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Cyber-bullying surfaces at Booth Middle

Cyber-bullying is a trend nationwide and Fayette County is no exception. A short-lived website called “Booth Middle School Lists” surfaced last week and was shut down a few days later. Aside from other information on the site, its originators also included a list entitled “I’m a fag” along with doctored photos of some students.

Booth Middle School Principal Ted Lombard on Oct. 18 sent a letter to the parents of the Peachtree City school children addressing the website. Lombard said the website used the school’s name and logo and included lists of Booth students identified in lists such as “Popularity,” “Best looks/boys” and “Best looks/girls.”

“We were notified by concerned parents/students late (Oct. 14) of the site because it also included another list titled ‘FAGS’ containing 10 names of our students and photos of one of our students with the title ‘I’m a fag’ written across it,” Lombard said. “An adulterated photo of a female Booth student with the title ‘im hawt’ was also posted. Additionally, a comment was posted on that one of our female students was not a virgin.”

Lombard said an update to the site included the first names of the people that allegedly created the website.

“These names could possibly be linked to two 8th grade boys in our school,” Lombard said.

Contacted Wednesday, Peachtree City Police spokesperson Rosanna Dove said there was not much to go on initially, with investigators currently determining is a crime had been committed. Dove said police might learn more as the investigation unfolds.

Lombard in the letter said the website had been shut down on Oct. 17.

Lombard asked parents to work with schools on the growing nationwide issue of cyber-bullying and requested that they be aware of what their children are doing and viewing on the internet.

Lombard in the letter also listed a number of past and current measures being enacted by the school to combat cyber-bullying.



fiddle's picture

This is very disturbing. I hope that the students who did this gets some help. Really bad to be so hateful so young.

From observant parents, school personnel.

After you find them which should not be that difficult. Expell them from Fayette county schools and then let their parents figure out what to do with them. Thats enough punishment. It will cost the parents and it may even cause them to move. Sucks for the parents but they need to deal with it. It is their kid.

I see again the big bullies always spouting out against the Mayor are seemingly quite on this one too.

This should be interesting.

Mike King's picture

Are you refering to those who actually take a stand? Could it be that you want our 'nanny state' to make sure that no one gets their feelings hurt because they choose an alternate lifestyle? How about telling them to take a stand for what they believe. If this is the choice they make, perhaps they should take a stand now because if one elects to cower from pressure at a young age, it will only worsen until an adjustment is made.

Besides, just what does the Mayor have to do with this anyway?

I've often wondered how those who put FAG TAGS on kids know they are definitely gay?

Do you take the same stance with bullying on the Internet?

I guess soon the Army can allow gays to say, I am gay, to their comrades, huh?

Back in the day, people would actually write "fag" on a piece of paper and tape it to someone's back. They would then walk around the halls for a while with everyone laughing at them. Also "hit me" or other sayings come to mind for this prank.

Maybe that would be good punishment for these boys who did this deed. Let them know how it feels. Dunce hats might work too.

If you really want to see violent expressions of bigotry and homophobia from Fayette county kids, spend a day with one of the many gay students at McIntosh high school...see what they endure from your kids 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. It's right out in the open, no computer needed.

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