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MacDuff extension makes transportation sales tax list

If a region-wide transportation sales tax passes next year, some Peachtree City commuters may rejoice.

The list of projects for sales tax funding was adopted Thursday, and a last-minute bid to add the extension of MacDuff Parkway was unanimously approved.

For drivers frustrated with the often-clogged artery known as Ga. Highway 54 West, the MacDuff extension could be the answer to some relief. Once completed, the MacDuff Parkway will link Ga. Highway 74 near Kedron Drive north to MacDuff Parkway’s signaled intersection on Hwy. 54 West.

But before you get visions of smooth-flowing traffic in your heads, here’s a dose of reality about the project. First, it won’t happen if the sales tax is voted down region-wide. And second, even if the tax is approved, it could take a number of years before the project is underway.

The project has been approved for some $6.4 million in funding, and it may take another $810,000 to complete. If so, those funds would come from the city’s projected $10 million share of sales tax funds that will be allowed to spend on any local transportation project.

The MacDuff extension was originally supposed to be constructed by two developers who had large chunks of land annexed into the city in 2007. But when the housing bubble burst, so did the developers’ plans for some 1,125 homes on 779 acres.

The annexation itself is in danger, as the city awaits the result of a citizen’s lawsuit that has been appealed to the Georgia Supreme Court.

Although the MacDuff extension is seen as one with significant impact for Peachtree City commuters, another sales-tax funded project looms larger. Located a short distance across the county line in Fairburn, the congestion at the intersection of Hwy. 74 and Interstate 85 has long been a choke point for morning and afternoon commutes.

The sales tax project list includes $11.25 million in funding on top of an anticipated like amount in federal funding to pay for the improvements. Already, a preliminary study of traffic in the area has been completed and the state is working with Fairburn officials and Fayette County Commissioner Steve Brown on the proposed design
The sales tax vote is currently slated for July 2012, but the possibility remains that it could be delayed until the presidential election in November. Doing so would require action by the Georgia Legislature, which created the first-ever regional sales tax process last year.

Georgia Tea Party representatives have strongly opposed moving the vote to November, based on the theory that more Democrats will vote in that election to cast ballots for President Barack Obama, thus increasing the chances of the vote passing region-wide.

The sales tax legislation was structured for the vote to be tallied in aggregate across the 10-county region. That means Fayette County has precious little clout at the ballot box because it is one of the least populous counties in the metro region.

So the possibility remains that Fayette County itself could vote down the tax, but if it is approved region-wide the tax will be assessed here and in the other nine counties.



If we vote for this does that guarantee the extension and I-85 improvements?

Pardon my sarcasm, but, no, there is no guarantee of anything on these lists. Anything on the list can be changed or deleted if this vote should ever be a majority yes, which should not happen in our lifetime. There is nothing anywhere that prevents politicians from changing any project or deleting it all together or adding a new project to replace it. These lists are meaningless. That is one of the myths of this whole referendum that the public doesn't understand. Another myth is that this tax will last 10 years. No, it won't. It will last till after you and I are in our graves. Look what they did with the toll booths on GA 400.

This is not the end-all, be-all answer to MacDuff and the I-85 entrance. Vote NO on this and if the majority do vote no (as it looks will be the case), you will see more local solutions come up that will take care of our needs at much, much less cost to all of us. There is a TON of special interest money being poured into the marketing of this and you will be hit with it thru every form of media for the next 9 months. Don't allow yourself to get sucked in.

I was pretty sure that was the answer but wanted to be clear. Common knowledge or not it seemed like a pretty important piece of information.

I am young and new to this SPLOST stuff but it appears to me that there are usually two lists. The marketing list pitched to the voters before the election and then the real list that is presented after.

I live in Kendron and work in Newnan. The MacDuff Pkwy would be great but I agree with you this is not the way.

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No, the only guarantee on this whole thing is that the amounts quoted will be proven woefully inadequate in 2020 or whenever they actually start working on them and some of the projects will be eliminated. Now, which projects will get the ax? Some MARTA-related stuff in DeKalb County after DeKalb voted 80% to approve the transportation tax OR a road to nowhere in PTC after PTC and all of Fayette County voted mostly against the transportation tax? I-85 improvements will survive because of Fairburn and Fulton County, but will cost twice as much and be outdated by the time they are finished.

Of course the DOT and ARC have lingering bad feelings about PTC because of the antics of our 2 worst mayors, but maybe by 2020 those memories will fade.

