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PTC wants light at 74 and BSC

Having tried and failed already several times, Peachtree City officials will keep trying to convince state transportation officials that a new traffic light is necessary for safe crossing of the widened Ga. Highway 74 south at the city’s Baseball and Soccer Complex.

The intersection has so far failed to meet traffic counts necessary to qualify for the light, and because of that the Georgia Department of Transportation won’t even let the city pay for the light itself.

The concern, as articulated by Leisure Services Director Randy Gaddo and others, is that vehicles will have a difficult time crossing Hwy. 74 when exiting BSC to go northbound due to the highway speeds of traffic going north and south on the highway.

City Fire Chief Ed Eiswerth said there have not been many accidents at the intersection, but he is sure what will happen when a crash happens after the road widens.

“When we have an accident, it’s going to be bad,” Eiswerth said.

Gaddo pointed to a recent deadly crash at the intersection of Ga. Highway 54 and the new intersection of the West Fayetteville bypass as an example of a worst-case scenario for traffic at BSC once the Hwy. 74 widening is completed by the end of next year.

“... Somebody tried to shoot that gap and a young lady got killed. We’re trying to avoid that sort of problem,” Gaddo said.

The city’s most recent request from Mayor Don Haddix asked the DOT to allow a flashing warning light and signs along Hwy. 74 warning motorists of the recreation area, but that too was denied because the DOT reserves such treatment for everyday road conditions such as schools, sharp turns and falling rocks.

City Manager Bernie McMullen said the city could arrange a meeting with the DOT commissioner and area legislators, and he urged all council members to attend in hopes of improving the city’s plea for the light.

It was also suggested that the various sports associations who play at BSC could start petitions urging the DOT to install a traffic light. The city wants the light at the northern entrance/exit, while the southern entrance would be made a right-in, right-out intersection.

City Engineer David Borkowski suggested the intersection would be an excellent candidate for a traffic light that only functions when it’s needed, such as on the weekends during game times and also in the afternoons for practice times.

Borkowski urged city elected officials to pursue such a light from DOT, which has the final say on all traffic lights for the state’s highway system.

Acting on this matter should be a top priority for the city, said City Councilman Eric Imker.

“To me, of all the important things to be done in this city, this for me is at the top of my list because we know it’s going to happen. We know it will,” Imker said.

Imker said the city should petition the DOT to override the traffic county requirements and allow the city to fund the traffic light itself.



When 74 is widened to 4 lanes it will not be as bad. The same amount of traffic spread out over more lanes will make it easier to get out. No need for another light at $100,000 + to control traffic for 2 hours a few times a week.

And if the city wants to put a light at this intersection because its dangerous then they need to put a light up at every intersection along highway 74.

I cirtainly don't want anyone to get hurt, but if people would be patient and THINK there would be no need for a light.

Yes I agree with the Crazy one. I haven't seen one wreck there, but maybe ginga /pips willl throw a protest there for us!

"The best way to become boring is to say everything" Voltaire

and pay a PTC police officer or two to control the flow of traffic in and out of the center while it's being used?

I see two PTC police officers on Hwy. 74 north each and every Sunday doing that exact same thing for the churches. There's at least one PTC police officer directing traffic at the church on Walt Banks every Sunday as well.

That's at least three, if not more, PTC police officers directing traffic each and every Sunday that I'm aware of.

There are at least as many recreation users as there are church goers here.

P.S. I would think a traffic light that's only on 'sometimes' would be even more of problem as people wouldn't be used to it being on the majority of the time.

I shudder to say this, but the State is right. There is not enough traffic to justify a signal. And if you put one there, you'll do so at the expense of traffic flow in northbound and southbound 74 lanes.

The Peachtree City Po-Po need to designate officers to direct traffic at specified times for intersections such as these. How many accidents and how much traffic got snarled at the Rockaway Rd intersection?

maybe the city should find the funds to connect the soon to be "tunnel to nowhere" to the present "bridge to nowhere". We can then determine if an expensive light is necessary.
I had to scratch my head wondering why the "funded" connection of the two isn't part of the overall plan before a traffic light.

They could put a turn lane along that stretch so you could cross to the center when one way is clear and wait there until the next lane is clear. It seems to work on GA 85 in town when trying to cross both lanes in heavy traffic. I know the speeds are not the same as hwy 74, but it's better than nothing.

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