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Colonel James Charles Cannon, age 65

Colonel James Charles Cannon, a Signal Corps decorated communications officer, passed away on Saturday, September 25th. The retired US Army officer proudly served his country for 27 years and was 65 years old when he died.

Jim, “Jeeves” to his daughter, was born in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin August 12, 1945 and was the second oldest of four children. Jim’s father and youngest brother were also Army men so it was no surprise he would follow suit. He ate, slept and breathed the Army and would do anything to help a fellow soldier, or any person or animal in trouble.

As a child, he was the instigator of several pranks, on his sister mostly, but none the less a man of creativity and intelligence, a man of character and honor, full of a love of life and a love of God. Jim was very passionate and never did anything, unless he did it whole-heartedly. You could not be in a room with him and not want to meet him, or at least hear his loud voice…Jim was like gravity. If you ever conversed with Jim he had a way of making you feel like the only person in the room, but that is what his “baby blues” were best used for, looking straight into your heart. A wearer of many hats, he was a leader, a follower, a fisherman, a golfer, a giving friend, a husband (a couple of times), a loving brother, a loving father, a loving grandfather and he will be very missed by many. “We hold you in our hearts James Chuck, and we will always love you.”

James Cannon was survived by his brother Robert (Bob) Lee Cannon, his sister Barbara Ann Cannon Wall, his daughter Christine (MW) Cannon Martin, and his grandson Willem Grey Martin.

Jim’s memorial service will be held at Saint Matthew Catholic Church on Saturday, October 23rd at 11:00am.

In lieu of flowers, donations may be made in his honor at , or by mailing them to:

Army Emergency Relief
200 Stovall Street, Room 5-N-13
Alexandria, VA 22332-0600

Include your name and address, the name of the person you wish to memorialize (James Cannon), and the name and address of any other person you would like AER to notify of your donation.


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