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Another perspective on liberals and fairness

These past two weeks (09/29 and 10/06/2010) two letters appeared from liberals, one saying he couldn’t trust The Citizen politically and the other still trying to lay the blame for our current situation on Bush and the Republicans.

Personally, I’ve always found the opinions and predictions of our venerable editor to be right on the money. If memory serves, he recommended electing Steve Brown and he warned us what we should expect if Logsdon was elected. (I hope those of you who voted for Logsdon feel appropriately contrite.)

He also responded to a few thin-skinned crybabies and stopped carrying Ann Coulter and Michelle Malkin, so he’s not above caving in to a liberal.

Mr. Fairbanks feels that not including the liberal side of issues (as if those can’t be determined from 100 percent of the existing media outlets, including Fox News) is journalistically unprofessional. He feels “both sides of every story” should be presented so people can make informed decisions.

While this seems like a reasonable position on the surface, it sounds to me very much like the Democrats’ “Fairness” Doctrine, their latest ploy to try and eliminate conservative talk radio and Fox News.

They know darned well that any commercial enterprise forced to “balance” a profitable venue with one that’s not will have no choice but to dump the popular one and replace it with something more innocuous. Hmmm, also sounds like Obama’s scheme for forcing us to single payer, doesn’t it?

Mr. Browning, while claiming he’s not advocating communism or socialism, seems to have a problem with the “inequities” of capitalism. Despite the fact that Democrats have been ruling Congress these past four years (and except for the 10 with Newt and the Contract With America, for the 40 before that) he feels the American people “continue to be fooled by duplicitous right wing propaganda.”

He wants “responsible government” that won’t allow “wealthy corporate interests” to “rule the roost” and “significant change that will benefit the country as a whole,” but doesn’t “mean returning to the bankrupt policies of the ‘party of no.’”

Our current situation is directly attributable to the actions of the Democrats, from the mortgage (and thereby the housing) crisis to our 18 percent unemployment to the astronomical debt.

If we don’t replace this irresponsible, anti-American, Constitution-shredding administration and reverse the socialist programs they’ve crammed down our throats, we’ll see our standard of living (continue to) plummet.

Where do you think we’ll end up if they pass Cap and Tax and successfully eradicate the coal and oil industries?

Oh, just one more thing Mr. Browning: we are NOT the “Party of No” – Obama has finally ignited the conservative base in this country and we are now most definitely the party of “HELL NO”!

Gary Rettmann

Peachtree City, Ga.


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