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BSC traffic light: No common sense at DOT

The people at DOT have no common sense. The first visit I ever made to the BSC, about three years ago, I remember thinking that a traffic light was needed. DOT should put all of their stupid regulations aside, and put safety at the top of the list.

DOT was responsible for the long delay in getting the cart bridge open, across from Best Buy. They wanted, of all things, a “study” of environmental air quality. It took them months for that study, which could have been accomplished in one day. The only thing affecting air quality is Highway 54 traffic.

Highway 54 West gets extra traffic lights, and 54 East is not far behind. All related to dollar signs, growth, and the economy.

If a metropolitan area wishes to fund a traffic light themselves, it should not need DOT approval.

Another area that needs a traffic light, is on Crosstown Road, along Braelinn Shopping Center. Just ask anyone who has ever tried to make a left turn onto Crosstown Road during rush hour.

And there is no crosswalk or median for pedestrians. On a golf cart, you can’t even drive across Crosstown Road, for a visit to McDonald’s. (Nice planning, PTC.)

Hugh Buchanan

Peachtree City, Ga.



I agree, it's not easy at times. That is why I NEVER do it. Why not just proceed to the exit from the center that feeds onto the Parkway, take a right and go the stop sign and from there go easily to wherever you were headed. Easy, no left turns against traffic, no worries. Problem solved with ZERO money spent.

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No mystery to this one...common sense says go out by the K-Mart entrance/exit and forget trying to navigate a left on to Crosstown.

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