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Why Smith and Steele are complaining

Our political leadership within the county has begun a debate on issues that are of the utmost importance to the future well-being of our county and our quality of life, so please pay attention. County Commission Chairman Jack Smith and Fayetteville Mayor Ken Steele are forced to go on the offensive in an attempt to defend their past actions.

Many people have not yet gained a grasp of the issues and have found past articles and letters in the newspapers difficult to follow. This correspondence should help you understand the concerns and the consequences and future letters will lay out the details.

Two themes are running on parallel tracks. The first subject is the often talked about West Fayetteville Bypass also known as “The Road to Nowhere.”

County Commission Chairman Jack Smith’s original argument a while back was the bypass would reduce traffic congestion in Fayetteville. Such arguments were proven false, so Smith tried to disguise the project as a less harmful road by changing the name to the “West Fayetteville Parkway.” That did not work either.

Chairman Jack Smith’s latest tirade at the citizens in a public meeting included the “everyone is lying about me” tactic and “we have no choice, but to build the road” logic.

Intelligent observers will recognize there were lists of projects under the 2004 SPLOST umbrella, all subject to construction. Unfortunately, the citizens in attendance at the meeting were barred from countering Smith’s hollow argument because public input from taxpayers at public meetings is strictly prohibited when an agenda item is called.

Chairman Smith has admitted the East Fayetteville Bypass has been the priority, going back two prior Boards of Commissioners in time and was so at the time of the 2004 SPLOST referendum.

What Smith fails to reveal is the real reason he changed the 2004 SPLOST priorities in 2007, neglecting the road priority voted on by the citizens of this community and the one he was bound by oath of office to uphold.

Smith did not solicit public input nor conduct any public discussion on his undisclosed changes. Again, the neglected taxpayer and voter have no rights of speech in this current administration.

Many believe the sudden, unannounced flip-flop on priorities has something to do with the Board of Directors position Smith accepted at a local developer bank after he was elected. Smith consistently refused to resign from that director’s position, citing he had the ability to weed through the conflicts of interest.

The county government is saying they want public opinion on the new transportation plans. This is merely a legal formality they must meet. They have proven through their actions that public opinion is shunned, priorities changed at will and no justification or discussion is required.

When you go back and review the series of different excuses Smith used before and during his re-election campaign in an attempt to justify the West Fayetteville Bypass, it is clear there was no logical or rational reason to change the priorities.

Fayetteville Mayor Ken Steele confessed the West Fayetteville Bypass was actually about handling future development traffic from the “future growth in Fayette County ... occur[ing] between Peachtree City and Fayetteville and southward towards Starr’s Mill” (Mayor Steele, Letter to the Editor, June 17, 2010). In essence, the West Fayette Bypass is akin to a developer bailout as we pay for their expensive road they should be building, accelerating future development.

The current Board of Commissioners admitted “the bypass is not expected to put an end to traffic congestion” (“Commissioners hold steady on bypass,” Oct. 2, 2010, Today in Peachtree City). Also, Chairman Smith stated “due to the economy, development in that area is likely to be slow in coming” (“Bypass, part 2, to start shortly,” The Citizen, Sept. 15, 2010).

However, Steele stole my thunder and acknowledged at the recent Association of Fayette County Governments (AFCG) meeting that Fayette County is cited as one of the top three areas where development will return the fastest. Smith is simply not telling the truth.

Steele is so worried about intelligent opposing views in the public forum that he cut off Peachtree City Mayor Don Haddix in mid-sentence at the AFCG meeting in a bullying fashion and then exclaimed the mayor’s opinions were not worthy of discussion, talking over Haddix.

Mind you, Steele spouted his personal opinions for over 20 minutes at the AFCG meeting, but he thought it wise to cutoff any public commentary contrary to his personal stance. Steele owes Haddix a public apology for his rude behavior. Commissioner Herb Frady, who chaired the AFCG meeting, also owes Haddix a public apology for permitting such behavior, allowing the meeting to get out of hand.

Once again, a gag rule was applied for the taxpayers at the AFCG meeting. I was not even allowed to speak as an incoming commissioner.

