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1 restaurant gunman found dead; other at-large

Fayetteville police have recovered the body of a gunman who was shot when he and another armed man attempted to rob the China Cafe restaurant in Fayetteville late Friday night.

The body of Alonzo Starks, 25, of Morrow, was found in an abandoned house in Morrow, which detectives learned about earlier today when they arrested the getaway driver involved in the heist, police said. The driver was identified as Alvin James Scott, 26, of Jonesboro.

Meanwhile, police have issued warrants for the second gunman who stormed into the back door of the restaurant and shot a restaurant employee, police said. That suspect, identified as Leandro Bernard Johnson, 27, is driving a 2005 burgandy Buick Lacrosse with a drive-out tag, police said.

One of the China Cafe employees fired a shot that struck the deceased gunman in the head, and the other assailant returned fire, hitting the other restaurant employee, police said.

The restaurant employee who was shot remained in critical condition at Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta, police said.

The break in the case came from one of Starks' relatives who suspected he was involved in the shooting, police said.

Fayetteville police have been working the case continuously since the incident was first reported at 10:50 p.m. Friday night. Also assisting have been the police departments in Morrow and Clayton County, officials said.



Either left him to die instead of getting medical treatment or left him to rot after dieing in the vehicle and being dumped.

Real nice.

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Either way, under Georgia law, the other two perps will be charged with his death. They are going to spend a long, long time in the State lockup and that is a good thing for the community, well, at least on one level. That is still assuming that the one still on the loose ...... survives.

Just hope the DA doesn't go after the employee. He deserves a reward. Perhaps 1/4 of the costs the state would have spent trying the case and then hosting in the guy in the pen.

Just goes to show everyone how much or little some people value life, especially someone elses.

Ugly Uncle, too bad the others didn't endure the same fate. Judicious marksmanship, though the employees exhibited, is always appreciated. To them, kudos is deserved.

By the China Cafe folks. Too bad he only killed the one.

This is a great story.

Go China Cafe!

family of the critically injured employee at Grady are jumping for joy. All this for what, a couple hundred bucks, maybe a grand? This is what a life is worth in Fayetteville now?

My prayers for the injured employee.


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employee makes a speedy recovery. As for those remaining two POS crooks, they'll get what's coming.

WSB TV noted that the trio are suspects in other area robberies.

Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

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Sounds like one of the scum ordered a Number 9mm to go and it was delivered to his face!

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The POS thug in the middle picture is deceased according to WSB TV.

Number 9mm to go. That was good!!!!!!

Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

Now that's funny

He was a criminal and now he is dead. It's good. I can hardly wait for our Fayette County judge and jury to get a hold of the other 2. That was good # 9mm to go.

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My prayers go out for the employee at Grady and his family. But I'm not sure I agree with your sentiment if you're saying that the employees should have just given the perps the money and not resisted. Who's to say that the perps wouldn't have shot the employees anyway? All of them. And when crime becomes easy and people don't resist then crime increases. And that includes violent crime. Who knows how many people's lives may have been saved by this resistance?

It is not worth it to resist in a situation like this, when if proper procedures were kept all you might lose is a days take. Which is maybe a couple thousand? A mans life is worth more than that, a hospital bill for a gunshot is gonna be a hell of a lot more than that.

There are huge incentives for a armed robber to not kill anybody. Added jail time, more police involvement, the likelihood of being turned over by your friends, just plain not wanting to murder people. Your best bet in an armed robbery of a business you work at is to cooperate but refuse to leave with the criminal.

The incredibly small chance that the robbers have come to kill you all is not worth placing a 50/50 bet on your whole life and going rambo.

Never having been a small business owner, I can't judge what should have been done here by the owner. My point is that I don't see the joy in this at all. I see this as a trend, sadly. How many black males have we seen in the last ??? (pick a time frame) who are coming here now to point a gun at someone to rob them.

My thoughts go to the mentality that a life is worth so little now. I cannot wrap my head around that here. This county is now part of the crime that for so long was outside our borders for the most part. Think about it. If you were the family of the critical victim in the hospital, would you be saying let's get more guns for protection and stand our ground or would you be be considering saying this is not a safe area anymore, and we need to go elsewhere. Please don't mistake me for some anti gun liberal 'tard. I am far from it.

