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PTC puts annexation vote on hold

A request to annex 74 acres into south Peachtree City for a 90-home subdivision and two office buildings is on hold as the city council awaits more information from city staff.

There also has been an inquiry from the Peachtree City Airport Authority to make sure The Gates development will meet all guidelines of the Federal Aviation Administration, as the development is near the approach pattern for Falcon Field.

City staff also recommended putting the vote on hold so staff can refine the economic projections for how much the development will cost the city in the future.

The 77-acre site is located directly off Ga. Highway 74 and Redwine Road near the Starr’s Mill school campus, and The Gates would be served by the existing traffic light that was installed as part of the recent highway widening project.

The property is surrounded by the Meade Field recreation complex to the north and an office development across Hwy. 74 which are inside the city limits and also a day care center and a subdivision which are both part of the unincorporated county.

The development would be served by an extension of the city’s sewer lines and developer Southern Pines Plantation has committed to paying to attach the Meade Field restrooms to the sewer line and also build a cart path from the development through Meade Field.

SPP also has promised to keeping any sewer mains 201 feet away from its property line to give the city control over any potential future extension of the sewer system beyond the property. This is to counter a state regulation that requires a utility to provide sewer service if a new development is located within 200 feet of a sewer main.

SPP is also planning to “provide reasonable funding” for construction and maintenance of a gateway sign for the city.

SPP attorney David Kirk noted that the anticipated traffic per day for the site was 1,100 compared to the predicted 12,700 trips per day that are anticipated if the property remains in the county as zoned for a 177,000 sq ft. retail and office complex that is roughly the same size as The Avenue shopping center.

The office component of the plan is located closest to Ga. Highway 74 with two buildings of up to 10,000 sq. ft. each on either side of the access road leading back to the subdivision. The goal is for the office component to have some kind of medical use.

SPP is also committing to maintaining a 60-foot greenbelt and landscaped area along Hwy. 74 with a 50-foot greenbelt along the remainder of the property line.



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