Added to the governmental smoke screens on the bypass is the Fayette County’s inclusion in the regional mass transit plans. It is an absolute fact that our two Fayette representatives to the regional government, Jack Smith and Ken Steele, voted in favor of transit bus routes in our county connecting to Henry, Clayton and Coweta Counties (Smith and Steele: Saying one thing at home, the opposite in Atlanta, The Citizen, Mar. 17, 2010).

Since their transit vote was discovered, both Smith and Steele have been desperately denying any plans for transit in our county. (Do you remember their excuse for building the West Fayetteville Bypass? I think it was, “It’s been in our plans for years.”)

Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC) Chairman Tad Leithead, a man employed in the development industry for years, openly stated at a Fayette County Commission meeting that the goal they are pursuing is a bona fide “regional transit system” and he confirmed the move to expand MARTA beyond Fulton and DeKalb Counties.

Steele finally admitted at the AFCG meeting that mass transit is coming to Fayette County. However, the 70-year-old mayor tried to sidestep the issue by saying it would not happen in the years he has left on the planet. Steele’s near-admission and Smith’s outright denial on the transit buses that we will never be able to sustain financially is vastly overshadowed by their glaring votes in favor of the transit projects 100 percent of the time in the regional meetings.

Now for the parallel subject, which is new state legislation on regional government transportation funding referendums. You hear people say, “HB 277,” referring to the bill in the state legislature that created the new referendums.

For Fayette, we are grouped in a 10-county region called the Atlanta Regional Commission that includes Fulton, DeKalb, Clayton, Henry, Cobb, Gwinnett, Douglas, Cherokee and Rockdale counties.

Peachtree City Mayor Don Haddix and Tyrone Mayor Don Rehwaldt have already sounded the alarm about the hazards facing Fayette County if we remain in the Atlanta Regional Commission referendum area. I fully agree with the two mayors.

Primarily, the funds from the regional referendums go to worst congested areas. (Hint: That’s not Fayette County.) So the “big counties” continue to overbuild, under-plan and defer infrastructure, causing tremendous problems and we, the taxpayers of Fayette County, fund all of their projects to lessen the damage they brought upon themselves.

Even worse, our low population works against us because we are such an extreme minority in the regional picture that we have no influence on the referendum at all.

More details on the Regional Transportation Referendum will follow later. However, for the moment, ponder these thoughts.

First, we have a choice to get out of the ARC and join the counties below us who do not have massive traffic congestion snarls and who share our low housing density and more rural philosophy.

Second, instead of becoming a “donor” county with tens of millions of dollars flowing out annually with only a few million coming in, we could go to the Three Rivers Regional Commission below us and have an equitable stake in all things.

As you would expect, the pro-West Fayetteville Bypass, pro-ridiculous 2009 SPLOST, pro-Fayette mass transit contingent of Jack Smith and Ken Steele oppose leaving the ARC. No surprise there.

Steve Brown

Fayette Commissioner-elect, Post 4

Peachtree City, Ga.



ginga1414's picture

Commissioner Elect Brown, thank you for a clear no holds barred account of what is ACTUALLY happening in this county.

I vote for leaving the ARC, NOW!

birdman's picture

HA HA HA HA HA! So it begins. The Steve Brown circus. Yeah, I was wondering how long it would take before the "white knight" Steve Brown would swoop down, swords drawn, to slay the evil developer from our midst, and deliver us from our dreadful, pathetic, lives. Just like he did in PTC.
So now the fun begins. Steve is going to write letter after letter to give us the "truth." Can't wait. Smith is gone. But Steve and his "truth" will expose his "lies." Now, it appears his radar is on Steele. Does Steve see a future as Fayetteville Mayor? Or is it simply Mayor Steele ticked Steve off in years past? And come Jan. when Steve isn't elected Chairman, and is not able to push his "vision" down the throats of the county commission, he will rail against Frady, Hearn, and Horgan. In fact I expect his attack on the other 3 commissioners will start in he "fact" letters he is promising. Can't wait. The circus is in town and Ringmaster Brown is starting to unleash the clowns.

