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77-acre annexation approved by City Council on 3-2 vote

On a 3-2 vote, Peachtree City will be adding to its southernmost city limits, swallowing up a 77-acre site that’s currently zoned by the county for a shopping and office complex the size of The Avenue shopping center.

But as part of Peachtree City, the parcel will be developed as a 90-home subdivision with two office buildings at the entrance along Ga. Highway 74 south and Redwine Road.

The elimination of the potential commercial threat against existing shopping options in Peachtree City was enough to sway several members of council to vote for the annexation. Voting for were council members Kim Learnard, Vanessa Fleisch and Eric Imker.

Voting against were councilman George Dienhart and Mayor Don Haddix. Dienhart said he is concerned about a possible “double dip” recession affecting the city which might leave “a half-built subdivision and a bunch of empty lots.”

Dienhart said he was also concerned about the impact on the nearby Starr’s Mill school campus in light of the countywide school closings, which will increase the number of students at those schools, which will be “quite a bit more cozy than they are today.”

School Superintendent Jeff Bearden told the city there was sufficient room at the complex to handle students from the proposed subdivision called The Gates.

Imker noted that one citizen commented that the influx of students might be enough to allow additional teachers to be hired for the school system, which has seen a decline in its student enrollment figures over the past several years.

Haddix said he felt there was plenty of residential stock in Peachtree City but what is needed are office sites. Haddix said if it was supported by the property owner he would prefer to zone the property for office institutional use.

Fleisch said she felt the pricing of the new homes being annexed would be high enough to avoid causing a conflict with resale homes of similar size and character. A consultant to developer Southern Pines Plantation said the homes would be priced about 10-20 percent above similar homes on the resale market.

She also said she worried about the potential development as a shopping and office center if it remained in unincorporated Fayette County, a concern echoed by both Learnard and Imker.

Learnard said she felt the annexed property would have city buffers and would otherwise be best off in the city’s control. Having that control was the main reason that Imker said he supported the annexation.

“Everything else I’ve heard screams yes,” Imker said, noting that the subdivision wouldn’t put a financial burden on the city either according to an analysis from city staff.

Imker also noted that the difference in vehicular traffic alone was a significant reason to annex the property for the changed use. The shopping center concept was predicted to bring about 16,000 car trips a day compared to just under 1,100 with the annexed office and residential development.

The site is bordered by the Meade Field recreation complex and the Brechin Park subdivision and Starr’s Mill Academy day care center, the latter two being in unincorporated Fayette County.

Developer Southern Pines Plantation plans to market the homes in the $350,000 price range on lots of about 1/3 acre each. While that was deemed too small for some, city staff said the lot size was comparable to about 10 different subdivisions in Braelinn Village.

The subdivision will have a 60-foot wide landscaped buffer along Ga. Highway 74 and also a 50-foot buffer along the remainder of the perimeter. Also SPP is committing to building a cart path to reach the Meade fields and also connecting the Meade restrooms to sewer as part of the development package.

Fleisch suggested that the two office buildings, which will be no more than two stories, use architecture that is more residential in character than the nearby Starr’s Mill medical complex. SPP representatives and City Planner David Rast said they were fine with implementing that change.

Without the one-time fees for the initial development, city staff predicts that the new subdivision will actually have a positive cash flow for the city, although minimal, over 10 years. The city’s calculations, cached as “best guesses,” showed a positive impact of $74,000 over that decade-long time frame.



This is the most comprehensive of their reign of errors.

First, you get a developer to get the key council member sucked in...not hard to do when they earn their living selling homes. Not just any homes...better leave that one alone.

Then, you make up fictitious issues. Septic failures at Meade Fields. Show us the proof. The documents stating failures, other than neglect by staff and years of lack of proper maintenance. Somerby needs city sewer. Show us the proof. When did they say they need it. Those are the 2 big lies to start with. WASA, you 3 say? Come on, let's get to the bottom of what role the recent WASA goings on really have to do with this approval. No games going on there, now were there?

Continue with made up numbers that were presented by staff under threat of "show me figures that I can support approving this in two weeks or else". Read between the lines on that one. Or else what? Cut my department budget back and blame in on lack of money? Claim lots of waste going on? Continued insults at meetings where staff heads are presented with, "You can do better than that now can't you? Just cut it and do it."

