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Touth protection home changes its name

To reflect its expanded mission and increased capacity to serve more children, Fayette Youth Protection Homes has announced that it is changing its name to “Bloom.” The new name was announced at a luncheon and fashion show where over 150 guests watched a parade of children and youth model clothing available at The Bloom Closet (formerly Gracie’s Closet), a clothing resource center for foster children on the south side of metro Atlanta.

For 24 years, Bloom has been a refuge to Fayette County children who have been the victims of abuse, neglect or other tragic circumstances. With the advent of The Bloom Closet as well as the addition in recent years of a community-based foster parenting program, the organization has drawn in more foster children than ever before. In the past year, Bloom opened its doors to over 350 foster children from 28 Georgia counties.

Becky Davenport, Executive Director of Bloom says, “Our new tagline is “Changing the face of foster children,” and that’s what we are all about. We want to lift the children up to become the best people they were meant to be, despite their circumstances.”

Davenport also points out that a big part of their success has been their passion for foster parents.
“We are in awe of foster parents and their commitment to take children into their homes,” Davenport said. “Let’s face it: most people are not in the position to do that. Whatever we can do to support foster parents, we will do. I think most people who donate clothing to The Bloom Closet feel that same way.”

At The Bloom Closet, foster children and their foster parents shop for free gently-used clothing, books, baby gear, and school supplies in a fun, boutique-like atmosphere.
Bloom’s longest standing program, the Friday-Johnson Home, will retain its same name, and will continue to remain the county’s safe refuge for school-age children who have been the victims of abuse or neglect. The home is located in south Fayette County and can accommodate up to 10 children who receive food, clothing, medical care, counseling, tutoring, and other services in a loving yet structured environment.

Bloom Board President Tim Symonds said the name change is a reflection of all the good things happening to the organization.

“We are positioning ourselves to become a leader in the provision of services to foster children,” Symonds said. “We are raising the bar in terms of the quality of the service we deliver.”
If you are interested in donating or learning more information about Bloom, visit or call 770-461-7020, ext. 305.


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