So ginga, here is my prediction. We won't leave ARC. We won't stop the West Fayette Bypass, there won't be "bus service" from Fayette County (Smith was right, no one wanted that).

We will see Steve renege on each promise for some reason not yet exposed. I say that because he reneged in PTC when said he would go to court to stop the Target shopping Center, he would put Annexation to a vote of the people (then negotiated a private annexation package with Weiland DURING an annexation moratorium), would lower taxes (they went up significantly under Brown), be fiscally responsible (PUHLEEEESE) too many examples of wasted money on lawsuits, ethics violations, buying property for unnecessary bridges, building a "graffiti wall," and many other wasted projects, not to mention major raises for city employees and the addition of an unnecessary and very high paid Assistant City Manager.

Yeah ginga, you may THINK he's your savior, he certainly thinks so, but you will see. Four years then he'll get bounced, just like he was in PTC.

So, let's start the show!

The thing about Brown...he's usually right. He documents and references his points, unlike his soothsayer critics. The thing about Smith and Maxwell...they're usually wrong, at least according to the majority of voters. Instead of selecting another SPLOST project the voters will support, S&M are bound and determined to accelerate the Bypass, and to make things as difficult as possible for Brown & McCarty. Since the voters voted for all the SPLOST projects, it makes no sense not to give them some voice in the ones to be selected rather than telling them they got the Bypass because they voted for it. The new commissioners-elect made it very clear they opposed forcing a project on the people that the people didn't want. Do you suppose there is some reason these commissioners refuse to allow the voters to have a voice in the project selection process? For one thing, the developers on the Bypass alignment own other companies whose registered agent contributed to the Smith and Maxwell election campaigns. Doesn't that tell you something? As the Texas oil man once said, "there's more down there where that came from."

Your stating that we won't leave the ARC or stop the WFB leads all who read your comments to believe that you support both. If that is the case, please give us some details on how we'll all be better off cruising the "road to nowhere" and being part of a major urban plan of which we represent only 2% of the population. Hard to believe that the people calling the shots at ARC would consider the "rural characteristics" of us Fayetteonians as a major force in shaping the future of their mass traffic plan.

Mike King's picture

"The thing about Brown...he's usually right." Your words now, but understand that ringleader Brown said nothing that we didn't already know. Any fool's hindsight is 20/20.

Want to place a small wager that the caped crusader will be able to stop WFB? My money will be on his ranting because he doesn't get his way, and of course his letters will get longer so as to entertain those who seem to be under his spell.

How are you betting Mike? No WBP or yes, a WPB?
Depending on your side of the betting I may be interested in a $s worth of that bet!

I think you are saying that he knows it will be built, but will fight it to the bitter end, but really doesn't care one way or the other!

Did I get it right?

Heck, he can't be mutual!

Yes, I know the difference between the two, but your tone seemed quite sarcastic...hence my reply. I'm posting here because the other thread has been locked. So much for "Having Your Say" on here???

ginga1414's picture

There is no thinking about it. I know who my savior is.

Contrary to misguided beliefs, folks associated with the WFBC can't afford to operate with hearsay or innuendo. We have to base what we say on documented facts. We have conducted business that way from the beginning two years ago.

We have discovered that when the biggest nerves are hit with facts is when we get the loudest and ugliest responses.

Laugh away, birdman, laugh away. Here is another fact. Most folks in Peachtree City must think very highly of Steve Brown because he carried the votes from Peachtree City. Most people in Fayette County are far more intelligent than you, Jack Smith and Ken Steele can imagine.

birdman's picture

So here is the deal. Brown is a master of the emotional issue. He latches on one or two things that seem to have the community divided and then makes all sorts of promises of how HE would have prevented it. In PTC it was the Big Box, TDK Extension, and Annexation. He won the election. The Big Boxes were still built, TDK was not extended (but not because of him). In fact in Oct. 2005 he wrote a letter to the Citizen taking CREDIT for pushing TDK along. I will be happy to reprint the letter if you are interested. As for Annexation, he vowed to have all annexation decided by a vote of the people. Yet that never happened. And during an Annexation Moratorium it was revealed that he was holding private meetings with Weiland Homes trying to secure an annexation of the West Village. Finally it was requested at a Council meeting that if our Mayor was going to negotiate annexation, then the moratorium should be lifted and the remainder of our elected officials as well as our City Engineers should be involved. His excuse was he was acting as "Citizen Brown," not "Mayor Brown." Same excuse he used when he violated the Ethics laws and went on Comcast Cable tv to oppose the SPLOST.