Live free or die!

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Does anyone know if the current plan for the McDuff extension includes a bridge over the r.r. tracks or is the plan for an at-grade crossing? Where exactly is it supposed to join 74? Over the years the plan has morphed many times, from connecting to 74 at N. Kedron drive with a bridge over the tracks, to connecting at the old Comcast site with an at-grade crossing. Last week an article in the Citizen said that the road would also link to Senoia Rd. Which government agency is doing the planning for this?

I'm sure that RWM is correct that it will be years before this becomes a reality, even if the sales tax is approved, but as a resident of the Kedron area I would like to know what the details of the plan are.

call Dave Borkowski, PTC City Engineer 770-631-2538

So when the dust settles, the developers get a $7.2 million windfall? Completed just in time for the housing turn around and they won't have to sell home "envisioning" when the bridge will be built to access the backside of their development. Nice.

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that kind of sums it up. No one cares if developers get rich, it is just that they don't want to make contributions to the cause. The present homeowners loose in the mix.

What people keep missing in the story of the West Bypass and the Schools in the middle of no where is how much money each taxpayer is unwillingly giving/forced to give towards making these developers rich.

Think about this, if I went door to door in Fayette county and asked for personal donations for my new business venture to make me rich, it wouldn't be long till someone called the cops on me.

But, if I get my buddies (3 of them) on the county commission to pass laws to MAKE you give me that money, I just hit a home run!

In my eyes, it is no different. Each homeowner in the form of outlandish taxes are paying for road projects to open up developer owned land. Because of the former 3 BOE members, Smith, Wright, and Smola, we built schools we didn't need. This is costing each homeowner, depending on the price of their house, about a thousand dollars a year extra.

These developers have not donated one penny for the schools. And as much land as they own, donated one inch of it for the schools to be built on.

They put a high value on their cowpastures. That is why Tillman road was destroyed. The logical thing on the WF bypass would have been to jump over into one of the cowpastures and build the road. It would certainly have been cheaper, but the developers wouldn't donate one inch of their land that will be lots. All that cost to help make the developers rich, has rested squarely on the backs of the taxpayers.

In my eyes, their flunkies are Hearn, Horgan, and Frady.

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The proposed $22.5 million for the interchange at SR 74 and I-85 is only half of the funding necessary for the project. In fact, a lot of the TIA projects are only partially funded. It appears as though the wool is going to be pulled over the public's eyes. I would never promise anyone that $22.5 million would even come close to resolving the problems with the traffic impediments.

The worst part is GDOT is currently allowing developers to carve out more large median cuts which will only add to the congestion problems. So as someone who has put a lot of work on this project since 2002, I am saddened that the situation will not get resolved.

As for the MacDuff Extension, the developers were supposed to pay for that in deal made during the Logsdon administration. It looks as though they will get a freebie (think West Fayetteville Bypass). I think we should reduce the allotted density on the land since the developers said it was required to do the MacDuff Extension.

Unfortunately, the average person, lacking the research, cannot see how the TIA referendum will pull us into a regional system of long-term regional taxation. I have spoken to several county commissioners in other metro counties who studied the situation and feel the exact same way.

Fayette County cannot win in a regional governance situation, too small. I am not optimistic about our future if the TIA passes.

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...It was your crony Don Haddix and his ilk that kept placing requirement upon requirement on Wieland and others that thwarted this effort just prior to the economic downturn. Reducing the density now accomplishes absolutely nothing.

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It makes the anti-development crowd feel real good about themselves. Reducing density means less profit for developers and in their little pea-sized brains- that is a good thing. It is similar to Obama's understanding that lower taxes stimulate the economy, but instead he will insist upon a tax increase on those making $200,000 and above because it redistributes wealth and it is "fair". Populist crap that accomplishes nothing except to inflame the wealth-envy crowd and to delay economic recovery.

There really should be an economic IQ test before some of these people are allowed to run for public office. An IQ test for voters would a good thing as well.

Live free or die!

