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Commission amends definition of manufactured homes

It amounted to a bit of housekeeping last week when the Coweta County Commission amended the language pertaining to manufactured and mobile homes contained in the county’s Zoning and Development Ordinance.

Addressing the amendment, Planning Director Robert Tolleson told commissioners the change in language stemmed from the passage of Senate Bill 384.

The county’s ordinance already contained definitions of manufactured and mobile homes, Tolleson said.

There was concern expressed statewide in prior years over the designations and definitions pertaining to manufactured homes and their ability to be located within a given community. Those prior issues were not the subject of the amendment.

Tolleson said the amendment will not change the function of the current ordinance as it pertains to mobile and manufactured homes which the state Dept. of Community Affairs has identified as a model for the state. It will simply remove the date and replace it with the title of the federal Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Act which provides the same effect, Tolleson said.


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