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Hail to Obamacare

Hail to Obamacare. Editorial cartoon by Glenn McCoy. © 2013 Universal Uclick



I was notified by my carrier this week that my plan is no longer available due to the Affordable Health Care Act. Thank you Barrack Husein Hitler Obama. We were paying just north of $5k, for family coverage, $1000 family medical deductible $1000 Rx deductible . Now it looks like the $1k family deductible will be $5k, Rx $2k and the annual premium is right at $10k. So I should know the way that bastard of a President lies it would not be affordable.

On top of this I got a bill from my Doctors office for $180.00, I called and said did you file with my insurance and they said yes but it only pays 20% now. This was May. I called my agent and she said Mr. 8888 you are eligible for medicare so we will not cover but 20% and medicare is your primary. I told her I did not have medicare, and she quipped you better get it.

I am disabled from an on the job injury from 1998. I have always had good insurance so I did not take medicare. I now have it and in 2013 my monthly deduction is $330 for part B, no Rx.

People this is a warning of whats coming, we are now, what was once a great and prosperous , free nation are going under a dictator and socialist way of life. We must fight to get Little Hitler out of office before we become The Un United Socialist States of America.

On the local front our mayor is following in the footsteps of our President. Go out next month and vote Haddix out of office. He called Lodgson a drunk, and I do not know if it is true, but even he would be better, but I am leaning towards Dienhart, and definately King and Terry Ernst. Terry was a great police officer, he served his country in the same manner with the US Army and is a true christian. He loves this city and the people there in as well as he loves his country and his God. He is a God, family and country man.

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Prez, sorry to waste your time if you're already aware of this, or if it's to late to remedy the situation. I to was covered by group(s) insurance well past 65 and ran into the penalty condition you experienced. However, after many hours on the phone I was able to get the documentation from BCBS proving that I did have group coverage up to the point of my application and avoided the penalty. Funny thing is, I thought I was being a good citizen by delaying dumping my medical care on the system and it almost cost me a bundle. Have no idea if providing proof after the fact would help you or not. Good luck for a better outcome.

Know your feeling--I am retired Fed employee who does not have Medicare but pay my own way. My insurance co (Govt Employees Health Association) quotes some part of the US Code when they send me a ltr that says they are only responsible for paying what Medicare would pay, esp. if the provider is also a Medicare provider. Some providers will bill you for the other 20%, some don't bother. I have never paid a co-pay with GEHA. Most folks don't know what's gonna hit them with the AHCA!

"Socialized Medicine is the Keystone to a Socialist society". With that said, anybody that thinks this is not what this Bastard of a President whats is a Damn Fool!

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Terry Ernst is running for mayor? Then you all better vote for him. I remember him as a PTC office when I was in high school We all respected him, and that says loads about a PCPD guy when compared to guys like Mark Brown....the wretch.

to be our next Chancellor. Forget mayor, right to Chancellor.

Seems to building some synergy with Dienhart (mayor) and King (council)

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