I am not sure what Won / Loss has to do with whether the county contributes more in tax than it receives back. If most of the pop. leaves the county to work; don't they benefit from improvements in Fulton. If you take a Fulton car off the road & put that person in MARTA, doesn't that help the Fayette resident commute? My favorite boogy-man is that MARTA has its eyes down here. If other industrialized countries can make mass transit work..why not here? When they ran the CTA from Chicago to O'Hare, you could hear the terror in the suburbanites. And now? The biggest hoax (by Teabaggers & others) is that rail needs to not only pay for itself to run but also must be revenue positive to build. Would the Lincoln (R) Trans-Continental Railroad much less the Eisenhower (R) Interstate been built? Show me any road that is revenue positive. Gotta love the experience of the Hot Lane / PeachPass. If car commuters had to pay the actual cost of their trip; they would flock to mass transit.

called Marta. The people in charge in Atlanta couldn't find their way out of a paper bag must less make something work effectively. As it is right now, it would just be throwing good money after bad---with the same results as Marta has produced.

The 2nd sentence states:

"The list of projects for sales tax funding was adopted Thursday"

Has this complete list been posted? Where?



up, according to the AJC. Who will benefit MOST out of this tax? You think the commuters will? Heck no. "Educating voters"? Is that the catchphrase? The marketing to shove this down our throats hasn't even begun yet folks.

Think about this. Six million to sell this. Read The Citizen article above. It would take an estimated 6.4 million to build the MacDuff ext. alone (plus another $810,000). For what will be WASTED on marketing, WE COULD BUILD THE MACDUFF EXTENSION ALONE!! This is absurd.

The slick willie salesmen will be out in force this winter. Vote NO WAY next summer.

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You can rest assured of my no vote, hubby's, neighbors and friends. I'd like to know who puts up the $6 million to hawk this sales tax to the uneducated voters. Guess that's the only way the promoters think it is going to pass - give the uneducated voters some new info.

You know how every once in a while some mayor of a large city - New York, Chicago, even Atlanta gets all hissy about all the suburban commuters using up their services - road repair, EMT, snowplowing, etc. and proposes a commuter tax or an income tax if they work in the city? This transportation tax is starting to sound just like that. Isn't it? Who is behind this and why?

mtg. that ARC held over in Fayetteville a few weeks ago. I watched two 6 foot tall long blond haired beauties in miniskirt suits work the crowd handing out promo. materials. "Volunteers". (Probably 98% of the crowd were male, of course.) One of the few to be allowed to speak admitted he is president of the Ga. Concrete lobby something or other..I do believe he lives in Fayette County. Think he stands to gain from this?

I understand the ones who are fronting the 6 million and more already spent don't want this information to be made public as to who they are. Time will tell....

Everyone should re-read this link below. He is spot on.

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My name is Gene Drake and I am one of those who spoke at the public forum. I am the Executive Director of the Georgia Concrete Paving Association, not the President and not a lobbyist. My job is to promote the use of concrete pavements generally through educating the DOT and municipalities to its benefits over other pavement options. I am a Fayette County resident who cares deeply about the future of our county and I don't believe my position with the GCPA prevents me from having an opinion on the operation of government. In fairness, our member companies would benefit from some of this work but I would feel equally strongly that Georgia must invest in its transportation infrastructure even if I didn't hold this position. Good people can and will disagree if this is the right mix of projects and the right veehicle for implementation. Also to be fair, I think there were three people who spoke at the forum in favor, three opposed and one guy who wants more roundabouts so it would not be accurate to insinuate that the fix was in on positions presented.

The education and advertising campaign is being spearheaded by the Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce and is funded entirely by personal and corporate donations. As the name of the group, First Fridays, suggests, they meet on the first Friday of every month (schedules permitting) to develop the campaign. It is not a secret meeting and I have been several times to see if and how our association should be involved.

I personally think our RTR members have done a good job getting projects that are favorable to Fayette County and essentially keep us from being a donor county. Steele and Frady didn't come up with this convoluted regional tax idea, it was thrust upon them by the legislature and they did a good job of getting some much needed projects for a small county that doesn't have much leverage (i.e. voters). The legislature really should have raised the gas tax because it can only go to roads and bridges, not transit, but they are so afraid of the Tea Party that they wouldn't dare consider a tax increase. In a sense, the Tea Party is a victim of their own success because they may get saddled with a tax that goes 50% toward transit when we could have just raised the gas tax to build and maintain roads which is a legitimate function of government. Believe me, I don't want to see my taxes raised either but some things are worth paying for and I thing transportation infrastructure is one of those things.

As part of my position, I am very involved in transportation planning from GDOT to the legislature and would be happy to discuss anything I know. I want us to make a good decision and I'm interested to hear all sides of the argument.

