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Party hearty, pay the price

Sometimes partying just doesn’t pay, especially when the booze is flowing and the crowd gets loud enough to compel neighbors to call the cops. That was the case over the weekend when police in Fayetteville arrested 13 underage drinkers at a late night party on Williamsburg Way.

Fayetteville Police at 1:10 a.m. Sunday morning received a call about a loud party at a Williamsburg Way residence, said department spokesperson Steve Crawshaw. Once at the scene, officers reported that some in the residence ran out of the house, onto the rear deck and into the back yard where other officers stopped them, Crawshaw said.

Officers determined that a number of underage partygoers had been drinking, said Crawshaw. Though nearly all the 13 people arrested were ages 19-20, there were two juveniles present ages 15 and 16, according to police reports.

Crawshaw said there was an undetermined number of others present in the residence when police arrived. There was no infraction and they were not charged, he said.

Crawshaw said the owners of the home were not present at the time of the incident.



But arresting 19-20 year olds for a few drinks is not a good use of police forces, in my humble opinion.

TinCan's picture

Maybe we need to have you take the list of laws and strike out those you think are frivolous, stupid, unnecessary, inconvenient or just not worthy of enforcement. Just where do you draw the line?

I draw it at this. It's gotten to be nothing but fundraising for the locals. I grew up when the age was 18, many of the people today did. Fact is, a lot of these same people have flat out forgotten what it was like to be this age, and have no idea how draconian the laws are in regards to this.

If you can tell me exactly what they were hurting or whose rights they were violating, then I might be more inclined to think was a decent cause.

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Does the fact that they were breaking the law mean nothing to you?

How do we ever teach our children that it is not alright to pick and choose the laws they think are "just"?

As TinCan says, where does it stop? The law is the law until it is changed. Just like the laws that took drinking age from 21 to 18 to 21. If the law was 18 year old, then I agree it's ok, but not if it's 21.

Respect for the law. Don't you get this concept?

Get out there and change the law to 12, but don't disrespect the law that is 21 in the meantime.

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You know, they were all criminals and some might even say, TERRORISTS.

It doesn't ever stop as far as questioning the laws. They don't ever get changed if they go unquestioned and everyone meekly decides that whatever the "authorities" want is OK.

I'm not encouraging anyone to break any laws because there are obvious life-changing consequences attached often, but I know that in the USA where most of the population grew up with an "18" drinking age and alcohol is very socially accepted, some teens are going to "disrespect" a law a lot of their parents have no respect for.

Yes, the parents' duty(and even the 18 yr old that gets to vote, go to war, sign legal contracts, etc)is to change the law above all else.

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It's an interesting point about the Revolution.

Here's a good book on drinking and the Revolution, I am sure many were "under age".

The First American Revolution: Before Lexington and Concord by Ray Raphael

If we don't like the law then we should change it, until then we need to respect it.

I know of some situations that kids have gotten jammed up in that any halfway sane person wouldn't agree with.

If the kids were breaking a sound ordinance, why not site them for that? I can tell you why, not enough $$$ in it.

It's somewhat like the stupid war on drugs...our Govt makes way too much money off of it to do anything else.

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You clearly feel strongly about this, why don't you get out in front of these "unjust" laws.

Get out there and campaign to change them, or are you doing this already?

It's better than complaining about it on this blog.

Both, trying to do both. Money is VERY strong on this issue. Many probation officers make their entire living off of MIP..A 20 year old can be caught with unopen beer and get a fine of well over 1200 bucks. And a record.

Colleges are making an absolute killing off of fining kids for this same thing.

In no way am I advocating relaxing the DUI laws....I want everyone to get that straight. Two different issues.

I know nothing about the incident. I do know that Police had options. They could have appeared and given an ultimatum: Neighbors are complaining-if you don't close this down NOW and disperse, we'll be back in 30 minutes and take some different action. My guess is that would have resolved the complaint.

I can rail about this.

It's money raising, plain and simple...and putting kids through the ringer by adults that did the EXACT same thing when they were 18-20 years old and nobody ever thought of arresting them.