Have your PD and FD make the most ridiculous claims of all. No, there will be no impact at all by adding 77 more acres, 90 more homes, 2 office buildings. All at the farthest city border where there is no fire station and all departments have to travel the farthest to get there. We will never have to set foot there and will just ignore that fact that it will exist. Forever. This will never affect our taxes, ever, in provided city services. There will never be any crime, no fires, no medical emergencies, no public works issues, no citizen complaints, no nothing. It is a southern border utopia. It will be renames "The Fakes" when it is finally finished in about 15-20 years.

Have a paid gun hired by the developer make claims of traffic counts that are not backed up by any traffic study done for this site. No traffic study done for a gateway piece of land that has a 4 lane divided highway and the busiest direct route to Fayetteville south of 54. Add the largest school zone complex in this county within yards, a daycare center adjacent to it and (the who cares element of) adding to the path system. No issue with the path extension. Not to be concerned with the additional burden (remember, no burden will exist in utopia) of maintaining the path extension, the tunnel, the isolation of the Meade Fields from any oversight after dark and when unused. After all, the hundreds of memory care patients and nursing home residents will make sure the place is safe, just as the PD mentioned the Towne Club crowd who roam the paths do now while 4 wheeling it on their multitude of 4 and 2 wheel personal vehicles. Who can forget how safe that area has been with no police monitoring.

Just remember if you price homes at $350k, the ones who will live there will never use city services and will never be heard from or seen except when they give all their free time and all their leftover tons of money to the city out of the graciousness of their hearts in exchange for the privilege of living in utopia.

All for the price of? A budget next year that will not give the incumbents any reason to have to justify a tax increase or service cuts or anything less than the rosy world of developers of more of the same and builders who could give a crap about the resale value of the subdivisions they have just built outside the city limits and construction of homes that will forever keep this city the wonderland that it was...10 and more years ago.

Keep "voters of yes" close to your hearts, voters of PTC. Return the love on voting day in Nov. of 2013.

These 3 just secured my no vote!


10 year positive cash flow.
Schools can handle more students
No problems for police or fire
New housing starts are beginning to show
increases across the US
Affordable price for young families

Previous Options:
-Low Temp Manufacturing-mostly minimum wage jobs commuting into the city
-Another shopping center

Ok, so what that we have an aging population in PTC and almost no growth.

Why would we want young families moving and living here. Some may actually start businesses here and send their children to our government schools.

Shame on you city council members for voting on what appears to be something that might make sense!

PTC entrance from Fayetteville on Hwy 54, Publix shopping center and trailer park.
PTC entrance from Fulton county on Hwy 74, Target shopping center (very well hidden)
PTC entrance from Coweta county on Hwy 54, gas stations, Walmart, Home Depot
PTC entrance from south Fayette, houses & office buildings

Don't understand why anyone would prefer something else.

Property owner could have selected to go a different route and put on anything else. Gas station (probably needed), factory, ect...

Not sure why people are stuck on campaign rhetoric. Our elected officials have to look and vote on the facts as they are presented to them. If my elected officials close their minds over an answer to a campaign question, then they are not doing any of us any good. They have to vote on each issue based on the facts. I am impressed that the three voted yes, since the facts supported this annexation.

What facts?

Whose facts?

The city staff predicts positive cashe flow, (though minimal) over 10 years.

Vehicular traffic will be lower with homes vs. a shopping center

A shopping center, which was another potential development would a. Add traffic, b. Reduce PTC revenue since this was county land, c. PTC would lose control over any say in this gateway

I don't have the knowledge of the residential stock, nor do I posess the ability to predict the future, but if a developer is telling us, he can sell homes, who am I to stop thier entrepreneaural goals. Remember, the banks are not going to provide money to let houses sit anymore. This developer has studied the property and hired people to evaluate ways that he can make a profit. This is a win-win in my estimation.

Take a slow drive down Dividend. Take Mr. Haddix with you. Take a close look at all of the facilities that have realor signs out front. I lost count, but there were too many facilities that need occupants. How about a push to fill these up first. It seems the largest and most active facility was A Better Way, paying minimum wage to people I wouldnt let on my property.

down Dividend. Yes, hundreds of office complexes there. Get your facts straight, then comment. Office/Institutional, Office/Institutional is not Industrial Park Dividend Dr. A Better much have you done to get them shut down? What is the reason they are thriving? Again, get some facts then comment.

