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Coweta eyes path extension linking Senoia to PTC

Armed with grant money, Coweta County is poised to explore the construction of a golf cart path linking Senoia to Peachtree City’s vaunted cart path system.

Peachtree City Manager Jim Pennington said Coweta has already begun planning the path, which would run along Rockaway Road. There is a tunnel along Rockaway that reaches under Ga. Highway 74 to reach the rest of the city’s path system on the south side of town.

The Atlanta Regional Commission has earmarked $100,000 for an engineering study for the project that would extend approximately one mile from Senoia to Line Creek and Peachtree City. What is not yet settled is the source of the matching funds that total $20,000, Senoia City Administrator Richard Ferry said Friday.

As Ferry noted, the current funding does not address numerous other issues such as construction, including how a cart path would cross Line Creek.

Pennington said he hoped that council and the city would be supportive of the link to Senoia, which he sizes up as “a great connection for the community.”

Pennington said another grant has also been won by Fayette County to add a second phase of golf cart path along Redwine Road, a small part of which will go through Peachtree City.

Peachtree City’s 90-plus miles of golf cart trails — used by walkers, runners, bikers and skaters too — have been so successful and have garnered acclaim and awards over the years for providing alternate transportation. The tree-lined paths also serve as a calming, peaceful place for some, and a community gathering place for others.

The success is now something that other nearby communities are trying to re-create for themselves, with a cart path added to south Fayetteville along Redwine Road in recent years and with path extensions off Redwine Road in the south end of unincorporated Fayette County as well.


"The tree-lined paths also serve as a calming, peaceful place for some, and a community gathering place for others."

Well, yeah, that describes PTC paths. So what does that have to do with the blacktop that has been slapped down on Redwine so far? Not a tree planted anywhere, no berms, no shrubs, flowers, no nothing. Just an asphalt path wide enough along a major route that is close enough to the road to drive a truck on if you are not familiar with the area (love, love, love the dotted yellow center necessary). Community gathering place for others? Where, in the tunnel under Redwine to ..(you fill in the blank)?

Who is aware of the development planned for Senoia on the books right now called Newberry? Over 133 homes with a connection they are trying to get to Ivy Ridge subdivision which feeds directly to Rockaway. If Senoia approves that connection, no way should any connection coming into PTC should be allowed along Rockaway in the form of a path.

Since the residents in Ivy Ridge are fighting this, saying the connection to SR 85 is where the traffic should flow, PTC needs to deny any path connection along Rockaway until that issue is resolved in Senoia. This connection was voted down at a meeting in September, but mention was made that it is only a matter of time before the connection is allowed.

Speaking of which, ARC has 100 grand for a study for a 1 mile cart path? One Mile?

Oh, and guess who will be asked to foot the bill for a new path bridge and wetlands studies needed over Line Creek. Let's all take a guess....

The great unwashed on OUR path system.

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[quote]The great unwashed on OUR path system.[/quote]

And do we keep all of those Zombies out after we give them a neat way into PTC?

I am not quite sure how this proposed connector road in Senoia relates to anything in this article? Are you claiming that all of the residents in Ivy Ridge are against this? The connection was voted down by whom?

Thanks in advance.

People need to start thinking about the community as a whole rather than just thinking of themselves and how it affects them personally.

To suggest that a connection between cities be withheld based on some form of resolution is simply absurd. There is nothing to resolve. Not all residents are against this and no one from the city voted against the comprehensive plan that was formulated a number of years ago.

A vast majority of people in Senoia would love to see a cart path connection between PTC and Senoia. This was demonstrated at a town hall meeting two years ago.

The connection I am talking about is the discussion and decision made at the Sept. meeting. Ivy Ridgers (those who spoke in attendance) do not want Newberry to have a connection thru their subdivision onto Rockaway. It was voted down for now. Construction now, but the comment was that it will be inevitable. They, instead, want the traffic onto Hwy 85.

I never said Senoia should not be connected to PTC. I said do not do it till that connection is resolved. To see what affect it will have on traffic flow onto Rockaway. Why would ARC spend a hundred grand now on Rockaway, when there is a known large scale development going in that could affect any traffic counts or needed road reconfigurations (new turns lanes, etc.) if the connection is made between the 2 subdivisions.

What if ARC comes back and says the road should be widened to 4 lanes now along with the new path? Have you considered 4 lanes? Have those who live along Rockaway considered that possiblity?

I know the vast majority of people want this path, many in PTC do. Everyone wants access to the path system. The delay has always been (ta daaa...) who has the money to pay for it and then to maintain it after it is built? It's not just getting an asphalt truck and a bobcat and presto, it's done. Any grant money always, always has a portion of the cost not covered under the grant. Thus, the local entity, whether city or county or state end up paying the remainder. How much and who will pay what? And, there are always strings attached as to how the money is spent, based on all sorts of criteria. One of those is the bridge at the county line on Rockaway, which is over a water source river. Not to mention the flood plain there.

In a perfect world, this should have been built 3-5 years ago when Senoia exploded with development on Main St. and the studio and shops. Have we all forgotten where the economy was 3-5 years ago? In my opinion, we are no where near any recovery yet, our local government in PTC and Fayette Co. have been cut back to bare bones to operate and we are going to add more burden on them by adding new infrastructure now? Where is the sense there? We have areas within PTC right now that for years have never had cart path access. No connections at all to the path system that those residents have been paying for for years. I wonder how they would feel if the priority of what money might be available is spent on connecting to outside this city before we even get this city connected internally.

