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Multiple drug arrests across Fayette

It has been a busy couple of weeks for agents with the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office Tactical Narcotics Team (TNT). Team Commander Jody Thomas announced Tuesday that six investigations into the sale, possession or use of illegal narcotics have been concluded with the investigations leading to the arrests of 13 people.

Thomas said the first incident occurred Sept. 20 after TNT conducted an undercover operation in the parking lot of a Fayette County business.

A TNT agent acting in an undercover capacity purchased four ounces of suspected cocaine from a male identified as 37-year-old College Park resident Leroy Rico, said Thomas.

Sherman sold the suspected cocaine to the undercover agent for $3,700 and was taken into custody without incident on charges of trafficking cocaine, Thomas said.

The second incident occurred on Sept. 22. After receiving information about a person in possession of marijuana and stolen lawn equipment in Fayette County, TNT agents located a vehicle matching the offender and vehicle traveling south on Ga. Highway 85. TNT agents with the assistance of a Field Operations unit conducted a traffic stop.

Thomas said the driver was identified as Shelton Raymond Walker, 31, of Jonesboro. After the traffic stop and while deputies searched Walker’s vehicle, Walker fled on foot but was apprehended by a Fayette County Sheriff’s Office K-9 after a brief foot pursuit, Thomas said.

Thomas said Walker was charged with the possession of marijuana with intent to distribute, theft by receiving stolen property, possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony, obstruction of a law enforcement officer and giving false information to a law enforcement officer. Walker is also wanted by the state of California for weapons charges, Thomas added.

The third incident occurred on Sept. 23. Thomas said the incident took place in the parking lot of a Fayette County business. After receiving information that a male driving a Volvo would be at the business in possession of a quantity of cocaine, agents located and detained 51-year-old Atlanta resident Timothy Summerville with no incident.

Agents found approximately 15 grams of cocaine in the vehicle, and Summerville was charged with possession, said Thomas.

The fourth incident also occurred on Sept. 23 when TNT agents executed a search warrant at 275 Julie Road in Tyrone. Upon entry into the residence agents encountered a total of six people, said Thomas.

Five of the six people were found to be using or in possession of marijuana. Those included Tyler J. May, 17, of Tyrone, charged with possession of marijuana with intent to distribute; Christopher K. May, 21, of Tyrone, charged with possession of marijuana and possession of a schedule II substance (hydrocodone); Emily E. Burdett, 19, of Fayetteville, charged with possession of marijuana and four counts of possession of dangerous drugs; Michael R. Iazzetti, 17, of Tyrone, charged with possession of marijuana; and William Edward Christopher Cullen Timbs, 17, of Tyrone, charged with possession of marijuana, said Thomas. A citation was issued to the homeowner Kimberly May, 45, for keeping a disorderly house, Thomas said.

The fifth incident occurred on Sept. 24 in the parking lot of a business in Fayette County. Thomas said a TNT agent acting in an undercover capacity met with two males to purchase a half ounce of cocaine for $600.

The two Atlanta residents, identified as Jimmie Taylar, 49, and Theris Larod Sanders, 38, arrived with only one and a half grams of the cocaine and were taken into custody without incident. Taylar was charged with the sale of cocaine, Sanders was charged with possession of cocaine, Thomas noted.

The final incident occurred on Oct. 6 after TNT agents received information about a person that was attempting to sell a quantity of cocaine in the area of a local Fayette County business. Thomas said agents were provided a description of the vehicle and the occupants. After locating the vehicle, agents assisted a patrol unit in conducting a traffic stop.

The driver, identified as 36-year-old Atlanta resident Ryan M. Stovall, remained in the vehicle and was detained with without incident. The passenger, 42-year-old College Park resident Corey Stovall, fled from the vehicle but was apprehended by a Fayette County Sheriff’s K-9 after a brief foot pursuit, said Thomas.

Corey Stovall was charged with obstruction and possession of cocaine with intent to distribute. Ryan Stovall was charged with possession of cocaine.

The Fayette County Sheriff’s Tactical Narcotics Team is a multi-agency unit under the command of the sheriff of Fayette County. The unit consists of members of the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office, Tyrone Police Department, Fayetteville Police Department and Peachtree City Police Department.



I love that Fayette County Sheriff's office is trying to keep the drug dealers out of Fayette County. But Judge Hankinson sees fit to sentence a drug dealer last Thursday to 22 years probation and must complete drug rehab. By the way this was the defendant's THIRD conviction and the District Attorney was seeking LIFE. Now do we need a Judge like that in Fayette County?

Concern Citizen

All the Judges need to QUIT/Stop given out slaps on the wrist and start sending these DRUG Users/DEALERS to Prison. There are to many of them running around out there. We need to start watching people coming in from Clayton and Spalding Counties to. Please STOP the DRUGS!

Given My Opinion

Yea, that's the ticket. Lock 'em all UP & throw away the key. The USA already has the highest % prison pop. in the industrialized world (probably beating some 3rd World & Iran {ref needed}), let's go way over the top. Let's raise taxes but imagine prisioners can pay their own way in pink undies like in AZ. It will give us something to complain about; paying for all thos baby mamas on welfare w/ no baby daddy. If the War on Drugs was working..prices would be up. 40 years later..time to think outside the box.

jackmehog's picture

Half of the busts were against teenagers for possession of pot - whoop-de-doo...

highflyer2's picture

My hat's off to the drug task force for their hard work at trying to stop these people from coming into Fayette County. Maybe they can help me with a question.
Over five years ago my son died from an overdose (or murder) and from with I learned back then was that the kids around here go to a lady named "Jonsie" that has a house off Flat Shoales Rd. in Union City and a house off of Cambelton Rd. in Atlanta. I tried my best to get her busted back then and was told that "it was being handled". About a month ago we had a kid here in our county that also overdosed and died, while talking to a few of his friends I asked where he got the drugs. The friends laughed and told me that they "always" go where they know they will be old black lady named "Jonsie"!
It was told to me that Jonsie told the kid that died, "this stuff is so good it will knock your socks off or kill you" and everyone laughed! Well guess killed him just like it killed my son over 5 years ago.
Maybe its time I go talk to Jonsie.

What were the Fayette County businesses where these arrests took place?

What about all the Meth dealers running rampit in Fayette County?

You seem to have some good intel on this subject. Please elaborate.

Judge Hankinson was appointed to his judgeship by old-college-roommate Roy Barnes. Hankinson had little or no criminal experience before coming to the bench, and is frequently overturned on criminal cases by the court of appeals. A sentence like this from him should be no surprise to anyone. The voters need to wake up and quit re-electing someone like this to office.

Courthouse Fools

If the War on Drugs was working & being won, Coke would cost more than less than $50.00 a gram or a $1000. an OZ. That's like Studio 54 old skool prices & the police always inflate the street value. A Nixon Era experiment ain't working (or even go back to Reefer Madness times, 80 yrs ago). Our neighbor to the South is rapidly becoming a Narco-state thanks to our inability to have a logical policy & to control our firearm sales.

I sure would like to know which businesses these drug busts are taking place at in Fayetteville and at what time of day? As a mother of three children I'm beginning to get a little scared to go out without my husband or my gun to any local business. What if one of these busts went wrong? Are the citizens who patronize these establishments in danger? If anyone knows, please post.

One other thing I couldn't help but notice....most of these offenders are from College Park. Why don't we just block 314 and do a road block every day? Stay your butts in the hood criminals.

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