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Tolbert: Qualifications for BoE include organizing, managing budget

My name is Sam Tolbert, and I have lived in Fayette County for 24 years. As a candidate for Fayette County Board of Education, Post 5, I am a semi-retired senior manager and most recently worked as an adjunct professor of mathematics at Gordon College in Barnesville, Ga.

My qualifications/accomplishments are:

• Board member Georgia Tech International Standards & Quality, Southern Tech Center for Quality

• Conducted continuing educational classes for Georgia Tech, Southern Tech and Dale Carnegie Institute

• Board member and lead auditor for Georgia Oglethorpe Award committee

• Awarded Pioneer of the Year Award by Georgia Oglethorpe Committee for Organizational Turn Around at Scientific Atlanta Instrumentation Division

• Key member of Rockwell International Management Team forging a documented nationally recognized organizational turnaround in a defense business Managed Quality Standards Division for major government contracts

• Developed and conducted training programs directed at organizational and personnel performance enhancement

• Developed and implemented a wide range of computer applications requiring both computer hardware and software for business performance improvement

• Wrote my thesis and dissertation on organization improvement processes

I have two children, both of whom attended school in Fayette County. I know firsthand what problems are facing the Board of Education.

My platform is simple. I believe that with my combination of educational and business experience, I can provide the tools to organize, develop, and effectively manage a workable budget that will create a new level of efficiency for the board. I also pledge to be accessible and a good listener to the public.

Most problems, such as the ones now facing the current board members, can be worked out through financial stewardship, attentiveness, and effective communications.

I further pledge that I have no self-interests to nurture in becoming a member of the board, and that I will not tolerate any actions that I consider to be self-serving, or outside the best interests of our children and the taxpayers of our county. I would appreciate your vote in the Nov. 2 election.

Dr. Sam Tolbert

Fayetteville, Ga.



ginga1414's picture

You've got my vote, Dr. Tolbert. I am very excited about the future possibilities your election will bring to our school system.

Good luck and thank you so very much for caring about our children, teachers, and schools.

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