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County looks at road link with Kedron neighborhood

Fayette County officials will explore the possibility of paving a dirt road that could link up with Astoria Lane in north Peachtree City, if city officials signed off on the project.

The Fayette County Commission last week discussed a petition from residents on Sims Road, located in the unincorporated county, to have the road paved. It was noted that the road could be extended a very short distance so it would link up with Astoria Lane in the Kedron Village area, where a road stub already exists between two homes.

Commissioner Lee Hearn said the county should first check with residents of Sims Road to see if they were OK with the road extension. Commission Chairman Jack Smith then interjected that the county should ask Peachtree City officials anyway since it was the commission’s job to represent the best interests of all Fayette residents.

“I think it’s incumbent on us to consider it,” Smith said.

Commissioner Eric Maxwell said he was skeptical about the cost of paving Sims Road, tabbed at $400,000 and up.

“Forty thousand dollars a household to spend to service houses for people that chose to live on a dirt road? That seems like an awfully expensive thing,” Maxwell said.

The matter was settled as county staff will conduct an analysis of the other handful of dirt roads which have met the threshold in county policy that 80 percent or more of residents on the road sign a petition saying they want it paved.


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