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Scout takes Citizen to woodshed

My name is Matthew Hyle. As part of my Communications Merit Badge, I have to write to the editor. I was having trouble deciding what to write to you about. Mr. Munford’s article, “Airshow will fly; no shutdown hitches,” solved my dilemma.

First of all, Mr. Munford’s statement, “The partial shutdown of the federal government has had at least a limited effect on Fayette County,” is an understatement.

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of federal workers in Fayette County who have been furloughed or are working right now without being paid, my mother included.

This shutdown has had a huge effect in my house. As an “excepted” employee, Mom can’t take any leave. She has had to cancel medical and dental appointments for our family, and may not be able to chaperone my 7th grade science field trip which has been scheduled for two months.

Those air traffic controllers and other FAA employees in the article aren’t being paid right now either. Mom actually feels like one of the lucky ones because someday, she will get paid — unlike the 19 staff members she had to furlough who have no such promise.

Secondly, the air show has never used federal workers to control the airplanes in the show. The Air Boss, Wayne Boggs, does, according to my father has flown in the Great Georgia Air Show for the last 12 years and is a member of the Dixie Wing. You could google Mr. Boggs at Air Boss and Consulting International.

I also found the title of the article misleading. My English teacher would not have given me a very good grade as the topics covered have little to do with the airshow. It covers a single TSA employee to the congressional disagreements, and, oh by the way, there is an airshow.

Finally, the airplane in the picture is not an SBD-3, Douglass Dauntless. It is an SNJ-5, owned by retired Capt. Jim Buckley.

Matthew Hyle
BSA Troop 181
Fayette County, Ga.



Well said, Matthew. From an Eagle Scout in troop 275, I'm glad to see our youth speaking out on such matters. Get involved and stay informed.

Should be extremely proud! Thanks for sharing your opinion .

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