Gene Drake

Nice. To the point. Professional. Just as advertised.

So, Slick Gene, now that you have joined our little chat room here, a few questions.

Funded by personal and corporate donations. So, tell us local yokels where we can look up the list? Who funds and how much? And then we will see if we want to know the why.

First Fridays. Catchy name. Who is the "they" in the "First Friday"? Where are the names? Shouldn't it be "we" meet on the first Friday of every month? Why not include your Assoc. in the list of participants? Where have these meetings been made public and where are they advertised to us local yokels?

Thanks for chiming in, Slick Gene. Welcome.

BTW, I just went and read your prior posts from last year. You admitted then you are a lobbyist. So, which is it Slick Gene? You contributed to the Tea Party that you disagree with, also? Man, you are truly a principled individual, aren't you? (No need to answer that one, but would appreciate answers on the others.)

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Even though your only form of argument appears to be misinformation and personal attacks, I'm going to help you out by recommending you do what I did. When I heard about the First Fridays Transportation Forum, I contacted the Metro Chamber and invited myself to their next meeting. Their number is 404-880-9000. Participants include other chambers of commerce, universities, engineering firms, realtors, law firms, Community Improvement Districts, etc.

I remember posting earlier that I was NOT a lobbyist but that we have one. If my memory is incorrect, please direct me to that posting.

As for the Tea Party, I did contribute and I whole-heartedly support the idea of limited government and personal responsibility. My comment was not intended as a slap at the Tea Party but just pointing out the irony that their staunch position may actually lead to something they prefer less. I do disagree with some of their positions and some of the candidates that they support but not being a mindless sheep does not make me unprincipled.

Gene Drake

Mr. Drake says he is not a lobbyist. "My job is to promote the use of concrete pavement generally thru educating the DOT and municipalities to its benefits over other pavement options." Isn't this exactly what lobbyists do? I would venture to say that any lobbyist would say their job is to promote the use of their 'product' over others thru educating the powers that be to it's benefit over competing companies. Sorta sounds like a walking, quacking duck to me.

PTC Observer's picture

"My job is to promote the use of concrete pavements generally through educating the DOT and municipalities to its benefits over other pavement options."

I believe this is the definition of a lobbyist, is it not?

How much money has your organization "donated" to politicans that "support" you educational efforts Mr. Drake? You know we can look it up so just pony up the number please.

efdrakejr's picture

It could also be the definition of salesman, promoter, marketer and maybe even local hardware store clerk who is trying to promote their product over another. Lobbyist, however, is specifically defined in GA law and I am not a lobbyist. Having said that, Who Cares?!? We're caught up in semantics instead of debating the very important pros and cons of the Transportation Investment Act.

Some of the pros include:
1) The McKinsey Group did a study for the state that showed if they invested in specific transportation infrastructure, the return in new jobs, economic development,etc would be tenfold the investment. What if they are wrong and it's only five fold? I think that's still pretty good. The preliminary report is here
2) Fayette County did very well with projects within the county valued almost exactly equal to the taxes we will pay and other projects, like 74/85 interchange and other interchanges around 285, providing a significant benefit to our citizens.

Some of the cons include:
1) A lot of transit which doesn't really bother me in the first 10 years since we are getting all of our money back but will clearly require continued investment once it's built.

Let's get off the name calling and baseless accusations and try to have a real discussion about the future of our county and state.

Gene Drake

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According to Mr. Drake, the buck stops with the State Legislature.

Actually, it was Sonny Perdue. Nathan Deal is following through where Sonny left off.

Mr. Drake and all the others in between are just the "YES" men.

DUH (said Homer) the Repug House, the Repug Senate & the last 2 Repug Govs.

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For some reason, Purdue and now Deal and the Repub leadership along with approval of the few Dems left all decided that not handling transportation at the state level and instead forcing it into "regions" would make sense. What they did was put-off yet again trying to tackle a major problem that requires some political spine and instead kick the can down the road. The "let all the municipalities vote on it" sounds nice until you get to the part of having to pay even though your locality voted no if the majority voted yes.

Commuter tax, I think that is exactly what this is. The powers that be feel that commuters and their communities should pay their fair share of building/maintaining transportation systems. Personally, I do not have a problem with that concept. That's why I already pay taxes to the state. I/we should not have to pay an extra sales tax for this. It should come out of the income and sales taxes that we already pay. I am so tired of the BS extra fees and taxes. There isn't money for roads but last year PTC had 15k or 30k? to spend on a study to consider improvement at Crosstown and the Pkwy. The Feds has 300k to research the social effects of Farmville. Etc, ect, bottom line I am not voting to give anymore money until the money I am already given starts being used more responsibly.

