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Why you should vote NO on the infrastructure SPLOST

The Fayette County SPLOST proposal is simply wrong. Vote NO. And here is why you should vote no. Fayette County is taking the wrong approach to stormwater management and especially to funding stormwater projects.

The first thing the Fayette County Stormwater Department should do is create a Master Stormwater Drainage Plan.

Because the county does not have a master drainage plan, the cart is so far in front of the horse that the horse will never catch up. The county has decided to throw a lot of money at projects hoping for good results. Without knowing potential results and impacts, this simply doesn’t make sense.

A stormwater drainage plan must be in place before any stormwater repair projects can properly be designed and funded. To ask the people of Fayette County to pay some $18 million under the rubric of “infrastructure” is facile and misleading.

Without a stormwater drainage plan, repairs and costs are based on a “SWAG,” or “stupid wild a— guess.” And that’s all the so-called “Infrastructure SPLOST Plan” is: a SWAG. (“A” stands for “assumption.” In case you were wondering.)

Why should we care? First, stormwater management has a direct impact on the quality of our drinking water and on the cost of cleaning that water before it is pumped into our homes.

Second, an efficient stormwater management utility can have an important impact on development. A developer, looking for a site to build a new factory, recreational area, college, or residential community is likely to select a county in which stormwater management and the cost of stormwater management are clear and above-board, and based on reason and logic, rather than SWAGs.

Only when a plan is in place is it appropriate to calculate cost and to determine how the projects will be funded. This is important: funding and taxing without a drainage plan and without a prioritized list of projects with valid costs based on the drainage plan is simply handing politicians a bucket full of money.

Fayette County is still in the process of developing a stormwater drainage plan. However, their sense of urgency to do something has led them to propose an $18 million dollar tax in hopes that by doing something, no matter how ill-considered it is, they’ll get the right results. That’s nuts.

Dennis Chase
Fayetteville, Ga.
Paul Lentz, Jr.
Peachtree City, Ga.

[Dennis Chase, now retired, was a fish and wildlife biologist with the U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service for more than 26 years. Since retiring, he has worked as a consultant for Fayette County on environmental concerns, as a volunteer with the Line Creek Association of Fayette County, and has published numerous newspaper columns.

Paul Lentz, Jr. is a member of the Peachtree City Friends of the Library and has written numerous letters to the editor.]



Don Haddix's picture

The original proposed number for PTC was about $12.8 million.

Then I reported to Council if we said no we would get $13,300,346.00.

Then Councilmembers Imker and Dienhart claimed they negotiated an increase to about $14.6 million.

But, when we got the IGA for the last Council Meeting, it was $13.3 million, so we continued it to get more information.

Now, we have the final numbers. The base is the $13,300,346.00. The Commission has changed their projections, so they are distributing the excess to the Cities. PTC gets $1,254,521.00 more, totaling $14,554,867.00.

The City Manager memo on this will be on the website, tomorrow. It gives the breakdowns for each city.

If you want a personal copy, I made one available <a href="">HERE</a>, as well,not being sure it if will be an separate document or a new packet on the City website.

<cite><strong>Don Haddix
Peachtree City Mayor</strong></cite>

Old news.

Everyone on PTC city council knew last weekend (actually on Friday) that the number was up to $14.5 million. Appears when Dr. Pennington got the email from Mr. Rapson you found out.

Tough to be relevent when you are left out of the loop by other elected officials in FC.

Robert W. Morgan's picture

Yes indeed that's how I see it. Haddix distracted by pumpkin's pumping so he didn't see the memo from the bros in the know. Whatever the reason, 3 weeks and done for the little fish man. Great day for PTC. Met with Terry and Mike tonite and they are the solution. Good guys. Grownups at last. Hope Kimmy buys into the adult behavior in January.

Live free or die!

it was good to see you again. I agree wholeheartedly that Mike King and Terry Ernst are the right men for the job. Those two with Kim (who get's high marks in my book for intelligence and heart) and Eric with intelligence and a cold heart will make a great team. Throw in a new Mayor and maybe we can get back to the business of the city instead of all the side shows.

So the question remains, who shall be the new Mayor? Personally I support Fleisch, but can't get my hands around how it will shake out. It will be a run-off between two of the three, Logsdon, Fleisch, and Dienhart. Unless someone forges ahead with something dramatic or one self-implodes (more likely) I see it being very tight between these three.


Staff has informed the public that a stormwater drainage plan (currently
titled a Watershed Master Plan) is ongoing.

There is no plan, but they want our money to fix things.

Great Plan

The county is trying to build the second floor without a foundation.

I don't understand how they can propose a fix and provide a cost without completing and understanding the overall master plan.

Spending money from the Barlow school of financing is a waste.

Steve Brown's picture

The master plan is covered in the questions.

The link is below. I encourage everyone to review the questions and answers.

I can certainly read (below, taken from the county response dated Oct 14, 2013)that the master plan "it is ongoing and will include"

For those who cannot comprehend, this means it is not complete.

Item # 14
"Staff has informed the public that a stormwater drainage plan (currently
titled a Watershed Master Plan) is ongoing, it will include the following elements in some
form (the first 9 are the USEPAs watershed planning criteria):"

If the master plan is not complete, then how can all the questions really be answered?

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