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Hamlets and neighborhoods planned as Fayetteville's westward extension

Plan’s depiction of the West Fayetteville Neighborhoods with Piedmont Fayette Hospital on the southern boundary of the proposed development. Ga. Highway 54 runs left to right along the bottom, while the Veterans Parkway (West Fayetteville Bypass) bisects the area beginning at the southwest corner and heading north. To read about this proposed new development in the center of Fayette County, click here. Graphic/Fayette County Development Authority.


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Yes, look at the Lester Hamlet. Do you know who owns that property? Why it is Commissioner Lee Hearn's cousin Addison Lester.

Do you remember Addison Lester III? He sits on the Fayetteville Development Authority and the Board of Elections.

Look at the Trammell Hamlet. Do you know who owns that property? Why it is, Jan Trammell, well known realtor, developer, and member of the Adams/Rivers/Trammell/Horton family. Imagine that!

Take a look at the Horton Hamlet. Do you know who owns that property? Of course, it is the Adams/Rivers/Trammell/Horton Family. Jan Trammell and Adam Horton are the developers and builders in that family.

Look at the Rivers Hamlet. Who owns that property? Once again, it is the Adams/Rivers/Trammell/ Horton family. How could it be anyone else?

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Looks like a lot of inbreeding to me. How do they keep track when they get married to one another?

I assume by your many posts on the subject that our government has taken your land for its purposes (transportation flow). I seems to me that this "vision" land use plan, is restricting the use of private property in the future. How is this in the interest of the land holder? It would seem that the value is diminished not enhanced.

Would you give us your logic on this? You think that somehow a government vision enhances the value of property? For example, what if Wal-Mart would buy the land to erect one of their stores for three times what a residential developer would be willing to pay? Even if one of these families happens to be part of your alleged conspiracy, why would they want to risk their money when they could simply sell to a Wal-Mart?

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I'm interested in the plan for everything south of Hwy 54 along the new bypass.

There certainly must be one for that area too.

We need to know who it will benefit before we replace the current commissioners.


I don't know why, but there is a letter to the editor this week that seems to be a little more difficult to notice than I recall as usual. Am I wrong about that? It's not listed in the bullets on the main page under “Opinion”. You actually have to click on “Letters to the Editor” to find it. It's a letter from Greg Clifton titled; “Steele, F'ville Council back mass transit; vote Clifton, Edwards, Johnson”. It's interesting reading for anyone concerned about this issue.

Well, well. The cat's out of the bag now. Lets see how many elected or appointed officials can be tied to any part of this whole mess. November 2012 cannot get here soon enough! If you are an "incumbent", just don't even bother running!

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