And what the hell is the deal with this hot lane? Didn't our taxes already pay for that lane?

were going to spend six million to 'educate" us. Just think what could be done with that six million ---all the places it would actually accomplish something. How do these guys get away with this? More and more it becomes apparent that they are trying to jam down our throats something we do not want---I wonder how many will be taken in by their slick advertisment--six million dollars worth of slick advertisement. Disgusting.

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One of the reasons I was booted from the RTR and Censured was for calling them out on things like this. In the first RTR meeting, just to get started, they already had the advertising campaign under way and gave us a sample presentation.

Who are they? The ARC. Contrary to what they have tried to say the ARC Board Members were the RTR. Were since that job is done. So they formulated at ARC meetings and then approved at RTR meetings.

The fix on this was in before it even began.

Then the false statements for Fayette that the County projects list was for the whole County and congestion relief. The revealing of the 2,000 acre development and more waiting in the wings, since 2008, including the annexation into Fayetteville revealed the plans far earlier than the RTR Reps wanted. It was supposed to be a done deal first. As well the revealing that all the $129.86 million project money is centered on Fayetteville except for $8.76 million in PTC.

If I had not raised the issues so strongly we would not even have those projects since PTC began with zilch, all going to the Fayetteville area.

Not only does the ARC have some explaining to do in general but so do our local ARC Reps and in PTC the 3 on Council who have backed and defended Steele and this mess. One of which is up for election this year.

Commissioner Brown is right. Even the 74/85 interchange is not funded. We both raised concerns about design with GDOT, which were acknowledged and will add many million to getting it right. But with only about $11.2 million in funding allotted, projects all over the region under budgeted and the economy continuing to slip, PTC really gets hurt badly with more traffic from the Fayetteville expansion and no 74/85 improvements funded at this time.

<cite><strong>Don Haddix
Peachtree City Mayor</strong></cite>

Mike King's picture

...In your warped sense of reality you appear as the knight in shining armor when in truth the term 'Don Quixote' is more representative.

"If I had not raised the issues so strongly we would not even have those projects since PTC began with zilch, all going to the Fayetteville area." I see you are still claiming credit for somethjing that was added AFTER your dismissal. I suppose the three on Council who voted you off were wrong on the censure motion as well.

Two more years of this tripe.

Don Haddix's picture


<cite><strong>Don Haddix
Peachtree City Mayor</strong></cite>

Don Haddix's picture

You just keep getting your facts wrong.

During the process the County Chairman (RTR) and Mayors of Fayetteville (RTR), Tyrone and PTC had a series of meetings about the County List. You didn't know that was part of the process, obviously.

As well, below you said I had something to do with the West Village annexation agreement with Wieland and Scarbrough. Wrong again. Those agreements were negotiated and the lawsuit filed before I was on Council. Yet another accusation I was involved in something done in 2007 or earlier when not even on Council.

Yep, they were wrong. The facts just keep coming out to prove the claims were false.

Now you are trying to defend those who backed this fiasco as you have done all along.

Honestly, Mike, who was the last Mayor you actually liked? I think the answer is none.


<cite><strong>Don Haddix
Peachtree City Mayor</strong></cite>

Mike King's picture

You just can't seem to accept reality. You have been and are currently the most repressive of individuals toward development for PTC. Remember the Senoia water and sewer opportunity? Sure you do, but you simply will not accept responsibility for having you head up your fourth point of contact.

You fail to realize that while on the ARC it could have been YOU who promoted PTC, but instead you allowed your alligator mouth override your hummingbird ass thus allowing the other mayors to place their priority ahead of the largest city in the county.

Don Haddix's picture

Is you are the one not accepting or seeing it.

I was not on Council for the Senoia vote.

<cite><strong>Don Haddix
Peachtree City Mayor</strong></cite>

MajorMike's picture

Ouch! That had to hurt. The ensuing silence is deafening.

carbonunit52's picture

Alligators and hummingbirds and other mayors....oh my!

Right, wrong, or somewhere in between, I certainly enjoy the way Don mixes it up on this here blogging site, but that is just the kind of person that I am. Freedom of speech, that's the stuff.

