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Planners to vote on TDK plant expansion

A proposal to add a 40,000 square foot expansion to TDK’s facility on TDK Boulevard near Ga. Highway 74 South will be considered by the Peachtree City Planning Commission Monday night.

The expansion will allow the company to consolidate its warehouse and shipping activities, TDK representatives have said.

The conceptual site plan for the existing TDK facility shows the proposed addition of approximately 40,000 square feet that will be similar in design to the existing structure, city Planning and Zoning Administrator David Rast has said.

A new service and loading area would be constructed off of the existing service drive to provide access to the building from the rear, according to the plans.

The expansion would essentially serve to consolidate existing TDK space by providing a way for the company to eliminate a warehouse facility currently being used a short distance away on Ga. Highway 74.

The area where the building and driveways are being proposed was previously cleared and graded as a part of the initial development of the site, Rast said.

The planning commission reviewed the plans last month and saw no issues with the proposal.

The commission meets Monday night at 7 p.m. at City Hall. The TDK expansion is the only action item on the agenda.



TDK expanding, Sany expanding, Used Oil Processing Plant expanding!

All good news for Peachtree City's industrial park.
All expansions and growth done without the DAPC!

How much space is left in the industrial park?
Why do we need the DAPC? and a $150,000+ annual budget?
How much office space and retail space is available?

Do we need the DAPC to organize a Georgia Tech village plan?
Which members of the DAPC will travel to meet with companies
to fill the office space and retail space? Don't they have full time jobs?

Is city council going to oversee the DAPC spending budget?
What about bidding requirements?
What about accountiblity requirements?

If DAPC was defunded, why is Don Haddix making this an issue again?

Why does PTC need another quasi-governmental agency with no accountibility?

Let's stop government growth...No DAPC!

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How much is the EDC total Budget, salary plus operating fund?

<cite><strong>Don Haddix
Peachtree City Mayor</strong></cite>

I don't understand why you continue to debate folks on these blogs. You NEVER come out smelling good.

Don Haddix & Steve Allen
Is it your plan to increase the debt of Peachtree City?

Mr. Allen, are in favor of authorizing a quasi-government agency of volunteers who can issue bonds and loans that the citizens of PTC are liable for?

Georgia Title 36. Local Governments, Chapter 62. Development Authorities, Paragraph 36-62-6. defines the Powers of Authorities

To execute contracts, to receive grants, to acquire by purchase or construction real estate for projects, to sell assets, to extend credit or make loans.

Development Authorities' primary missions are to provide financial incentives for new or existing businesses.

Is it your plan to re-fund the DAPC, giving the volunteers of the DAPC the authority to issue bonds, purchase real estate or take loans on behalf of the citizens of Peachtree City to provide incentives for business?

If we were trying to balance our budget, why are both of you pushing for the DAPC if its primary responsiblity is providing financial incentives?

Didn't City Council agree to an Economic Development Manager? Why is that decision being challenged if the majority of council voted for it? Where is the teamwork?

The City Council vote to hire the Economic Development Manager was almost 11 months ago, our first hire was run off by the mayor and his wife, no one has been hired to replace him and now Mr. Allen is trying to revive the DAPC that was defunded in another majority vote of City Council.

The actions to revive the DAPC is truly mis-guided and citizens of PTC must endure more politics engineered by Mayor Haddix. City Council has voted 2 times, first to hire an Economic Development Manager, then to defund the DAPC, now, instead of executing the plan that was voted on Allen, controlled by Haddix are still playing politics!

This is being done at the taxpapers' expense. Time and money, taxpaper money is being wasted.

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And city council already voted to go with an EDC. Right? How or why he quit is irrelevant, although interesting. Seems to me we have an approved and funded position which is currently vacant and needs to be filled. Is it any more complicated than that?

Why can't we just hire someone to fill the vacant position. Seems to me that this is an important function. Why stall on something so important?

And who cares what the Allen guy thinks? He's just a candidate slinging mud at the incumbent and has no chance of being elected.

AGREED. The matter is complicated by the fact that Mayor Haddix will not let the DAPC die and execute the decision of the City Council.

Allen is slinging mud, and Haddix is not doing his job, or in the case of Grisham running off the person who is hired.

Regarding the DAPC
Did you know they proposed a $150,000 budget and requested $21,000 fo travel and entertainment. That's 14% of the total budget. That included a Table at The Fred.

A quasi-government agency, run by volunteers with limited financial accountibility.

Imker, Fleisch and Leanard are right to hire a prfessional manager. You protect quality of life by eliminating government waste!

The DAPC is PTC's version of the West Fayetteville Bypass but in this case, the minority is trying to rule!

The budget for EDC was approximately the same as the budget for the DAPC.

