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Fayetteville cops seek injured robbery suspect

An armed gunman got more than he bargained for Friday night when he and another man attempted to rob the China Cafe restaurant in the 900 block of north Glynn St. Friday night, police said.

One of the men was shot in the head by an employee, and the uninjured assailant returned fire, shooting one of the employees, police said. Both assailants got away, likely to a nearby waiting vehicle, police said.

The injured employee was taken to Grady Hospital in Atlanta, and area hospitals have been alerted to watch out for the injured gunman, police said.

The assailants were described as young black males, police said. The incident happened around 10:50 p.m.

Police are asking anyone with information to come forward as perhaps someone may have noticed suspicious activity that could lead to the suspects, who wore masks to disguise themselves during the heist. As of 5 a.m. Saturday morning, police were still processing the scene.



It's a shame to see such a fine community as Fayetteville turn into a cesspool of crime, all do to a bunch of thugs moving in from Clayton. They destroyed that county, now they aim to destroy Fayette. Nothing but a bunch of worthless cockroaches.

I agree that a lot of crime is coming in from Clayton, but I think it is important to also recognize the fact that a lot of great people from that area are moving to the area as well. Let's not turn this into a Clayton county people are bad movement.

All you have to do is look at all of the crime stories in the area recently, and the majority of them are being committed by the demographic minority. It's a cultural issue. Certain cultures are brought up in homes without the infulence of a father, they are taught to be dependent on government hand outs for their well-being. They think that they are owed something for some percieved wrong that just doesn't exist. They embrace the thug culture of taking what doesn't belong to them because they are too lazy or stupid to get a job and earn an honest living.

You got a problem with that Taylor?

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At first I was worried Fred Garvin might be a racist, as if all his descriptions attached to the word "they" might be stereotyping black people at large. But then I saw where he said it's a "cultural issue," and everything was cleared right up. Also, good to know he calls 'em as he sees 'em. Racists wouldn't be that impartial.

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Is it not ironic that Fred seems so concerned with crime, yet names himself after a male prostitute? How twisted is that?? Great points Taylor and Dillik.

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Here's more for the racists: If some people from the next town over (most or all of them sharing a certain ethnicity) come to your town and commit crimes, a non-racist response would be, "Dang, I wonder what happened to that town. Poverty? Economy? Education?" A racist response would be, "You see what these people do?"

Also, I hate to break it to you, Fred and other racists of Fayette County (hat tip to the non-racists of Fayette County, by the way), but there are actually a good number of black people actually LIVING in Fayette County, right this very moment. Many of them might have even grown up with influences from that scary "thug culture." And yet somehow they're managing not to ransack our county from within. Weird! It's almost as if it's, like, a regional thing rather than a black-people thing.

No defender of criminals nor a fan of Clayton County, but there is no value in painting in broad brushstrokes.

Don't forget about South Fulton btw. Old natty can give Clayco a run for the money any day!

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I wonder if these are the same two dopes that robbed Golden Chopstix last week? Not sure if there's an advantage to targeting Chinese Restaurants, but this story seems to have ended in a better result for at least one of the suspects. Best wishes to the employee who was injured.

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