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Blame the tea party for ills of U.S., or stupid is as stupid does

Anarchists: That’s the label used by the leader of the U.S. Senate to describe a movement of peaceful citizens whose goal is to force the federal government leadership to review the document that every member of the Congress as well as the President took an oath to uphold, namely the Constitution.

This same “leader” lauded the Occupy Movement as healthy protest protected by that same document. The President and the Democratic House leadership joined in on that message of tolerance.

For the record, setting up camps in the heart of cities, openly harassing citizens going to their job while openly ignoring federal, state, and local laws, including destruction of personal property is the definition of anarchy.

Peaceful gatherings to discuss the meaning of the Constitution and the limits that it purposely placed onto the federal government is the antithesis of anarchy.

This is all clear and self-evident and yet the majority of news outlets report what the Left wants reported; the Tea Party and the capitulated Republican Party is at fault for the Government Shutdown of 2013.

Never mind that the Republican-controlled House has passed multiple funding bills to basically fund 99 percent of the government, only to have those bills tossed in the trash bin by the Democratic leader of the Senate based upon message from the White House that any such funding bills would be vetoed; the Tea Party is to blame.

Consider for just a moment that we are now regularly, at least twice a year, at this place where the continued funding of the federal government is up for negotiations. How did this come to be?

Five years with our current president and five years since the last federal budget was passed. That is the fault of those intransigent right-wingers, too.

Of course, we are to forget that the Democrats had all of the cards the first two years of this administration and still no budget was passed. Why would this be so?

I submit that only by keeping the Congress in a continual budgetary churn can the fundamental change take place.

While the House and Senate are fencing, the executive moves forward with the expansion of the police state, including the use of the Secret Service and NSA to define the opposition and the IRS to harass citizens into capitulation.

At the risk of being tagged a loon, I can see no other logical reason for such apparent incompetence. The administration wants the most evident parts of the government to stay closed in order to paint the opposition as heartless, and the lackey media promotes that story.

Meanwhile, the IRS, NSA, Congress, White House, and all other “essential” government employees continue working with no pay today, but assurance of back pay when the latest drama concludes.

The non-essentials (those who most directly interface with the citizens on a daily basis) will stay home with a loss of income.

What to do is the burning question. First, communicate with those outside of your circle the reason and platform of the Tea Party.

If you have such conversations, you may be amazed by the misrepresentation and misinformation that these folks have received via the Lame Stream; I know that I was.

Do your best to highlight the real issues; don’t get hung up on Obamacare as that is simply the most evident symptom of the larger problem and probably the least dangerous.

Do not allow social issues to divide the citizenry at the cost of the continued expansion of the ruling class.

I have conversed with liberals from the northeast who believe that the tea party’s primary focus is about anti-gay, right to life, and expansion of Christianity.

As important as these issues are to many, we must focus the conversation on the immediate threat. Support with your time and money those candidates who will take the fight for individual freedoms from an over-arching central government to that very body, as we witness today. These candidates must understand compromise but one cannot compromise with dictators.

Once again, and probably to the disgust of some reading, I sound the alarm. If the current trend continues, we will all be financially bound to the federal government to the extent that we will be subservient.

History will be re-written and our children and their children will know little of the spirit and tenacity that made the USA the preeminent power in the world.

In the name of security, we are becoming a nation that looks more like the USSR every year. We the People still have some say, but time is short.

Alan Felts
Peachtree City, Ga.


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