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Grady Ave. project threatens quality of neighborhood

We live in the historic Victorian on the roundabout at Grady Avenue and Beauregard Boulevard and strongly oppose the proposed “Stella Place” on Grady and its apartments.

We have visited our neighbors on and around Grady, including those in Beauregard Trace and Sparrows Cove, to discuss “Stella Place.” The overwhelming majority strongly oppose the development and, in particular, any apartments on Grady. (No one favored the development.) They were eager to sign a petition against the development.

I dare say, given the opportunity, most may well have been willing to cosign Kathy Brewer’s letter to the editor in this week’s Citizen. (Kathy, job well done expressing the sentiments of our neighborhood!)

The proposed development threatens the quality of our neighborhood. Since moving into our home 20 years ago, we have been delighted with the way the neighborhood has evolved into a beautiful, safe upscale in-town community – one actively sought out by many as a place to raise their families. This was not an accident but the result of determined efforts by citizens and elected officials.

We are particularly troubled by the city’s apparent lack of due diligence. Why has it been left up to the citizens to raise issues, requiring further studies and tabling of proceedings?

Has the city evaluated the cannibalization of the quality of life following apartment invasions affecting other Atlanta suburbs, such as, Conyers and Stockbridge? Has the city collected apartment crime statistics? What about data on the impact on adjoining property values?

Has the city considered the ramifications of stormwater runoff from a new development with largely impervious surfaces into an existing retention pond?

Is it too much to expect of the city to learn from what has occurred elsewhere before jumping at the lure of additional tax revenue?

We are imploring our elected officials to protect our city and county from high-density developments, which tout being “upscale” but, in reality, would change our wonderful community into another Riverdale. Please say no to this Trojan horse that could set an irreversible adverse precedent.

Bob & Joyce Lester
Fayetteville, Ga.



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Live free or die!

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Live free or die!

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