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Nanny state cram-down: ObamaCare nationally, bypass locally

No matter how loud the public’s vociferous outcry, once again the “nanny state” government is cramming down our throats a bitter pill to swallow, but now it is administered on a local level.

This time it’s not a national healthcare plan that the majority of Americans don’t want or need. It’s a “road to nowhere” that local Fayette County politicians are telling us we must have.

The West Fayetteville Bypass, Parkway, whatever the popular name is this year, is gradually becoming a reality, whether the public wants it or not.

As it seems to be explained, someone “way back when,” maybe 10 or 15 years ago, dreamed of a road smack-dab through the middle of the county connecting all us commuters to, yes, exactly where we’d like to be ... in congested South Fulton County, via Westbridge Road and Ga. Highway 92.

Now if that isn’t a dream road for your commute to Atlanta, maybe you’d better ask the lame duck commissioners Jack Smith and Eric Maxwell just why they are pushing a resolution to buy up property quickly, before permits are granted by the proper agencies, all to insure that their pet SPLOST project, the West Fayetteville Bypass, becomes a reality before they leave office.

I believe that the majority of Fayette County voters have clearly spoken with the ousting of two incumbent commissioners in the primary election. The voters have made known their displeasure with the unwise use of their tax dollars going toward this project. In essence they have said, “Stop! Enough! Spend our money on more crucial needs.” The gentlemen who govern our county surely must understand the reasons they were unseated.

So why the passing of Resolution 2010-16, effecting the immediate purchase of more property for this road with our hard-earned tax dollars, when “We, the People” have said otherwise at the ballot box? Is it not unusual that this step be taken even before obtaining the proper permits from the state, Army Corps of Engineers, or environmental agencies? What if these permits are denied? Who determines the outcome of this unwanted road, “We the People” or statists pursuing a different agenda? Do others, like nannies, know what’s best for us, or are we not to have a voice?

My fellow American, when will the elected officials in power listen to us as we say “no” to the government making our healthcare decisions? Will our voices be heard on Nov. 2 as we exercise our God-given, Constitutional right to vote?

Our children and grandchildren will someday surely hold us accountable. Perhaps the problems in Washington will only begin to unravel as “We, the People” once again stand up to those who would rule us right here at home. Enough is enough.

To the politicians recently voted out of public office, as well as to those who remain: Please don’t cram down the throats of Fayette Countians an expensive road we do not need. Rather than leaving behind a forcefully and hastily pushed agenda, let your parting legacy be respect for your fellow citizens, the people who have entrusted much to your care.

Debby Sorrow

Fayetteville, Ga.



birdman's picture

It's too apparent that you simply don't understand the term "Nanny state" nor the function of government. Here is the definition of "Nanny state:"

"a pejorative term used in reference to state protectionism, economic interventionism, or regulatory policies (of economic, social or other nature), and the perception that these policies are becoming institutionalized as common practice."

Building a road, although may fall in the "economic" practice, is hardly "institutionalized as common practice." In fact it is this type of infrastructure development along with economic development, community regulation, etc. that is the very job of local government. Just because you disagree with their decision doesn't automatically make it a "nanny state" decision.
This is not about agreeing or disagreeing with the road, only a statement on using a label to elicit an emotional response. At least use a correct label. But just because you disagree with something doesn't make it a "nanny state," "activist court," "socialist," "communist," or any other misused emotional label.

Try addressing issues using facts to back up your opinion and you may win me over. To misuse buzz words only shows emotional ignorance.

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