Mike King's picture

Reality is being booted from the ARC due to what can be best described as utter stupidity.

Reality is being censured for the disrespect shown for opposing views.

Reality is your refusal to acknowledge your mistake when presented with video evidence to the contrary and then being the dissenting vote to change the council minutes.

Reality is your 'personal' involvement with Low Temps being instrumental in their not relocating.

Reality is your contempt for the hiring of a development coordinator as evidenced by remarks made to him by a family member.

Need more?

Don Haddix's picture

Booted because I didn't agree with the pro ARC and TSPLOST 3 majority on Council and Mayor Steele, whom they all back. That is not stupidity, that is doing what was right. Are you so blind you cannot see all I said has been proven true?

Censured for not agreeing with the 3 majority on Council, refusing to surrender my rights of Free Speech and representing the Citizens, not them. Every charge was false as has been confirmed with the what is being revealed now.

Reality is there was more than that video involved.

Reality is with Low Temp I got out of the way while they dealt with the State, FCDA, WASA and others. Learnard made a lot of false comments in her Letter to the Editor that were refuted and even some bloggers agreed were erroneous.

Reality is the EDC wanted Big Boxes and opposed the Village Concept. Last I saw she is a private citizen and can say what she thinks. Because a private conversation was revealed does not make it a public statement.

As well, as was revealed at the meeting, he left his prior job due to conflict over the wants of that city versus what he was pushing. He didn't make a year there.

You just keep throwing out non facts and false claims.

That is enough between these posts. It shows your pattern of false claims and accusations. I do not need to say more.

<cite><strong>Don Haddix
Peachtree City Mayor</strong></cite>

mudcat's picture

See? He's right and everybody else is wrong. It is that simple. Besides, look how thoughtfully and intelligently he lays out his grammatically-correct refutation of your non-facts and false claims.

And actually he is 100% correct - right at the end there where he says "I do not need to say more".

your office to the Photo Circuits building and drink the ground water there just to prove to the citizens of PTC that all is safe?

Can the Falcons beat a real team--the Lions? We will see...

And yes, the Falcons will beat the Lions and cover the 4.5 points.

Mike King's picture

Reality is you not taking responsibility for one blunder after another. In your delusional world you were not kicked off ARC, you were not censured, you were right and the facts be damned, you didn't get your way and a city employee took the fall, in fact, you probably think all of this is a bad dream and those evil three on Council are out to get you.

Made any recent allegations of "part drunk" lately?

MajorMike's picture

You have gone far past the "member in good standing of the Dirty Dozen" stage and are fast approaching "that boy needs help" stage. What is the problem? Did the Mayor run over your dog, did he make fun of your hat and sunglasses attire, did you fall in with the old Direct Pac Crowd or WHAT?

You got your head politely handed to you by the Mayor in just twenty one written words and yet you still come back with the same weak "dirty dozen" talking points. It is noted however, that it took you 4.33 hours to respond rather than your usually prompt response. Was 4.33 hours the time needed to consume the correct number of adult beverages to gear up for said response? Sorry, but the old "Direct Pac" tactic was to tell the lie enough times that the mass of the voting public would believe it, with all of the good ole boys wheelings and dealings now coming to light, it just doesn't fly anymore.

Kicked off the ARC? Most everybody understands now that that was a setup (by Ken Steele and crowd) before he was ever appointed.

A three to two censure by an elected body - Bwahahahahahahahahaha. A framed copy of that censure would make good bathroom decoration.

Please correct me if I'm wrong but the contest about the "part drunk" comment concerning the previous mayor who was, by authoritative accounts, "not allergic to alcohol", is still out there in legal la la land.

I also made note that the only blogger that came to you defense after the twenty one word slam dunking, was an admitted "Direct Pac" associate. Have you ever gotten one of those suspicious feelings that you're being used?

Mike King's picture

Four hours? Some of us took the time to attend the Ga Tech presentation last evening, but I guess you were preoccupied thinking about how to defend the mayor. Or could it be you did attended, but were incognito?

A set up by Ken Steele? The Mayor's delusion is obviously beginning to rub off on you.

You are correct in the effect the censure has had on Haddix, he has no sense of responsibility, therefore any amount of criticism is wasted.

Yes, the "part drunk" comment is still in litigation, but are you defending someone who waits eighteen months to launch an allegation and not have the backbone to confront it in a timely manner?

