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Cyclist injured in PTC cart collision

A young golf cart driver has been cited for a crash that injured a cyclist on McIntosh Trail near Huddleston Elementary in Peachtree City Sunday afternoon, police said.

The driver, who was 15, was on the crosswalk and pulled into the path of the bike around 5:30 p.m., according to Peachtree City Police Lt. Mark Brown.

The cyclist, identified as Amy Hill of Sharpsburg, was injured and taken to a hospital for treatment, police said.

Police are not releasing the name of the driver, but she was cited for failure to yield while entering the roadway and for violating a restriction on 15-year-old drivers that limits them to transporting only one other non-family member on their golf cart, police said.



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Ouch! I hope the lady cyclist is OK.

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The sight line on McIntosh Trail in the early evening this time of year is greatly affected by the setting sun to the west and the tree cover shadows there. There are literally blind spots when traveling there in a vehicle. Not to excuse the violation committed, but it is a road to use extra caution on by everyone traveling there.

I was on the path Sunday afternoon. I noticed more than a few golf carts with drivers of varying ages going pretty fast and on the limited sight distance curves cutting the corners. Maybe the cart paths are training grounds for bad drivers for our highways. The old comment that Georgia drivers do not use their turns signals because they got their driver ed on farm tractors & riding lawnmowers can also now include golf carts.

I am sorry for Amy's injuries but the article I read stated she moved away from PTC because of the dangerous cart paths...give me a break! If that's true why does she come back here to ride? 90% of drivers--of all ages-- are very courteous on the path system! I have lived here since 1987 and there have always been a tiny minority that speed past without worrying that they might hit me, my kid, my dog, etc and I have noticed many more old golfer dudes doing this than the teens. The only golfcart vs bike accident death here in the Bubble involved two people in their 60's. Most kids here are
sweet and respectful. Let's not have a knee jerk reaction and start changing the ages/rules for our golfcart drivers!!!

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