I would be curious to know what effect the lack of filming by TWD out in the open in Senoia has had (other than the recent filming at your mayor's house and at the townhomes) on the businesses that have been thriving the last few years there. The Southern Living showhome is gone, Woodbury is gone, and what commitment has the studio been given of any future filming beyond this current season? Could Pinewood have a detrimental effect on the studio? Who knows.

I see a Downtown Development Authority is going to come to Senoia. Great. Let's hope they can keep your ball rolling. I will say, they might want to start with a certain Coweta news issuer who did the story the same day as this path story came out about the number of Senoians who were put into jail in PTC in the month of September certainly was unexpected. Not exactly warms the hearts of the law abiders who live here. Which was funny in itself, especially if you saw the size of the PTC jail.

to much about the economic viability of Senoia. I think the city's economic track record speaks for itself when compared to other cities in Georgia. The city gov't seems to be responsible with taxpayer money, so needless to say we aren't 20M in dept.

Uncertainty and proposed change seems to have bred fear into some people. It amazes me how people believe that all of the traffic on State 85 will all of the sudden pour onto this proposed connector road. Did everyone forget about Hwy 74 to Rockaway Rd, Seavy St. to Main St. and Hwy 16 to Main St.? I would venture to guess that more traffic will occur through Newberry by residents of Ivy Ridge, then the other way around. With speed calming measures in place it would not be the quickest route for traffic.

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Remember the deal a few years ago when Senoia approached PTC about sewer and were shut down hard, even though that would have generated a lot of $$$$ for WASA and kept the monthly bill a lot lower? PTC says "Oh, if we give them sewer, they'll develop land! SATAN!" Oh yeah, then Senoia gets DOUBLE the sewer capacity from Coweta than they asked for from PTC. Thanks to the idiotic mindset in PTC at that time, that basically means that now Senoia can DOUBLE the development on the edge of PTC as opposed to half they could by using WASA, and also WASA gets zero out of the whole deal and PTC taxpayers get screwed.

That was one of the dumbest decisions I have ever seen PTC make. "We can't have Senoia developing on our borders!" Well, guess what, they can now develop a lot more due to some strange nativism that I don't understand at all.

I have no problem with the county or Senoia hooking-up to the PTC path system. It would be grand if they also contributed to paying for it also :)

Do any of you have any clue what you are talking about, particularly you, Stooges? I am guessing the two that replied to your post were just trying to be humorous.

I write only with regard to the connection to Senoia. There have been discussions between Senoia and Peachtree City for several years regarding a cart path connection. This would be of positive benefit to both cities and their citizens. Neighbors. Get it?

Regarding the connection between Newberry and Ivy Ridge subdivisions, that has been part of the plan for years and the residents of Ivy Ridge should have been aware of that plan. The decision by Mayor and Council to not grant the requested variance was, from the discussions observed at the council meeting, focused on keeping the construction traffic for the Newberry development from routing through Ivy Ridge. The residents from Ivy Ridge cheered the decision. So what's your beef?

Are you truly so close-minded that you cannot see the benefit to both cities of a cartpath connection? Or just blowing smoke? What is your real motivation, as your opposition to this appears to be personal, not logical?

Or, are you just so upset that the Senoia dragonboat team beat the Peachtree City team so handily? Again.


to blow smoke up your (fill in the blank) is my one and only motivation. You are correct, give yourself a gold star on the forehead of the pointy head of yours, oh mr. right on everything.

Not only the fact that the rotary spent over $8k for each of 10 boats (give or take a few thou) to buy them instead of investing that $$ into the community and then the repayment plan involves people like you huffingandpuffing to prove exactly whoknowswhat tells me you all have the combined mentality of a college frat house on a Friday night. I just want to hear you blather on about vast contributions to the lives of the masses.

Nothing upsets me, nocomment, especially folks who used to live in PTC who moved out because the houses and taxes were cheaper in good old Coweta and now they piss and moan when they want to buy toys to get them back here and still not pay a penny for the services that are paid by those living here. Doesn't bother me one bit. Never has, never will.

Real motivation, beef, not logical, clues, man, your paranoia is just reeking up this site. Go ahead, just finish me off till you get it out of your system. Then consider getting back on the meds you missed.

Did I strike a nerve? Must have, for your response is rather strident.

The comment regarding the dragon boats was for levity, never was serious, at least not to me.

Only real reason to respond in the first place was your maligning the actions of the Senoia government, when you gave no indication of actually knowing the facts. I pay attention to what goes on there in Senoia.

BTW, never having been to a college frat house, guess I'll have to wait for enlightenment on that comment. LOL


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This connection should have been done long before now. With the shops and restaraunts and the movies being filmed in Senoia it would provide those who choose to travel on paths and not clog up the roads with cars a nice alternative. Plus the two towns are neighbors. I doubt it will bring in any rif raf into this fine town of PTC. Who knows you may pass a movie star out for a stroll in a golf cart next time you're headed out for a ride. Can't we all just get along?

Is probably the biggest issue and expense.

with your comments as it relates to joining the two neighboring communities. The easiest solution and shortest distance appears to be the area between the Heritage Pointe subdivision and the ball fields. The materials and engineering expenses may be a wash when compared to running the path straight down Rockaway Rd.

to which ballfields? The Peachtree City baseball soccer complex? Or do you mean the better known Senoia baseball soccer complex?

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