When the DAPC presented their budget though, the chairman at the time requested a large sum for entertainment, specifically a table at the Fred. Also, there was no concrete plan on how they would attract businesses to PTC.
Was that presented later?

Now, 3 questions for you:

1-You have blogged and told people that a development authority in GA has special "legal" rights that an EDC doesn't have. Can you lay them out here, tell us each "legal" right that an authority has that a development manager does NOT have access to.

2-Who reviews and approves the expenditures of the DAPC?
How were the funds spent in last year's operating budget? and who approved those expenditures?

3-What will be the established goals of the authority, and what performance metrics will be used to determine their success each year? What are the inital goals and metrics and will you revise them each year?

Thank you

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Sorry for the double post. There was some kind of software hangup that delayed the posting and created two.

While on I will note a lot of spinning is going on.

Is DAPC a dead issue? Depends on who gets elected.

Is DAPC main focus bonds and incentives? I see Sussberg is doing a good job of quoting misstatements by the current majority. Go to the DA Law link in the other post and see for yourself there is a lot more to it than bonds and incentives.

As well he is making false statements. Again, in the DA Law, a City is not liable for the debts of a DA. When a DA buys property they own it, in example, not the City. They can also make profit from it to be self funding, which an EDC and the city cannot.

A past Council pulled legal maneuvers to assume debt. That decision is on their heads. They put debt on the City.

How many here understand the redevelopment in Fayetteville, Newnan and other places is being done by either a DA or DDA? That the successful college complex in Fairburn was buit by a DA? All things an EDC cannot do.

I saw another post dealing with Photocircuits. There was a meeting between the FCDA, DAPC, a Councilman and me about doing a brown field recovery. We had started the effort in 2009. It was agreed that FCDA and DAPC would work together on it, since the FCDA would not do it alone. The defunding of DAPC ended that work because an EDC cannot do it.

There is but one example of why an EDC cannot do all we need.

Last post since I had to do something with the dupe.

<cite><strong>Don Haddix
Peachtree City Mayor</strong></cite>

Mayor Haddix
The real issues here are:

1- You are your wife ran off the EDC because you LIED and told everyone the decision was made and you would support it when you did not.

2-You are playing politics on many levels...and wasting taxpaper money. The 2 votes were made to hire EDC and defund the DAPC and you are trying to manipulate this election to overturn those decisions - MAJORITY voted on these 2 issues and you believe you are smarter than everyone and you will do what you want.

Attending a few classes at a jr. college (GMC) does not make you an expert on economic development.

3-The DAPC budget was a joke, do'nt BS people on this blog and say it doesn't matter. 14% in entertainment with a table at the FRED is a waste of taxpaper money. There was other waste in the budget making it inefficient compared to an EDC. Here are the facts:

Liability Insurance, $3.5K
Training, $13K
Advertizing, $16K
Dues, $3K
Studies, $17K
Office, $8K
Prospects, $3K
Uncommitted contingency funds, $5.5K
Undocumented extra funds, $2.5K

I attended that meeting.....! These are the numbers.

Next time, try an accounting class at GMC, not economic development.

Do your job....stop playing politics, time has been wasted!
Hire the EDC and move on.

Don Haddix's picture

All in that list is also done by an EDC, for which there was no Budget when hired.

You attended a meeting. I attended all, saw all the paperwork behind the scenes, etc.

As far as the 3-2 goes, all votes and decisions are subject to change when wrong.

Now I am gone from this tread. But your post was, to be honest, too absurd to be left standing.


<cite><strong>Don Haddix
Peachtree City Mayor</strong></cite>


This is your quote:

"As far as the 3-2 goes, all votes and decisions are subject to change when wrong."

How telling! shows PTC that your ego is so out of control that you will fight for the dumbiest things and at the expense of the Majority vote of the city council and the citizens. You are wasting taxpapers' time and money.

Now, regarding the DAPC budget...It is much cheaper to hire 1 employee within city hall then for PTC to financially support a quasi-government agency. Liability insurance, training of volunteers, etc. Its inefficient. Speaking of absurb.

Don, when it comes to leadership, accounting and general business management, your track record speaks for itself. And, as for public office, that track record is speaking loud and clear to the voters.

Stop wasting taxpayer money and time, do the job you were elected to do.
Hire the EDC and move on. Or resign and become a full time campaign manager for Mr. Allen.