So here is the deal. Brown knows he can't stop the WFB. He doesn't have the votes. It's unlikely that the other 3 will end the project. If they do, then Brown will take all credit. If they don't then Brown will write letters how only he represents the citizens, etc. Either way he wins. He is either the "victor" or the "only one" who knows what the people want. It's like the Republican's vowing to overturn Health Care. It can't be done. They can't secure a great enough majority to overturn a veto, and they know that Obama will veto it. Pretty safe promise. Win either way.

Brown rails against "developers." Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE that dares to oppose him is either a "developer," "friend of developers," "in the pocket of developers." I know, he has accused me of being all 3.

But the reality of Brown is his massive ego. Ginga, you may know who your savior is, but Brown thinks it's him.
As for the "intelligence" of most in Fayette County, you are wrong. I think most in Fayette County are very intelligent. That is why after 4 years of Brown they will do what PTC did, kick him out yet again.
Why did PTC vote for Brown? Guess they just don't remember. So here is the fact, Brown secured enough votes for mayor on his re-election bid to command a runoff. The runoff was in early Dec. 2005. Now you probably know that small elections (even big elections) rarely have much turnout. Yet in Dec. 2005 over 6000 voters turned out to dump Brown. He secured only 1800 votes. In the general election he got over 1600 votes. So in the runoff he only picked up maybe 200 votes. About 7100 voted in the general election. So on a cold Dec. day over 6000 turned out and over 70% voted against Brown.
Tell me again how we "think so highly" of the guy?
So, Brown isn't usually right, he simply finds the emotion and exploits them. Wait and see. He will try and force his vision and agenda and when he doesn't win he will write letters attacking everyone who stood in his way as being "developers."
By the way, Brown's record in PTC wasn't all that great. Expenses went up, taxes went up. The millage rate in 2002 was 4.35. In 2005 the millage rate was 5.283. This is an increase of over 20%. Yet he promised a fiscal responsibility (didn't deliver on that promise either). We saw ethics violations, hiring of an Assistant City Manager, a total purge of city staff, a $2000 renovation of the Mayor's office (one of Brown's first acts), the purchase of 5 acres of land for over $1 million (unfunded and to this day unused).
Bottom line, Steve talks a big game but fails to deliver. Then he fails to admit his failure, blames everyone but himself, and simply insults and accuses everyone.
Ask yourself this, if he has always been able to uncover corruption, the PTC Development Authority, former City Attorney's, former City Councilmembers, Citzens, now Smith and Steele, why has he NEVER, EVER filed a single charge with the Ethics committee, County attorney's or anyone else? And when asked for proof he simply wimps out and whines how the developers are out to get him. Pity the other 3 Commissioners, he will shortly accuse them of being in the pocket of developers, not willing to cooperate with "his" commission, being guilty of conflict of interest, and a host of other actions with NO evidence, no charges filed, nothing other than he just knows this.

Anyway, that's what happened, it's all documented in this newspaper, and that is what will happen again. So fasten your seatbelt, it'll be a sad but entertaining ride. Oh, don't expect a lot of business coming to Fayette County for the next 4 years.

So let me get this think that Steve Brown pulled the wool over the eyes of the voters in Fayette County and PTC by exploiting emotions? You feel that as bad as you say he was, everybody forgot him? No way. He carried both the county and PTC, winning in almost all precincts. One would have to conclude that the voters have some intelligence. Wouldn't we be in a sad state of affairs if all a person had to do is go on the attack to get elected? Looks like if other folks felt the way you do, Brown wouldn't have ever gotten elected commissioner. People know what's going on, and they've had enough with the current Administration. The thing about the voters is they believe in Brown and they're well aware he was Mayor of PTC.

