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Alleged AT&T phone mugger arrested

he Hampton man who robbed a customer at the AT&T store in Fayetteville on Sept. 25 is in custody. He initially eluded attempts to capture him but was subsequently apprehended by the Southeast Regional Fugitive Task Force.

Marquis Raphiel Jackson, 20, was charged with robbery by sudden snatching and felony obstruction, according to Fayetteville Det. Mike Whitlow.

Also arrested in connection with the incident were Asheley Moses, 20, of Jonesboro, for party to a crime of robbery and misdemeanor theft by receiving; Gavin Hussey, 20, of Jonesboro, for party to a crime of robbery; Morgan Green, 20, of Hampton, for party to a crime of robbery; and Cassius Williams, 19, of Hampton, for misdemeanor theft by receiving, Whitlow said.

Whitlow said Jackson robbed a 57-year-old female customer outside the AT&T store at the Fayette Pavilion as she was entering her vehicle. Jackson opened her passenger door and snatched a bag containing an Apple iPhone she had just purchased, Whitlow said.

“The suspect then fled in a red Dodge Grand Caravan accompanied by at least two other suspects. Several witnesses were present and one was able to provide a license plate number,” said Whitlow. “Fayetteville police officers and Fayette County deputies flooded the area and the vehicle was located in the parking lot of the Home Depot.”

Whitlow said Fayetteville detectives located a second vehicle a short time later and arrested two suspects who had aided in the crime.

“One of the suspects provided information which identified the robber as Jackson, who had fled on foot. Jackson was spotted a short time later on Roberts Road in Fayette County, north of the Pavilion, and a brief foot chase ensued with Jackson fleeing into an extremely wooded area,” said Whitlow.

Officers and deputies searched the wooded area into the night and early morning hours, Whitlow said, adding that Jackson was spotted several more times but eluded capture.

Jackson’s information was turned over to the Southeast Regional Fugitive Task Force which tracked, located and arrested Jackson, said Whitlow.

Whitlow said Fayetteville detectives have also charged Marqis Jackson’s mother, 40-year-old Patricia Jackson, of Hampton, with misdemeanor obstruction.


It was last month on the very day he robbed this woman that I had words with him. I was across 85 at the mens toy store (Harbour Freight) . I know the day because my SS check comes the 4th Thursday. I use it to buy my toys in this case a weed backpack sprayer and new portable air compressor. As I put my purchases in the bed of the truck and was climbing in the truck he hollered at me from a few spaces up and asked to use my phone. It was in my hip holster. I ignored him and rapidly jumped in the old Toyota and fired it up. God was with me because no car was parked in front of me and I recklessly sped forward. I was followed by a reddish maroon van. When I got to the light it was red. I saw them making the turn headed my way so I cautiously ran the light and they stopped. I then went left and got back on 85 near Longhorns and headed back to PTC. This convinces me that today I will apply for a conceal and carry permit and will purchase an item of protection. OK guys this is where you come in. I am a senior citizen of small staute, notice as strong as I once was, tell me a pistol you would recommend for protection.
I was expert marksman during my 9 years military and as of two years ago still hit the mark. I was trained to shoot to kill because they may have firepower also, so I will be aiming for center mass.

I have an EAA witness 9mm. It's part composite, so it's light. It's also super accurate, and fairly cheap for the quality. I'd highly reccomend it. Glad to hear you made it through the ordeal ok.

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Whoa, Col. Dienhart !!! I should have known you would be armed. Please forgive all of my sins !!! The newly disclosed thought that you might be carrying at Council meetings might help to restore order. LOL

I agree--- the 9 is a pretty popular weapon and comes in a variety of makes. NUK makes a good suggestion to rent a few and see what he/she likes particularly since our retiree friend is a marksman already. Different folks, different strokes, different weapons.

I like Bob's range in Palmetto. Awtrey's is good too. The guys in Awtrey's are knowledgable and helpful.

Thanks for all the advice. I will go to Autrys Monday then take the shortcut through the pavilion home, if I have the rental or purchase with me

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If you make a purchase please let us know what you chose. I'm curious.

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Go to Autrey's Armory and buy some firing range time, I think that's about $12 or so. They let you use all of their rental handguns for another $10 and see what you're comfortable with. Everyone has their preferences and people have different grips, size hands, fingers, preferred weight/length of the firearm, caliber, etc....try a few different guns and see what works for you.

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I agree with NUK's recommendations below. But one gun you may want try based on what you've told us is the Bersa Thunder .380. Nice gun, and the recoil is not as bad as some other pistols might be.

Yep that Bersa is a nice little gun butif Theprez wants to go for center mass, not likely to get a "one-shot stop" with the .380---now might be different story with a head shot! Of course you and Nuk are both right--go tryem all at a Range!

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. . . easy to carry in a pocket, and it will kill, even a smaller .22 will kill under the right circumstances, but a .380 is not a knockdown gun that will stop an attacker.

Generally a .38 is considered the smallest reliable self-defense gun but it stops short of knockdown also.

The quandary is you need a .45 to knock down a drug-crazed bad guy, but a .45 is big and bulky. I should say WAS because Springfield has a new model XD-S which is a much slimmed down .45 in a 5+1 single-stack configuration. The pistol is only 1" wide and small enough for concealed carry, 5 rounds in the clip and 1 in the chamber.

The interesting thing about this XD-S is, unlike other small .45s, it doesn't try to jump out of your hand, very manageable to fire and to hit the target.

Springfield recalled the XD-S and mine is now at the factory getting a tiny spring-like part replaced they said under rare and extreme circumstances might cause a jam. Despite that recall - for which I credit Springfield for being responsible - I recommend this pistol. I have a GBI buddy who makes Kydex holsters - he made me a custom-fitted shoulder holster for it. He has seen every gun imaginable and his reaction to the XD-S since he had to handle it was, "Wow, I REALLY like this gun."

Give it a look. I bought mine at Autrey's.

Terry Garlock (currently hiding in Kentucky horse farm country)

Terry Garlock, PTC

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from a Firearms expert and instructor..

Carry what you feel confident in using. I know that sounds cliché but it is essential that you are comfortable, become knowledgeable and proficient in its use.

Each gun is different in recoil, point of aim and even how it fits in your hand.

My best advice is to go to an Armory and ask to test fire many styles and calibers and then choose what you feel comfortable with carrying and using.

Once a style and caliber is chosen then practice, practice, practice.

My only advice on a model is to pick one without a safety.

Unless you are willing to spend hundreds, if not thousands of hours practicing drawing, taking the weapon off safety and then firing…you will freeze and forget in a stress situation.

"Whoever claims the right to redistribute the wealth produced by others is claiming the right to treat human beings as chattel."

-Ayn Rand

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