I understand better now why you are what you seem to be!

If I recall, the drinking age got raised by President Reagan about the same time MADD changed from going after drunk drivers to its current mission of abolishing alcohol period.

Like you, I came of age when the drinking age was 18. I don't particularly agree with the current 21 year age limit, but on the other hand I can seem to muster up much outrage over this situation. Perhaps I should ask my buddy Hutch for tips.

hutch866's picture

Well you just can't seem to help yourself can you, our last exchange you kept assigning opinions to me, and when I pointed out how wrong you were, then you use your tired old outrage position. I know you hate it when I point out your hypocrisy, but I guess you'll just have to get used to it, I've been here for at least 3 or more of your identities and don't plan on going anywhere. I believe you're up there with BPR by now.

I yam what I yam

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How about the absolutely STUPID law in GA concerning "sodomy" which most people knows includes "oral sex" being a crime up until the Supreme Court had to step in and enlighten the idiots not that long ago. Were you real proud of that being enforced only against some gay guys and it being totally ignored otherwise? How about Prohibition? A real WINNER too!

Look, when the laws enacted don't have any reflection on the will of the people and defy common sense, the laws WILL get broken over and over. The 21 year old drinking age fiasco was Ronald Reagan's farewell to even bothering to pay lip service to "state's rights" by declaring no state that didn't tow the line got their federal money back to them. Same as how Nixon imposed the 55mph speed limit on highways. Great job, Repubs! Was this in any way what the people wanted? Hell no.

Arresting teens for underage drinking is a great business for law enforcement, the judicial system, and private probation companies that get to rake in weekly fees like crazy, but is it sound policy? Hell no.

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I thought the police answered to a disturbance in progress? I don't think they were out looking for kids to arrest for underage drinking. If a neighbor had not complained then they would have broken the law and no one would have known about it.

So, I wonder why kids just can't drink at home without disturbing the neighbors? Could it be that they are too young to know better?

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Very good point but I don't think it's the age, but more like the maturity level.

PTC Observer's picture

You don't think there is a coorelation? Don't you remember being a teenager?

These folks need to be enlisted at 17. By 20 or 21 they would have some discipline instilled. Ask Zell Miller!

I doubt it. See my comment below.

Ok think about this, your child can sign up for the Military at 17 and after training kill terrorist against this Country; but they need to wait 4 more years to drink alcohol. hmmm sounds strange don't it?

PTC Observer's picture

The drinking age was changed during the Vietnam War for the reasons you state. However, the Federal government tied highway funding to drinking age and all of the states were fiscally forced to raise the age back to 21.

So, let the central government dictate funding and they have the control.

Just that simple.

If you feel strongly about this, write your Congressman because the state can't do a thing about it.

As per DoD, "The minimum drinking age on a DoD installation located outside the United States shall be 18 years of age".

TinCan's picture

OK, there are laws I don't like and some that are, or have been, stupid but that doesn't mean I get to pick and choose which ones I'll obey. On second thought I guess it does, but I then get to pay the consequences for my indiscretions. If you don't agree with them work to get them repealed. Then you can hop in the sack with whomever you choose.

NUK_1's picture

I already do, as well as drug laws. Of course, most GA and national Repubs will tell you what you want to hear on that subject if there is no media around and they think you'll be making a campaign contribution, but their votes say otherwise. It's a long, slow process with politicians who are by and large afraid of angering anyone so they just kind of lie a lot instead.

Your point is valid: ignoring/breaking laws has consequences and one must be aware of the risk/reward of choosing to do whatever. For example, plenty of people speed and are willing to pay a fine(and much higher insurance costs if they get a few)but would never do anything that might involve jail time as punishment. Unfortunately, a lot of teens feel they are A) Invincible! Nothing can kill me! and B) I will never get caught because I am so damn smart and everyone else is a bunch of chumps.

Without the Govt nanny telling us all the little things we are doing wrong.

18-20 year olds having a beer isn't the end of the world.