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Word from city hall is that Doug will resign shortly after the election (for personal reasons or the press of his high stress job or to spend more time with his family or because he can't stand going to the last 2 or 3 city council meetings as a lame duck) and council will obviously appoint Deinhart for the rest of the year. Imker of course will be reelected and we will now have a 4-1 situation. Then either Haddix will accept reality and the correct role as a ceremonial mayor - as called for in the city charter OR he will take the position that "as far as the 4-1 goes, all votes and decisions are subject to change when wrong." Even if he chooses option b. the only harm will be to his reputation. Kim will be the leader of the 4 functioning people on council and business will get done. I am optimistic and all this could begin in less that a month.

They might even hire a Grisham replacement. Might even get somebody good after the 4-1 situation becomes clear to outsiders. You do know that many talented and professional people who could have been hired during the times when we had dysfunctional mayors steered clear of that volatile enviornment, don't you? We are very lucky to have Dr. Pennington in the house. I'm sure he had some second thoughts, but he knows that the ship is righting itself and it will be relatively smooth sailing for the next few years. Kim as the leader and eventual mayor when Haddix is replaced, Imker as a budget hawk, the others on council seem sincere and ego-free and Pennington as a very effective city manager. Works for me.

Live free or die!

Do you actually think the costs are the same between the DAPC and hiring 1 manager in city hall?

Clearly the DAPC budget reflects the needs for funds to not only operate but be maintained. A liability insurance policy, $10,000 in training to train the volunteers, a full time employee for $34,000 and so on.

Your understanding of budget allocation is frightening and clearly you have little regard for how the taxpaper money is spent. Our tax dollars should be spent on a table at the FRED? That's an insult. Just as bad as 188 excess automobiles.

One more important point to ponder...

The city council members are elected by the citizens of Peachtree City.
When a vote is taken, they represent the citizens.

Twice city council voted on EDC and DAPC. First to hire a EDC then to defund the DAPC. As the elected citizens' representatives, the city council majority has spoken hence citizens have spoken since we elected them.

You say on the blog that the majority is wrong, so you decide to take matters into your own hands but first running off the EDC who was hired and no trying to engineer this election to re-fund the DAPC.

Twice city council and the citizens have spoken and twice you have violated your oath of office.

Thank you for showing your financial limitations and your master plan to control the city council.

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And why are engaging the dorky mayor in a debate?

Cyclist's picture

I think it's the "economic development coordinator".

Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

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Just go back to city council and get something done. How hard can it be?

Live free or die!

EDC is Don's code for Economic Development Manager which is what Joey Grisham was....

The mayor is engaging me in this discussion, why you ask?...because the DAPC is important to him and he has engineered Steve Allen's campaign around this issue.

That's why the Economic Development Manager was run off, and why Allen was put up for election to try to unseat Imker.


Don Haddix's picture

First, cyclist is correct. It is Economic Development Coordinator, not Manager.

The Budgets are identical in cost.

Entertain and travel are non issues. The EDC and CVB also do entertainment and travel. Trade shows, etc, are not free to attend or travel to. The EDC was hired with no Budget or plan in place.

Macon has no EDC I can find. They use a DA and a citizen commission who works with the DA.

Valdosta has an EDC, and as with all other EDC's, just does empty retail and business space. Downtown development is done by a DDA. Industry is done by a DA. That is because an EDC cannot do bonds, redevelopment and a lot of other things. But a DA can do everything an EDC can do and more.

<a href="" target="_blank">DA Law</a>. DA's were created by the State because a Municipality cannot do all that is needed.

Annually their Budget is approved by Council. During the year all expenditures must be approved during an advertised public meeting and are reviewed by a City finance officer who is present during every presentation and vote, as is a Liaison. Also involved is a lawyer for review. Plus they are subject to defunding and dismissal of the Director at any time by Council. So safety is not an issue.

That is not true for an EDC. You do not see their expenditures publicly approved.

For their budget expenditure in prior years, ask for them They are open records.

As for goals, in a nutshell, redevelopment, proactive seeking new industry, filling retail and office existing space, promoting the city economically as the CVB does for tourism and more. They have far more flexibility on what is legal than does an EDC.

On measuring success, no different than an EDC. Did they accomplish their goals?

Bottom line is this has been about control versus effectiveness. Imker made it very clear and said honestly he wants to be in control, even though he has no background in economic development. Not even any classes.

Of the five on Council, Learnard has taken one development class. Fleisch none, Sturbaum a few and I have taken all of them and am certified to sit on a DA and DDA.

Note here the FCDA board of Directors are all volunteers as well. Their President would be the same professional level as our Director. But since they serve the County they do not do anything that benefits only PTC, it isn't their job. Nor do they proactively seek new industry.

Get the most for every dollar spent is what I care about, not personal power.

You, Sturbaum and I are all businessmen. Getting the biggest bang for a buck is paramount to us.

Beyond that I do not know what else to tell you.

<cite><strong>Don Haddix
Peachtree City Mayor</strong></cite>

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