Just asking.

MajorMike's picture

Defending the Mayor? Obviously you have not kept up with anything in these threads that does not support your "philosophy". I have seriously taken the Mayor to task when I have felt that he was wrong. When I have done so I have usually supported my position with concrete examples and reasons starting with legal positions on the proposed gas golf cart ban and most recently the proposed new tree ordinance. At times I've pretty much pursued every approach except offering hizhonor a good old Alabama buttwhuppin.

Yep, a setup by Ken Steel and company. A lot of those shenanigans are now coming to light also. As far a Don Haddix "rubbing off", I have not corresponded or spoken with hizhonor since the gas golf cart ban fiasco. All interaction has been in these blogs and if you take the trouble to look, I don't cut the Mayor any slack either.

You lost me on the eighteen months for someone to "launch an allegation". I thought that that nonsense started with Rick Lindsey filing suit on behalf of someone sometimes referred to publicly as "Harold the lush". But yep, it is still out there in legal lala land. At least Rick is not trying to sue The Citizen like his partner did.

Ga Tech presentation? Oh yeah!! Isn't that the group of people that put their diplomas in their car windows so they can park in the handicapped spaces? Do the sacred words of "Roll Tide" not have any meaning to you?

Happy "Hump Day" to all.

Major, the mayor couldn't express his favorite crayon color in 21 words, much less win an argument. As to the rest of your post, was there a point?

NUK_1's picture

[quote=Don Haddix]Booted because I didn't agree with the pro ARC and TSPLOST 3 majority on Council and Mayor Steele, whom they all back. That is not stupidity, that is doing what was right. Are you so blind you cannot see all I said has been proven true?
You left out every Council in FC felt this way also and it was hardly Steele.

Censured for not agreeing with the 3 majority on Council, refusing to surrender my rights of Free Speech and representing the Citizens, not them. Every charge was false as has been confirmed with the what is being revealed now.

Every charge has never been proven to be "false" at all. It is your OPINION and not a fact that those charges are false. That's not the opinion of the other 3 on Council and many others

There are consequences to exercising your free speech rights. There is absolutely nothing about the 1St Amendment that allows for the exercise of free speech AND no repercussions ever from it.

I have the free speech right to go tell my employer he's the biggest moron on the planet who would screw up a two car funeral and that his wife and kids are ugly/ stupid/whatever and should be sterilized or tossed in the ocean.He has the right to fire me over that exercise of "my" free speech rights.
Reality is there was more than that video involved.
The reality is that it's your opinion here and that opinion is not a fact nor is it shared by many others.

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Voting for does not make it right and does not mean it was not for disagreeing with them.

In example, Eric Dial voted for but now opposes the TSPLOST in his bid for Mayor of Tyrone. Kim Learnard, at a GMA ARC breakout meeting, held her hand up in support of the TSPLOST. In the vote all three supported the ARC and have since supported the TSPLOST in one way or another.

So it remains I was voted against for not agreeing with them. But some in other cities are changing the tune, including in Fayetteville.

I disagree with your comment on agreement by many others. That is 180 from what I am hearing. They are mad at the 3 having done it.

Nor does agreeing with it make it factually true.

Since I do not work for the 3 then your example is false.

We need to agree to disagree. But trying to create false facts, such as Mike King attempted, or spin facts, is not a good way to go at it.

I think this topic has been beaten well into the ground.

<cite><strong>Don Haddix
Peachtree City Mayor</strong></cite>


The scariest part of this diatribe is you actually believe that you have done nothing wrong. It's always someone else's fault right? You have only one overwhelming and blinding interest in life... to fulfill your own self-inflated ego. I am out in the city, I talk to the citizens. This is a known reality. That is a beautiful suit emperor.

I guess I am just naive, but I think the transportation iniative sounds like a good deal.

Fayette County and PTC get funding for two major projects--the MacDuff Parkway and the 74/I-85 interchange. Fayette County and PTC will be much better off ten years from now with those projects completed.

Then I read the postings complaining about "regional governance," developers, marketing, etc.

I do not understand this kind of whining. Some seem to demand a type of ultra-purity before we undertake these projects.

The Fayette County GOP/tea party even came out against T-SPLOST before the final list of projects was announced.

If T-SPLOST is rejected, how are these projects to be done?

Fayette County residents should vote for T-SPLOST. It is in our best interest and the best interest of the Atlanta Region.



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