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Airshow will fly; no shutdown hitches

The partial shutdown of the federal government has had at least a limited effect on Fayette County.

The Citizen has learned of at least one employee of the Transportation Security Administration who is being required to work without pay at Hartsfield International Airport or face losing his job.

A local high school student who had a physical scheduled as part of his ROTC duties had the checkup postponed indefinitely.

A potential bigger downside was averted by organizers of The Great Georgia Airshow, who won permission from the Federal Aviation Administration to handle their own flight control at the event instead of the FAA Tracon (Traffic Control) facility in Peachtree City. The air traffic for the airshow will be handled by the air show instead of TRACON, officials said.

A spokesperson for the FAA declined to comment on how the shutdown is affecting operations at the local TRACON facility, but said if the furlough lasts more than a few days, the FAA will incrementally recall specific employees back to work to meet safety needs. Those personnel could include safety inspectors, engineers and technical support staff, the spokesperson said.

As of Tuesday afternoon, leaders of both political parties continued to play the blame game with no progress on an agreement to fund the federal government.

House Speaker John Boehner, a Republican, criticized President Barack Obama for refusing to negotiate over issues such as the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare), the impending debt ceiling issue and other matters.

Obama in turn has blamed Boehner for failing to allow a vote on the floor for a continuing resolution that would restore funding to all federal government operations.

U.S. Representative Lynn Westmoreland, who represents most of Fayette County, blamed Senate Democrats for not taking up seven separate appropriations bills “to help keep critical programs up and running during the shutdown.”

On Sept. 20 the House passed a continuing resolution to fund the federal government at current year spending levels with the exception of implementing Obamacare, Westmoreland’s staff has noted.



Got great weather, and looking forward to a great show.


use the tunnels, Crossown is no crossing tonight. I'll be driving the cart with one headlight. Or none, depending on how long the battery lasts.:)

Too many team games tomorrow. Going Sunday will give my better half an afternoon to herself and maybe a reward for me later, lol

ever in PTC, by far. Awesome night show. The wait for the jet truck, well, let me just say I was hot to trot when it finally went by. Aeroshell Aerobatic, you rock.

Can we do this every weekend?

Had a great time at the airshow. Great performances by the pilots, plenty to see and do for the kids. Parking by golf cart was easy and much more accessible than years past. Tickets were purchased on line and made it easy without paper. Good variety of food and nice to have an adult beverage in the hot sun. Staff friendly and helpful as well as police and fire who both were great with the kids.

Only complaint I had to my wife was the $30 spent for 3 burgers, 3 waters, and 3 chips. But the good part is that it went to a good group.

Hope to come back next year.

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