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Sany to add 300 jobs in PTC in next 3-5 years

Sany America will begin adding 300 engineering jobs next year, with a plan to build a $25 million expansion to its brand-new campus in the Peachtree City industrial park.

This announcement from Gov. Nathan Deal dovetails with a job creation grant of $50,000 offered by city officials last month, which is contingent on at least 100 jobs with a base salary of $80,000 or more.

Sany will be hiring 300 mechanical and hydraulic engineers in the next three to five years, and they will design and develop new products across many Sany Group product lines.

Sany, headquartered in Changsha, China, is a worldwide leader in heavy construction equipment and opened its Peachtree City facility less than three months ago.

In addition to the new engineering jobs added over the next three to five years, the $25 million investment from Sany will fund a new research and development center on the Peachtree City campus.

“The new R&D center will help SANY's internationalization initiatives and strengthen SANY's competitiveness in the global market,” said Jack Tang, President of SANY North America.

Sany already has 108 employees and is in the process of doubling that figure, according to state economic development officials. When hiring begins next year for the first wave of engineering positions at Sany, the search process will be handled by the Georgia Department of Labor.

The company has had a presence in the United States since 2007, and its new $60 million 420,000 sq. ft. facility proudces specialized cranes and lifting equipment for the Americas’ construction marketplace.

Gov. Deal’s announcement came following a meeting with Sany Group Chairman Liang Wengen at the company’s global headquarters in Changsha during a seven-day economic development mission in Asia.

“This expansion stems not only from the success Sany already enjoys in Georgia, but from the relationship that has developed between Sany and our state as well,” Deal said. “The talent from our academic institutions ensures that Sany will have a deep supply of the skilled workers needed to stay at the forefront of innovation.”

The investment from Sany is exciting in terms of the new facility and the jobs Sany will bring to Georgia, said Brandt Herndon, President of the Fayette County Development Authority.

“SANY has already had a tremendous impact in our community and we look forward to a long and harmonious relationship with this growing company,” Herndon said.

SANY Group Ltd. was founded in 1989 and has exceeded sales revenues of $8 billion with 53,000 employees in over 120 countries. The parent company is one of the world’s largest concrete machinery manufacturers and the largest concrete-pumping equipment company in China. SANY Group Ltd. ranks among the Forbes “Top Chinese Enterprises” and has 30 subsidiaries worldwide and exports to 110 countries. SANY America is a division of SANY Group Co. Ltd., which is headquartered in the Hunan Province of China.

Sany’s campus, which features a reflecting pool and all-glass walls along its two most-visible elevations, has been lauded for its architecture. And the company’s landscape plan will further add to the ambiance of the site, officials have said.

Sany’s facility has 60,000 square feet of office space in addition to some 340,000 sq. ft. in its manufacturing area. The facility will be used to assemble heavy construction equipment including crawler cranes, excavators, motor graders and concrete pump trucks. It also will be the home of Sany’s first North American-specific product, the “RT” Global Rough Terrain Crane.

Sany has invested some $60 million in the first phase of its local site, officials said previously.



that SANY should pay him for this ad. Do I see a few misrepresentations in this little pr piece from Gov. Deal? Reflecting pool? Really. How would anyone know, you can't get by the little mirrored guard house to get in there. Or, wait, maybe the little mirrored guard house IS the "reflecting pool". Ha.

So, are these 300 jobs in addition to the 600 already promised by SANY? Great. Love it.

"All glass walls...lauded for it's architecture".....lauded by whom? Funny, NCR has all glass walls and I don't see them getting any lauds.

"The company's landscape plan"? Which one, the one that our city staff spent hours reviewing and approving and our volunteer planning comm. spent hours reviewing and approving and our city council spent hours reviewing and approving? Or the 2nd plan that SANY revised that has a fraction of the landscaping that was there before?

Gov. Deal, please come back home and get your staff to keep you up to date on the real world here. Please.

here is a laud for you--great news! MADE in the USA by an American company!

these jobs are worth $70,000. each now. First time that figure has come up.
Before it was $80,000.

Guess that knocks out the job creation grant of 50k that PTC offered for 100 jobs at 80k base salary. Hear what he says below.

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