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MLC, You make some strong and valid points. Fight or flight? I can't blame anyone for choosing either to stay alive. My point is that when you are in that situation, and I have been, you have to decide how to react based on your chances to survive. As a young man I worked for my dad and uncle. We had a little shop in south Atlanta. We were robbed but my uncle got the drop on them and shot 2 of them. None of us were hurt. The week before there had been a robbery of a liquor store owner as he was taking his nightly receipts to the bank. He offered no resistance to my knowledge. Yet, they killed him. Amazingly enough the robberies seemed to stop for a while after our deal. Still I wouldn't advise anyone to do this unless they could get the drop on the perps. It is a judgement call and not having been there I won't fault these people for what they did. What I do oppose are those that preach blind compliance in every situation. Just my opinion based on my experiences.

No, I agree with you. Blind compliance is not an answer, either. I would like to see community support for small business here become more of a focus than it has been. We can get a company to bring in 200 plus jobs then great, but if small businesses are closing or considering closing, it will have a net zero effect and leave blight behind. I would hope the Chamber could reach out to the small businesses and see if they can help in ways that haven't been discussed or considered before.

The Who We Are of the local Chamber says, ".....We work to bring together leadership from business, government, non-profits, and education to address issues and the needs of our community."

If this incident were isolated as it seemed to be for years, I would not be talking about it. However, I think we all can now remember repeated incidents almost in detail from what has been reported in The Citizen over the last few years of this type of crime. We still live a much better life than most, but I would hope we can just not choose to ignore the effect this is having on those who work so hard to make a living here. I won't belabor it any more. I just saw the C of C meeting and think it should be a topic that should be addressed in their forum.

Yeh! I hope he comes out of the hospital soon and it sounds like the other employees are lucky they didn't get executed in the cooler..

We are dealing with this type of crime more often, especially in Fayetteville and at the Pavillion. Here in PTC, too.

There is a meeting this Friday from 8:30AM to 11:30AM of the FC Chamber of Commerce. Going to be at the Dolce. The purpose is to discuss a "community visioning initiative for the future of FC". A new diverse advisory group within the Chamber.

If this meeting makes no mention of the ongoing violence that we read about, then the Chamber needs to reexamine what they are all about. Everyone wants to be on the "Pinewood" bandwagon and brag on the new age of growth and prosperity that is being touted with movies in the forefront. However, this issue of crime is not going away without the community getting more involved. I don't know the answer, but it should be discussed. Never were I nor my family afraid to shop or travel to businesses in Fayetteville in the past. That is no longer the case.

The Cathy family can pour money into a waterfall and the FC BOC can pour money into cart paths along the major roads and Group VI can just promote the heck out of the good life here and get even more filthy rich doing it. PTC can invite groups from all over the world. The FCDA can sing praises on the jobs saved and added. All good, all positive. I will comment here that I don't see where there is ever any focus on the small businesses and the shops over in Fayetteville (other areas, too) that are now at risk.

The movie industry works 24 hours a day. They will be out shopping, eating, and otherwise socializing late into the night while working and hopefully, living here. Many will have 6 figure incomes. I hope that we can all tell them not only that they are welcome here, but that they will be safe to travel and live the unique lifestyle they are used to living.

I would hope that those who lead this county through commerce will address the hardships the small businesses face in trying to remain secure and provide their services to our county that we all enjoy.

PTC Observer's picture

are there MLC. Once the citizens believe that it is no longer safe here, they will simply move. The business community, political "leaders" and religious leaders need to get their collective act together before it's too late.

We face the very real possibility that what just happened at the New China Cafe will be the rule and not the exception.

I agree with Dude, that individuals need to resist, with deadly force if necessary. We cannot be easy targets or we will lose the war against the criminals.

My thoughts and prayers go out to the wounded employee and his family.

Well said.

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First you find a leader like Rudy Guiliani and then he pledges to clean up the area through no nonsense judges who hand out maximum sentences and build a huge police force that has a visible presence when you (and the thugs) walk down the streets. Expensive? Yes. Effective?, Also yes. Everybody talks about quality of life in Fayette County and then the same people whine about taxes - which are about the lowest on the east coast. You think we may have to pay a little more to maintain our quality of life? Duh!

If some of these local pols want to actually do something instead of just posturing for their next election, float a SPLOST idea that funds visible law enforcement. 1% sales tax for 5 years funds a lot of cops, cameras and tech support. Could use some drones and even another helicopter. The simplest idea is cover the 5 or 6 exit/entry points to the county with cameras that are live 24/7 so that you get photos of perps, car and plate after someone robs somebody. You can also look for known offenders and their car and plates coming in and meet them before they do the crime. At the very least have a couple of cops or deputies at the exit points on GA 85, 54 and 74 with barriers and speed sticks (and dogs and AR-15's) that can be deployed within minutes of an incident. Even the dumbest thug that sees this on his way in can figure out how his evening ends.