What we need to know now is why ALL FIVE COMMISSIONERS HAVE BANDED TOGETHER AGAINST THE VOTERS on the Bypass. They did it for a reason. Worse yet, they expect us to believe that the road will reduce traffic congestion in Fayetteville. They are unable to explain how that will happen. Why? because they would look stupid trying to do that. You know, sort of like building an eight lane toll road from Tyrone to Brooks by way of Woolsey.

Somebody really needs to look into the land ownership and explore any links to the commissioners. Look what just turned up in Gwinnett County.

Can you imagine Smith and Maxwell running for any other office in Fayette County and getting elected? I'm afraid we won't be seeing statues of them on the town square.

birdman's picture

Do I think Brown "pulled the wool over the eyes of the voters." YEAH. I do. Just like he did in PTC. Would we "be in a sad state of affairs if all a person had to do is go on the attack to get elected?" Yeah, we are. Do you not watch the State or National elections? Or even the local elections? Simply look at Barnes and Deal. Has either one even run one ad laying out their programs? NO. It's all about how "evil" the other is.
But just look at Brown. His entire campaign was about how corrupt Jack Smith was. True or not, it was an attack campaign. Like it or not Brown made statements and claims that were "questionable." Here is one directly from Brown's letter dated Jun. 29:

"Smith’s friends accused me of holding up construction of the TDK Extension...Do not get me wrong. I really tried to work things out on the TDK Extension, having nothing against the road, but the developers kept insisting on huge plans that would literally crush our roads with traffic. I had no choice but to stop it."

Now, here is Brown's quote from a letter in Oct. 2005:
"Our current council was the only one that actually programmed funds in the city’s budget for TDK....Brown said there was not a person on Council against TDK,” (Council Minutes, Jan. 2, 2003)."

Not exactly what he states in his letter in Jun. But certainly not the promise from his campaign in 2001 when he had a complete section entitled "TDK, Not now Not ever."
You see, one of his "emotional" issues when he ran for Mayor was stopping TDK. Then when it seemed building was more popular, he not only forgot that promise but claimed credit for moving it along and it was the previous mayor who failed to build it. That's called "wool."

Now, here's the attack:
"Commissioner Smith is acting like Congress, getting his developer welfare bypass project while deflecting the responsibility and claiming there is nothing he can do about it."
"Another glaring concern is incumbent Commissioner Smith’s seat on the board of directors of the Bank of Georgia. At the candidates’ forum sponsored by the Tea Party people, Smith admitted conflicts of interest can arise with his bank specializing in lending to the development community while he is also in charge of voting on land use plans, rezoning requests and the placement of infrastructure such as the West Fayetteville Bypass in his role as commissioner."
"Jack Smith either needs to be a county commissioner or a development banker."
"Remember, whenever incumbent Smith makes a claim about his developer-driven bank, we have no way to verify anything because we do not have access to the bank’s private records; that’s the problem."

Anyway, you get the gist. "Developer," "conflict of interest," etc. Yet, no charges, no evidence, no proof, only picking an "evil," the "developer," (Browns favorite) and building the accusation of "conflict of interest," (also Brown's favorite). True? False? Don't know, doesn't matter. Brown has planted the seed and spread manure on it so it'll grow. The voters do the rest.
So yeah, Brown is pulling the wool over the eyes of the voters. Brown stated he opposed the SPLOST that funded the WFB. True. He even violated the Ethics Laws in doing so. But his opposition was NOT the WFB, but that PTC was not going to get 60% of the SPLOST money like he thought we should get. So, yeah, he opposed the SPLOST but I don't remember him opposing the WFB.

So bottom line is no matter what you or I think of WFB, Brown is simply a hot air balloon blowing whichever way the wind takes him.
Again, here is my prediction: Brown claims the money can be redirected. The Commission claims it cannot. Either way the road is getting built. Brown knows it won't be stopped and he'll use it to attack the remaining Commissioners when he doesn't get his way.

As for other folks feeling like me? They will. Stand by.

