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Anti-cyclist, pro-gas carts writer should practice what he preaches

With all due respect to Mr. Allen and his reply to my letter, I think he is missing the larger point. I believe most of us would support his position with respect to gas-powered golf carts, but this seems to be devolving into a personal dislike of cyclists who ride on our local roads.

Georgia law allows for this, and has some specific requirements. The fact that some cyclists do not follow the legal requirements won’t surprise any of us who have ever driven on I-285. Plenty of drivers do the same. There are always some who will flout the law, cyclists and drivers.

Let me repeat myself. I do not believe the City Council should pursue outlawing gas-powered golf carts. Despite the fact that I don’t like them (they smell, they make a disagreeable noise), I think our council (or, at least certain members) are making an issue over nothing. City Council members, drop this issue, please. Mr. Allen, I’m with you.

However, Mr. Allen seems more focused on cyclists now. Perhaps he could take a suggestion from my own position and allow others to pursue activities that he may not like, but are enjoyed by many others. The truth is, his reply began to sound like a personal attack on me.

I’ve never claimed to be Lance Armstrong, Mr Allen. I’m just an avid cyclist. I don’t even dress “like him,” I’m simply wearing the proper apparel for a cyclist. I hope Mr. Allen doesn’t also have a problem with what I wear. But then, at this point I’m not sure.

In fact I already DO have a mountain bike but have to be very careful to ride it safely on the cart path system. I ride faster than golf carts, walkers and runners wear earplugs and can’t hear my bell, my whistle or my shouts to warn them. Kids are running wild with no apparent parental guidance.

While it has forced me to use the cart system at night with lights or at times when it is less used, but that’s OK with me, I’m willing to share the path system. If I followed Mr. Allen’s point of view, I’d be advocating that golf carts be outlawed because they impede my ability to ride my bike. That’s absurd. Perhaps if the laws on the books were enforced, Mr. Allen wouldn’t have a complaint.

Unfortunately, Mr. Allen has me confused with a small group of cyclists who ignore the law, ride more than two abreast and don’t heed lights and stop signs.

Georgia law is clear, Mr. Allen. Provided we follow that law, there is plenty of room for me, my cyclist friends and, yes, even you. Granted, a small group of cyclists break established law. That doesn’t make the activity wrong. Mr. Allen, your argument would seem to indicate that cars no longer be allowed on our street either since some drivers speed. Please.

This community is becoming nationally known for its cycling. That is awesome, but it apparently bothers you. Frankly, I don’t need to check the license plates on cars parked at City Hall, sir. I’ve invited and ridden with many of these cyclists, some of whom are considering moving to PTC because of our growing cycling community. I hope they don’t see your letters!

I think it’s time to put this issue of gas-powered carts to rest. City Council members, just leave them alone. As to cyclists, Mr. Allen, leave us alone too, please. If you see one of us breaking the law, report it. Meanwhile, I’ll hold my breath when I pass your gas-powered golf cart because while I don’t like them. I like misguided cIty Council members who would outlaw them even less.

Rick Sanderson

Peachtree City, Ga.


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