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Grady Ave. project threatens quality of neighborhood

We live in the historic Victorian on the roundabout at Grady Avenue and Beauregard Boulevard and strongly oppose the proposed “Stella Place” on Grady and its apartments.

We have visited our neighbors on and around Grady, including those in Beauregard Trace and Sparrows Cove, to discuss “Stella Place.” The overwhelming majority strongly oppose the development and, in particular, any apartments on Grady. (No one favored the development.) They were eager to sign a petition against the development.

I dare say, given the opportunity, most may well have been willing to cosign Kathy Brewer’s letter to the editor in this week’s Citizen. (Kathy, job well done expressing the sentiments of our neighborhood!)

The proposed development threatens the quality of our neighborhood. Since moving into our home 20 years ago, we have been delighted with the way the neighborhood has evolved into a beautiful, safe upscale in-town community – one actively sought out by many as a place to raise their families. This was not an accident but the result of determined efforts by citizens and elected officials.

We are particularly troubled by the city’s apparent lack of due diligence. Why has it been left up to the citizens to raise issues, requiring further studies and tabling of proceedings?

Has the city evaluated the cannibalization of the quality of life following apartment invasions affecting other Atlanta suburbs, such as, Conyers and Stockbridge? Has the city collected apartment crime statistics? What about data on the impact on adjoining property values?

Has the city considered the ramifications of stormwater runoff from a new development with largely impervious surfaces into an existing retention pond?

Is it too much to expect of the city to learn from what has occurred elsewhere before jumping at the lure of additional tax revenue?

We are imploring our elected officials to protect our city and county from high-density developments, which tout being “upscale” but, in reality, would change our wonderful community into another Riverdale. Please say no to this Trojan horse that could set an irreversible adverse precedent.

Bob & Joyce Lester
Fayetteville, Ga.



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Just as the homeowners along the West Bypass route have been greatly impacted, the homeowners in the Grady Ave. neighborhoods will have their daily lives and property values destroyed.

This high-density apartment development will not attract people who are interested in making Fayette County a permanent home. They will not invest their money in the future of Fayette County by purchasing land and building homes. They will be here today and gone tomorrow. The citizens of Fayette County will be the ones left to deal with what is left of our once stable community.

I hope all Fayette County homeowners will realize that whether they live within the city limits or not, their lives will be impacted by this high-density development.

PLEASE attend tomorrow night's city council meeting at 7:00 P.M. and support our Fayetteville neighbors by speaking in opposition to this development!

We too are not happy with the proposal of high density infill marked for the Grady Ave. corridor. We live in The Villages but had seriously considered Sparrows Cove until we realized what a nightmare traffic was on Grady. Alas,the roundabout and now that problem has been solved for the most part. Probably our loss because living in The Villages has proven not to be what we were promised by the builder, the realtor, and frankly the city because it was sold on a vision that has NEVER moved forward and now the city basically ignores us. We are all for growth and prosperity for the city and county. Unfortunately, the elected and good old boys are now giving their all to Pinewood, and the rest of us be damned. A few years ago developers tried to 'move in' on our neighborhood and the city council and zoning board whole heartedly tried to push it down our throats. The council and it's cronies were unable to attract the proposed retail, restaurant, grocery to the city. The developers said Fayetteville would not support/frequent the establishments. Yes the economy tanked but instead of focusing on a more progressive approach to city amenities (restaurants, shops etc.) the city council/zoning was willing to trade that for a nursing home (ok assisted living). It is my opinion that this city can build all the housing they want, regular or high density. But if the city remains in it's current state all of 'those' that they say will be working at the studio will most likely live elsewhere. Someplace that offers night life, quality restaurants not fast food and sidewalks? that roll up at 9PM. And finally, there is the issue of crime that really seriously needs to be addressed. As we speak, Riverdale is knocking on our doorsteps and I personally do not like it. If I wanted that type of community? I would live there. The empty store fronts and strip malls make this town look like Jonesboro Rd in Lake City. Ghetto. It is AMAZING to me that Senoia can recreate itself into the masterpiece that it has become and Fayetteville can't even attract and sustain a decent non chain restaurant. More people are in Senoia on a weekday than are in Fayetteville on the weekend. I do hope that the Grady Ave. residents hold firm and fight fight fight. We live nearby and your concerns are definitely ours.

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A high quality non-chain restaurant needs a lot of people living nearby or seeking them out from afar. Fayetteville has City Cafe, but most of their clientele is from Peachtree City. If you want more retail development, you will need to add more people. That's the whole point of Fayetteville annexing more land, extending its sewer and considering a huge increase in density on Grady Ave. Main Street and the Downtown Development Authority are pushing for this and they will probably get it. The current citizens who don't patronize the businesses on the square are not really considered in this debate. They want new, younger and hipper apartment renters who will hang around the Twisted Taco and buy bikes and photo portraits. Just Google Map the area and see if you can figure out what the city fathers already know.

And it is not going to turn into Riverdale or Jonesboro - at least the part south of Mr. Transmission. If you need to attach a name to Fayetteville's vision of the future, it is probably Smyrna.

Live free or die!

Fayetteville's vision for the future might be "Smyrna," but that's the fear of the neighbors on and around Grady Ave. I once lived near the Smyrna area and it was quite nice. Now, it is dangerous and most the the crime (there is lots of crime) can be traced to so many of the apartments in Smryna. Nope, not for us.

I hope the City Council has the sense to send Richardson and his project somewhere else -- oh, wait a minutes, Smyrna might be just the ticket.

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The vision that these dudes on council have is Smyrna and if the reality is Smyrna, the high density stuff will hit the fan big time. Problem with most of the dudes in power is they have not lived through a racial or criminal uprising in their high density neighborhood. I have and it sucks.

Actually there is nowhere else to send the project, it is destined for here and the only question is density. I'm guessing they will settle on 250 apartment dwellers - only 10% destined for criminal activity. Pretty good, Huh?

25 thugs, well actually more than that because the baby mommas in each apartment have more than one, two or even three, so let's say 75 or 80 thugs on the street. Can't we contain them? Police Department weigh in on this.
Jim Murray said apartments cause crime, so is that right or was he just an alarmist?

Live free or die!

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