You will also find that ultra low crime rates will help economic development and it will sure help existing businesses if people feel safe moving about town - especially at night. Chamber should support this big time. And yes, the 1% is charged on food and drinks, so visitors (including the thugs) that stop at the convenience store for a Big Gulp are funding this public safety initiative.

Privacy, you say? You have none with Obama looking at your tax and medical records and e-mails, so who cares - let's bring some of that to the thugs. Habitual criminals are low life thugs and in my book, have fewer rights than productive citizens. They are slow learners, but they will learn eventually. I would be more than willing to pay an extra 1% for that.

Live free or die!

Robert W. Morgan's picture

Just do the same thing in Peachtree City on a smaller scale. Very easy to be visible at the exit and entry points - only 4 or 5, I think.

Mayor Deinhart and his new Public Safety Director can get busy on this in January. Wonder how much a PTC 1% SPLOST would bring in each year? Probably have to charge it on food, drink and groceries, maybe even prescription drugs. Still, money well spent if it is earmarked solely for visible law enforcement.

Live free or die!

you feel this is not a topic that the C of C should have a dialogue about?

Throw money everywhere just seems to be your mantra about the way to run the world. I guess you and your 1% will just have to suck it up and dish it out then. The other 99% will just have to pack up and move and leave you all here to run your utopia with your paid for lifestyle. Funny, for some reason I thought that this may be an issue bigger than taxes. Oh well, you just have it so on the nose, who are the rest of us to question.

Robert W. Morgan's picture

Yes, when I said "Chamber should support this big time" I meant that the Chamber should support it. They never actually do much of anything except cut ribbons for new businesses opening, so this would give them a worthwhile project. And I guess to be real clear, yes they should have a dialogue or a discussion about - probably a prerequisite to supporting something.

No, throwing money everywhere is Obama's way of running the world. I'm more of a pay as you go with money you actually have kind of guy. And I believe we do have to be prepared to pay for quality of life issues such as public safety which is certainly a legitimate function of government. Anybody that buys into a planned community with amenities like PTC would be foolish to think that someone else is going to pay the bills for upkeep. Same with having superior law enforcement - might cost a little extra. Well, so what. It is either that or be substandard. You think somebody else is going to solve our problems by giving us a federal grant? Besides, these are currently small law enforcement problems now, easier to solve now instead of waiting 5 years when we have a larger problem.

Live free or die!

[quote=Robert W. Morgan]Privacy, you say? You have none with Obama looking at your tax and medical records and e-mails, so who cares - let's bring some of that to the thugs.[/quote]

Yes. Lets make sure that everyone enjoys the violations of our rights equally. That'll show 'em. Our rights are not given by government, but that is how they are taken away.

I would prefer to fight crime perpetrated against me by criminals than by my government. If I shoot a non-government criminal I can claim self defense, but if I shoot a government criminal I will be tried for murder.

kabuki's picture

As long as we live next to riverdale and south fulton county crime will always be here. The only problem is they are getting bolder. Holidays are coming up and all I can say is just be on guard. Our county is a great county and it takes us to be vigilant on crime. Criminals don't take a day off, so we have to think the same.

S. Lindsey's picture

yeah I know it a Chinese Resturant not a massage parlor but....still a Happy Ending all the same...

"Whoever claims the right to redistribute the wealth produced by others is claiming the right to treat human beings as chattel."

-Ayn Rand


PaperbakWriter's picture

The NAACP what they plan to do about this crime problem that (mysteriously) always involves perps from their community. Let's ask them what THEY plan to do to bring family values back to THEIR community.

Because if it stays this way, you'll see white-flight in PTC and Fayette County; it WILL become the next Clayton County; and anyone left with anything but black skin will get screwed one way or the other.

Dillik's picture

"Their community"... So I guess this is how racists are sanitizing their hatred in polite conversation with other racists nowadays? It lacks the punch of "White power," but I guess it has a certain fanciness.

So... are the black people already living in Fayette County just waiting for the right moment to turn to crime and attack all white people, you figure? Because I've seen a few here and there, and they do a really good job of looking and sounding like ordinary, decent human beings. Better than you, actually.

I mean, you could always just frame it as an invasion of Fayette by Clayton and NOT expressly mention the NAACP and black skin; that'd give you a little more plausible deniability vis-a-vis the racist angle but still allow other racists to understand you. You'll still have the fear of otherness as a common language.

Do you know the definition?

