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FCBoE wants online survey input on superintendent search

The Fayette County Board of Education is asking citizens for their input in the search for a new superintendent to replace Dr. Jeff Bearden. A recent mutual termination agreement between Bearden and the school board will result in Bearden serving through December.

School system spokesperson Melinda Berry-Dreisbach said the Georgia School Boards Association, which will be assisting the board with the search process, has developed a survey for stakeholders to give input on the qualities they feel are important for the next superintendent to possess.

Berry-Dreisbach said the survey should take no longer than five minutes to complete, and can be accessed by going to the Fayette County Public School System website at

The board will use the information as they interview potential candidates for the superintendent position, and make their final decision on who will lead the school system, Berry-Dreisbach said.

Berry-Dreisbach said stakeholders are encouraged to participate in the survey in order to help the board find the best person possible to fill the superintendent position. The survey will remain on the website until the interview process begins, she said.



I urge all parents with children in school to take the time and fill this out.

It only takes a few minutes.....

I read thru the questions, so that I can think about my responses before answering the questions. Seems like they want to know if we would consider someone outside the box. Maybe a business professional with budget experience, or someone unique that may not have an education background.

If I remember correctly the questions are pretty close to what they asked us LAST time.

nope, won't do it. Have little or no faith in surveys. All the BOE needs to understand is that one does not have to be an educator in order to manage things and lead people--let the Principals take care of the educator stuff.

I took the time (1 minute) and took the survey, but do not believe that the BOE will even look at these. Just another way to make the public think that our opinions matter. I have no more faith in our Board and wish that the decision was not up to them. The citizens should be able to vote on this important issue.


Nice to E meet you !
I really don't believe we want voters making this decision, Voting is a popularity contest, very rarely is the "winner' picked due to credentials, and or ability. (We're taught this voting method in school, when we vote for Class President, Prom King Queen, Homecoming,etc) sadly most voters never learn to leave High School behind and vote based on facts rather than likeability, Or voters cast their vote for anyone but, due to yet again to emotions rather than well reasoned thought out researched facts.

Let me put it this way, Fayette County, The State of Ga and the United States are in the mess it's in and "we" Voted. Ever really wondered HOW a basic No Body like Obama was elected to the Presidency? Personally I blame America Idol, and High Schools.

While I do agree the folks in Fayette are above average when it comes to intellectual voting,just remember one thing. THEY are the only ones that Voted for ,,,the same BOE that we are having to "clean up after"

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