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No paydays for any Fayette feds

With regard to the subject story published in your paper on 10/11/13, you list only two people in Fayette County who have been impacted by the ongoing government shutdown: one TSA employee and an ROTC student being denied his physical.

The fact is that ALL government employees in Fayette County (FAA included) are being affected.

Even those who are excepted/essential and working will NOT be receiving paychecks until the government reopens.

Our next payday at FAA is Tuesday, Oct. 15. I seriously doubt we will be seeing anything in our bank accounts that day unless something happens in Washington ASAP, especially since Monday is a federal holiday.

Just wanted to make sure that you fully understood the reality of this shutdown nonsense, and that it is not something to be trivialized.

Logan Feldman
FAA employee
Peachtree City, Ga.



Relaxc Fed Annuitants--you will get your retirement check first business day of Nov--Fed Annuities fall in the mandatory category and are not subject to annual appropriation by Congress. (this info from National Association of Retired & Active Federal Employees).

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I for one wish you would get paid but by a much more secure method. Let me elaborate. If the services of the FAA were funded in total by the airlines and people who use your services, general aviation, there would be an economic incentive never to have you out of service. In fact, there would be high degree of focus on the services that you provide by people and companies that are dependent on them.

So, if you want better pay, benefits and tools to do your job, let's get those that use these services to pay for them.

The FAA does a wonderful job and the skills and services provided to the flyers are second to none, but you and your colleagues are nothing more than political pawns under federal control.

Let the airlines charge for your services directly, no taxes or gimmicks. No need to pass money to the government to have it passed back to airport facilities and tracking stations. Let those individuals that own aircraft pay directly for use. Then and only then will you be paid fairly for your work.

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