in the BAG storage area at the rear of the golf cart in a locked box (vent hole is located on the bottom right). The cost for the exceed power plant is considerably less then you think (remember, this is only an ADD-ON for an existing line of golf carts).
As you, I hate gas golf carts and especially having to be behind one & more than likely will never consider getting one of these units but I will say there has been a few times since coming to Peachtree City that I wish I had one.

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