I only hope the Commission doesn't become as costly and dysfunctional as our City Council did under Brown.

NUK_1's picture

Brown was a terrible Mayor in PTC and that's why Logsdon buried him and then Ramsey trounced him in the House race. Voter apathy, short memories, and attack "journalism" have become friends enough for Brown to beat the lousy Jack Smith, which isn't saying much.

You left out his advocacy of transforming the Lutheran church at the Parkway/54 into a Wal-Green's :) He's all about the PTC Land Use Plan and ....until he got elected.

Hopefully Brown learned something from his prior stint as an elected official and has matured, but I've seen no signs whatsoever of that to this point. It will be some interesting times with the FC Commission and all the Brown diatribes in The Citizen and his usual whining and enemy-building instead of leadership. PTC is going through Brown Jr. right now with Haddix as Mayor and it all adds up to a whole lot of BS and decline.

birdman's picture

it is getting me back to the blog. Think of how much "fun" it was countering all the bs Brown put out, took back, denied, re-wrote, etc. I can't say I missed him, liked him much more when he was "painting his daughters room." Well, in 4 years I'm sure the room will need repainting. I suspect the voters will cheerfully give him time. Since he lost as mayor, lost as State Rep, he decided Smith was an easy mark (he was). But he is running out of easy offices to win. Another failed 4 years and maybe he'll finally get it.
But in the meantime, he never learns, will not change (obvious in his latest letter). It'll be interesting to learn of who the "developers" in Fayetteville are. After all, we know that over 6000 "developers" live in PTC (those who voted him out). So we'll come to find thousands more "developers" in Fayette County (the next group to vote him out).
In the meantime I intend to hold his feet to the fire to see if we can actually keep him from a) insulting everyone, b) alienating all surrounding counties and state officials, c) not costing us thousands in ethics violations, d) not chasing business away from the county, e) not raising my taxes f) not letting infrastructure deteriorate like he did the golf cart paths, g) stop him from buying property at inflated prices for no reason. In essence trying to actually keep my property values from deteriorating while my costs go up due to his actions.

Just an aside, he was elected mayor on his opposition to the Big Boxes. I actually shop at the Big Boxes frequently. Sort of glad he forgot that promise.

Hey, remember his proposed special tax district on the Avenue that State Rep Kathy Cox refused to put forward. As a shopper at the Avenue, sort of glad that one failed too.

Well, the National Anthem has been sung. Let the games begin!

TinCan's picture

Well I guess we are in agreement about at least one thing. You and Birdman has prepared an excellent history lesson.

birdman's picture

history lesson. All of this was available for the asking, but everyone hated Smith so much that Brown's record didn't matter. Oh well. Ever hear of "the devil you know?" Well this election was "the devil you know, or the devil you know." Not a lot of good alternatives.
Hopefully Brown will be controlled by the other commissioners. In PTC he loaded the council with "his people," Rapson, Tenant, and Weed (until Tenant voted against him once and became the target of his wrath). Shouldn't be the same on the commission. The others are not "his people."
We'll see. Hope the results are less destructive than they were in PTC.

TinCan's picture

Hate to pull a Bonkers here by responding to my own post, but if someone would now prepare an English lesson for me I'd appreciate it.

birdman's picture

Those are pretty heavy seas you're plowing through. No English majors here.

Don't you think there's a problem with Jack Smith on the bank and the commission??? Do you agree with the West Fayetteville Bypass???

If I remember correctly your candidate, Birdman, the bum Harold Logsdon raised our taxes more than Steve Brown.


Might need to step away from the keyboard. If you don't want to do that, why not tell us what Bird said that wasn't true about Brown?

I will say that none of these jokers are anywhere near perfect. This past election we had choices of dumb and dumber, in my humble opinion.

Since you didn't capitalize "savior," I assume you mean Steve Brown.

He ain't a bad fellow, and it seems PTC while voting for him thought he had less to gain than what others had in mind!

Who would have guessed?

For those of us not privy to the "insider baseball" nuances of county government, I thought this was a pretty darn good synopsis of what's going on.