How long have you lived in this area? South side of Atlanta in particular...Do you remember when folks enjoyed going to Greenbriar and South Dekalb Malls? Not to mention Southlake. Now their claim to fame is riots over shoes.

that they had to close because of Black Crime, not white crime dallic. :)

Dillik's picture

You seem eager to label it "black crime," as if this proves some fundamental assertion (i.e. "Aren't those black people just dreadful?"). I mean, they may be born into really poor areas with unequal financial, educational, and social resources owing to centuries of discrimination, but the fact that their poor areas also have a high crime rate is surely a product of their non-whiteness rather than anything to do with the human experience as a whole. Good one.

Otherwise known as crime.

Dillik's picture

Ha, well, out of context, somebody might read that the wrong way, but yes, crime is crime. Attaching ethnic descriptors serves one function only.

brooksdad's picture

You are exactly right, and anyone who looks at those photos and does not have enough sense to be cautious of those that resemble the 3 ybm's, well, you're likely to become a victim at some point. If it were 3 ywm's or another group, I would and will take note and excercise the same caution. Typically the punks give themselves away by their appearance, regardless of skin color.

I am white, they are (1 was) black. That is an observation, which is much of what has gone on this blog. That does not make anyone a racist. It is unfortunate the employee was unable to get off more rounds and all 3 punks aren't in final cool down. Empty the clip

Dillik's picture

With regards to citing the NAACP and fearing what will happen to white people when the spooky black men come to town, yes, I venture to say that is strictly racist. Many of you have associated criminal acts with a group of people en masse because of a feature shared by criminals you're up in arms about. There are crimes in Fayette County committed by people of all races; I'm sure you're able to skim the police reports just as I can. The crimes come in many different varieties (some harmful to others and some not so much). Yes, the ones with guns are especially attention-grabbing, but it is nothing BUT racism to aggregate these (particular) crimes and say, "Look at what black people do!"

What, do you actually think most racists still walk around with Klan hoods on? No, they whisper in hushed voices in their neighborhoods and offices (and not so hushed voices in comment sections) about the dangers posed by people superficially different from themselves. You aggregate and systematically dehumanize. And you pull out select news bytes and wave them to your fellow racists to say, "SEE WHAT THEY'VE DONE NOW?!"

It is actually possible to digest these unsettling crimes and ponder crime and poverty, crime in urban counties, crime and the economy, crime and education, or even crime and shared social values, without resorting to the tired racist "those people" routine. That would be what the non-racists do.

I am born and raised here...been here 50 years..I said nothing about race..I just asked a few simple questions which obviously you don't want to answer.

Good day.

Dillik's picture

I've lived here long enough to have shopped at Shannon Mall. My dream is to live here long enough to end up with neighbors who don't whisper about all the scary black people in town. Fingers crossed!

After ten years of living in Fayette County as an African American, I can honestly say that the majority of citizens in Fayetteville and PTC are not represented by the obviously racist comments made by some participants in this discussion. My church members , friends, and associates in community organizations (who happen to be 'white') do not fit the category that the words of some contributors represent. I feel that as long as people flee, accept Section 8 renters, do not demand adequate law enforcement, - communities will die due to crime. It is interesting that some of these 'contributors ' never mention the 20% of minority citizens who live in the county with kindred tastes, similar educational, economic background, and pride of ownership in their homes. Thank you for sharing - you're a breath of fresh air.

Dillik's picture

Good points, DM, and I'm glad to hear the activity here doesn't fully represent life in Fayette County.

Who would have guessed ?

Do we care?

require all students to read this entire discussion and any more that appear. god only knows what type children they are raising in their homes, or have already raised into adulthood in their pattern. I cannot imagine being part of a family who carry such deep rooted hate. what's terribly sad it isn't just about race, it's about any subject they decide to join in on. mostly all men, and if you want to see the pure evil read just the comments down after Nukes. seriously makes you want to call someone in to make these guys lives miserable so they will move.

Aren't they just down on their luck people like you and me? I would think it would be very unchristian like to make assumptions. Isn't it wrong to make the assumption that since they are Section 8 they add to the crime rate??

You were here 50 years ago? Thank heavens progress has been made. 50 years ago, blacks were warned not to get caught in FC after dark - and students at Morehouse were specifically told NOT TO DRIVE in Fayette County. Why? You are what is referred to as 'old school'. Thank heavens 'your kind' is in the minority. But thanks for sharing. It makes us all grateful for the majority of citizens of FC

[quote]I saw nothing[/quote]

Obviously - no surprise.


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