These kids also spent over 16 hours in jail-16 hours from the time they were finger printed. That doesn't include the time they spent in police custody at the house, transport to the jail, in the holding cell, and all the other things required for processing. It seems a bit excessive.

Are you serious? This is absolutely rediculous. I pay taxes to protect me and my family from harms way, but instead in return I get a bunch cops who literaly have nothing better to do but hassel a bunch of kids about drinking who are 1 year away from being able to drink legaly. Our Fayette County police is corrupt, it's irritating, annoying, and something needs to be done. Excuse them for being safe in a house, not causing problems like robbing people or sticking up gas stations, not driving around while high on illegal drugs. Great Job Crawshaw, you didn't do your job... I hope these police officers never need any of these kids help in a desperate situation.

fiddle's picture

If you do not think that the laws are just ~ call your lawmakers and get them changed. The PTC Observer gives some very good insights on this article. (as always ~ the voice of reason).

If one of those young people got in a car and drove ~ got killed or hurt in an accident then you would be "where are the police when you need them"

I agree fiddle. If anyone of those kids had left that party and hit and killed someone, people would have been crying: "where were the cops"? "they should have stopped this" The beat goes on.

If you are going to break the law don't be loud and rude about it. If they hadn't been a pain to the neighbors the cops would have never known.

The next time your kid gets caught doing something wrong call a whammbulance. Teach your kids right from wrong so we don't have to read about this kind of crap in the paper.

Whoever called the Police could have gone over to the house (assuming the requisite Cojones were in place) and said: You're disturbing folks in the area. You've had a nice little Sat nite party and it's time to end it. I'm coming back in 30 minutes and if I still see a party in progress, I'll call the Police." Let's just say you were there and got that message--what would you do?

PTC Observer's picture

I would add one more, "if it's not quite in 5 minutes, your parents will hear about this, because the police will let them know, it's your choice."

It's after 1am, I'm in my jammies (or not), and I'm beat. Okay, I am irritated and get dressed and walk over, thru the crowd and cars and drunks and go to the front door. Who am gonna talk to? The kids throwing the party? How do I even know if the kid I talk to lives there? Put a few drinks in a teen, and they will tell you they are Nancy Pelosi if you ask them. The parents aren't home (read the article). Nope, the neighbor did exactly as he/she should have. Let the cops handle it. Why would you take that risk?

you think the noise just started at 1:10am? Seriously doubt it. And how do you know there is a "crowd" and "drunks" until you get there. Risk? What risk? Doesn't matter, if you don't have the stones to approach what you think are kids having a good time in such a situation, just continue to rely on someone else to fix your complaints. If you can't summon up a "Command Voice", stay home. If you think there's a "risk", you prepare for that before you confront the partiers. If you don't know how to do that, go hide in your basement.

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Totally agree with you. It's the easiest and simplest way to handle that situation and I cannot recall the last time I read a news headline of "neighbor gets beaten up by 10 drunk teenagers at their house who were drinking and underage." Seriously. A Nation of Wimps.

To answer your first post about someone stopping by to let everyone know that the party is becoming a nuisance, my response as a underaged teenager would have been to get the hell out of there, ASAP. Forget "30 mins," my backside is out of there long before any issue with police or my parents(!!) happens.

I didn't really "congregate" in houses or areas(like the Krystal parking lot on Old National in the 1970's) with a lot of other underaged teens during my youth for the very reason that back then and especially now: Lots of teens in one place = Police attention. Duh. A Nation of Morons now.

Didn't this happen last week?

I can't find anything here or AJC about it, but people say it happened!

Is there a problem? Are they PTC people?

mjm1204's picture

they could have been issued citations and the obviously intoxicated ones could have been booked... that's how it world in college towns. once the police were there, they had to deal with it in a way that would protect the police from liability. imagine if cops just told them to break it up and they got in a deadly accident.

The government's view of the economy could be summed up in a few short phrases: If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. And if it stops moving, subsidize it. - Ronald Reagan

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