I do have a hard time believing anyone could shut off/shut down Mayor Don Haddix though....if Fayetteville Mayor Steele really did attempt to silence PTC Mayor Haddix, this is a terrible affront to our beloved city.

We should demand satisfaction for this gross insult to our civic honor.

I'm thinking a <strong>STEEL CAGE MATCH</strong> at the Fred between Steele and Haddix.

Steve Brown vs. Jack Smith in a <strong>Texas Bullwhip Match</strong> would make a good undercard.

Not his LONG letters to the paper. That's the best advice I can give someone from the area. Especially those new to the area.

ginga1414's picture

I will say it again. Some folks just can't deal with facts!

Brown will surprise me if he's not a total JOKE of a Commissioner for Fayette County.

Look at what he's voted on and said on the record, not his LONG letters to the paper.

That said, it's pretty clear how you feel about the bypass, much land are they wanting to buy from you? Obviously you don't want to sell. We had to sell some of our Family Farm in Moultrie, GA for a new road, we didn't like it at all, but in the end, it was for the bigger good.

Brown laid it all out on the table. If you don't like what he's saying, YOU should have run for the seat you big whiner.

The Spyglass and Birdman types of this world love foaming at the mouth, but they don't accomplish anything. Tell us why you support Steele and Smith's position. I agree with Steve Brown that the thing is turning into a developer free for all.

But like all rats Spyglass and Birdman will jump ship before it sinks.

You've got the wrong guy there.

Time will tell if Brown is action or talk. To this point, he's been mainly all talk.

He's lost as many races as he's won, and he's flipped on more positions than anyone cares to remember. That said, he's a typical politician.

grassroots's picture

DUMP ARC, Stop The WFB, Save $50Million and Hold Our Own
Do you want to be controlled and manipulated by Fulton, DeKalb, Clayton, Henry, Cobb, Gwinnett, Douglas, Cherokee and Rockdale counties? Read for details. Fayette County needs to be independent and hold its own. Why did Mayor Ken Steele rudely over talk and stop Mayor Haddix from giving his input? Why did the Chair of the meeting , Herb Frady, allow him to do it? Bullies live in fear and insecurity.
Hey Birdbrain,
Steve Brown posted a 10 point course of action and ran a clean campaign, spent 10% the money Smith did and stayed on point with current issues. We're looking toward the future, not hung on the past. The WFB Coalition started a year before this election and never considered a candidate until days before the filing. We also help beat SPLOST and filed a letter of intent to file a law suit if if they pursue this madness. We've won every issue so far. We will win this one. This road will not be built.

ginga1414's picture

If we continue in the ARC, we are going to be a little fish in a big pond and we all know what happens to little fish. They get eaten by the big fish.

I know there are those folks out there who have delusions of grandeur and think that one day we are going to grow into another Atlanta. Personally, I don't think any of us want to become another Atlanta. However, I really don't think we will have a chance of being anything but Atlanta's garbage heap with our little fish bones scattered all over.

I went to advance vote today. . . when I got to the ballot for Steve Brown and I just couldn't vote for him. As a long time PTC resident, I just couldn't do it. So it gave me the option to "write in" a candidate. I wrote Jack Smith. Sorry Steve.

I'm sorry, but Mr. Brown is already elected, I think!

What ballot did you see? Or did you?

Go vote Courthouserules and you'll see. When you get to the area where you vote for Brown you can either vote for Brown or you can "write in" your candidate. It is a great alternative than having to actually cast a ballot for Brown.

Mr. Brown signs his letters here as Commissioner elect! Means he is already elected.
You wrote this today but did you mean when Brown was actually elected, previously?

NUK_1's picture

Brown won the Republican PRIMARY.....understand? Winning a primary in and of itself isn't winning the election.

Brown has no Dem opposition in November so he's the winner but there is still an election, even if his is the only name on the it?

All you did was a "feel good" vote. Brown won the Primary and only needs one vote in the General to make it all official.

Steve Brown's picture

No hard feelings 2GoldenMom. That is the beauty of the American system. You have the right to stand behind Jack Smith and his actions.

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