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PTC stormwater fees may double as program grows

Wants $7.5M for new projects and $358K for new employees

Peachtree City’s newest bureaucracy is growing, and city property owners are going to pay for it, maybe up to double what they are paying now each year.

The City Council Thursday night will consider a resolution announcing the intent to finance up to $7.5 million in capital stormwater projects. While the resolution is not binding and council can decide to avoid issuing the debt entirely, if the financing route is chosen it is a given that stormwater bills will increase by some amount.

City officials have said it’s too early to tell what type of rate increase would be necessary, as the city will have to determine what services and projects it will tackle with the new funding.

In May, city staff presented a proposal to council that would double the annual stormwater fees, which for residential property owners would mean a bump up to between $63 and $142 a year depending on the size of impervious area on their parcel. The current range of residential bills is between $32 and $72.

The stormwater fee is also assessed on businesses, schools and even churches to help fund infrastructure repair, improvements and maintenance of the city’s stormwater collection system.

In the May proposal, Public Works Director Mark Caspar suggested adding several employees to increase the level of stormwater pipe maintenance. Currently when a stormwater pipe is replaced, Caspar has to take his crew off maintenance projects to replace the pipe.

The new hires would cost the city about $358,246 a year, according to Caspar’s projections.

As for the new capital projects, those under consideration include rehabilitation of the Rockspray Pond, the Kedron ponds, the Harbor Loop drainage system and the Golfview Drive drainage system. Other projects in the mix include repairs to the BCS Pond, pipe lining in the area of Woodsdale and Lenox Road and also other pipe lining projects throughout the city.

The city is close to depleting its stormwater funds from revenue bonds that were issued in 2006, officials said.



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Don't you just love it!

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"PTC Stormwater Utility" ??? Who invented this mess ? More fees for accountants, engineers and lawyers, none of who have competitive bids and then supervisors, managers, project service coordinators, liasons for them, consultants for them---- what an absolute joke.

Can't wait to see what Marta Learnard has next for us --- PTC Mass Transit Authority ??? No wait--- she'll have a health care initiative.

Wow, is this country in trouble.

"The whole thing stinks--- time for a Spring Cleaning."

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This isn't something that was dreamed up by local gov't. Feds decided that every municipality is responsible for storm water and hence we have storm water authorities created now to deal with it and extra taxation and regulations.

The problem is with the Feebs' mandate, not our local politicians, at least on this issue.

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Yes indeed, more and more and more mandates being handed down from the bureaucrats in Washington to let the "local" governments try and deal with the costs. Which of course means us. The EPA is just one branch that costs us money, then there's their boutique gas requirements under the Clean Air Act.

However, nothing compares to the pain we will feel under Obamacare.

Passed by the Senate & House in 1972, vetoed by President Nixon but veto was overridden by Senate & House, allowing it to become law. Locally, Dennis Chase can give you chapter & verse on the law.

And I can give you THE Constitutional Law that PREVENTS this legislation ...from the Feds
Article 1 Section 8
Article 2 ALL Sections
Article 4 ALL sections
Amendment 10

But then it's MORE than obvious Americans DO NOT want Constitutional Restraints on their government, They WANT Centralized Control, it's just they get upset when THEIR brand of control is not in power ...

So just who is the driving force behind enforcement of the stormwater pieces of this legislation? I don't remember hearing anything about stormwater until 3 or 4 yrs ago.

At Home Gym, I'm not a Golf Cart City resident/taxpayer, so threat this comment as such,,,

5 years ago a $300k House was worth $400k
5 years ago Waste Water was just something to be dealt with.
5 years ago Collecting taxes didn't require "action"

Because of 20 years of "let it ride" Politics (neither party is innocent, BOTH are equally guilty) Money is not only tight for US but now it's hurting local government, and God knows Government WILL NOT do without...

Unconstitutional LAWS have consequences, sadly it may take a 1/2 of a generation to see these consequences...
Unconstitutional Laws locally have an even MORE devastating effect... you and I just got (as have our fellow Americans) a Failure to Follow the Constitution lesson 101.

So it's up to US to either return to THE INDIVIDUAL LIBERTY document of all time, or Vote for Obama and HONESTLY give his idea a try...

(This SAME EXACT CHOICE is presented to Fayette County Citizens, it's either the INDIVIDUAL or it's GOVERNMENT , the CHOICE is really THAT SIMPLE.....
I Choose Freedom. Liberty and very little Government,,,(in case there was any doubt)

nice words but they don't answer my question of who is the driving force behind enforcement of this specific legislation. I live in unincorporated FC and don't see stormwater as an issue because there is no stream of any sort adjacent to my property--but still, why has this become an issue now--from my perspective, both City & County have been aggressive in collecting those taxes legally assessed to citizens before now but why this sudden issue with stormwater? Wanna read something interesting? Go the the Citizen "search" feature and enter Chase & Stormwater.

Why NOW? OMG is that a simple answer, FEAR, haven't you heard the World is coming to an end !
If Obama gets re-elected over
If Romney gets elected ,,,,,Game over

Fayette County Government NEEDS to act,, the World is ending !
if if if if if this aint done NOW,,,,,,
OMG the world is ending WE HAVE TO ACT !!!

Government is SCARED! people like you are staring to "connect a few dots"
Government is threatened, the surfs are hurting,, and may get riled up....

Government JUST figured out the "end of the World" is harder to promote because the Slaves have INFORMATION at their fingertips ....

This was a "suspicious" tax when it started... How come PTC is the ONLY CITY in Fayette County (to my limited knowledge), to have this TAX???

If this is what we can expect... A new kingdom with new workers and new benefits and pensions... STOP THE TAX and DRAIN THESE PONDS... NOT worth it.

Just my humble opinion as a tax payer.


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