10 years positive cash flow? Really? What did the presentation say? Did it say that? Then, what about years 11 thru 50, which is how long these homes will be sitting there, minimum. Oh wait, you won't be here, just let it go for now. It sure looks puurty when the construction crews are just putting that lumber up, at least till I am no longer around. Makes it look like I live in a really high income city and I just won't drive around and look at some of the dumpy old homes that are here built years ago and wonder where the concern is on the part of the realtors and the developers about that little talked about segment of the city. Utopia, you have utopia-itis.

You don't have to attend a meeting anymore. They have podcasts now

You don't have to comment on my comments as you don't know who you are talking to. As usual.


Of course I know who I'm talking to

Do you claim Harry?

sure thing Ollie

Just like 'Harry', I have no idea who 'Ollie' is. If youdon't want to answer the question, you can just say 'none of your business' and I'll just ignore future posts by Harry.

You confused me which is not hard to do.
There were 2 Harrys involved with the 3 Stooges
Harry Horwitz who was Moe. (Moses Harry Horwitz)
And Harry Cohn who was president of Coumbia Pictures at the time who produced the 3 Stooges.

Which Harry are you referring to?

The one who made several posts as Harry Sussberg!

I saw that
Harry Sussman, no don't know him but that is close!

Robert W. Morgan's picture

Drivel. Good word, dontcha think?

Live free or die!

I saw that
Harry Sussman, no don't know him but that is close!

I'm related to all Sussbergs, no Sussbags and whatever that pompous "professional politico" Mr Pfeifer called me!

Oh, Ollie and Stanley = Laurel & Hardy

My apologies Larry Sussberg, I made a bad decision.

Take a look at the latest Arrest records from PTC ..
Sometimes things ARE just ,,,funny,, coincidental,,

"""Timothy J. Sussman, born in 1984, of South Peachtree Parkway, Peachtree City, for false statements and writings and false report of crime."""

I'm not related to that person nor have I met him before. Sussman is a very common name.
Also not sure why I was brought up in this conversion at all. But just to set the record straight I'm not using my real name. My cat's name is harry. I'm just really worried about the students in fayette county and I made some comments. I did not mean to offend anyone.

Not to worry Harry, I just had a brain fart with names--'twas the "Suss" part that got me all hosed up. Ahh, the sweetness of it all!

Here comes another letter to the editor!

Just remember 2 words when you read it "LOW TEMP"

Robert W. Morgan's picture

You seem to be making up stuff that has nothing to do with annexation and rezoning or else you were in every single public and private meeting or conversation on this topic and everyone there was completely crazy. No moe, Larry and Husband carry the day on this one. Annexing it was the right thing to do.

Still curious about George's no vote. Reasons about school, the economy and the resale housing market seem irrelevant to what a city council is supposed to consider. Remember when you get too far afield and say things that may prejudice the rest of city council, you all get sued and we wind up with Sec. 8 for seniors.

Speaking of resales, the developer said 2 different things - 1 was that the houses would be $350,000 - and that's fine, won't need ay of them for several years. Then he said 10 to 20% above resale houses on the market - that would be $250,000 or $275,000 as the resale listings average about $225,000. So which is it? I do believe the banks will control this more than the developer will, so I think getting anything built much above $250,000 is highly unlikely especially on those Bob Adams-sized lots. Again, none of that is a reason to approve or disapprove the project - just an observation. And I am glad it is approved and under the city's control as opposed to leaving up in the air for the new young Turks on county commission to deal with.

Live free or die!

Mike King's picture

...Both Larry and Husband are correct in that it was the sensible thing to have control on the southern border. I do hope that it will be well into Romney's first term before the residential construction begins because to make this work will require an economic turnaround which I see as eighteen months out minimum with an Obama defeat.

George is likely looking to garner support where he can find it, and siding with the addled one only demonstrates this.

What does trouble me is Ms Fleisch's flowery remarks to the presenter which does make sense considering her real estate background, but coming from the dais I simply saw it as being a tad bit over the top.

Having it under city control vice the county is certainly the better option.

But I had just read an article about Gwinnett County's Shirley Lasseter and my mind was tainted.


I stand by my statements. My vote had nothing to do with who was voting on either side of the issue. As I stated, I believe that we are headed into a double dip recession. An empty subdivision does not make for a "gateway" into the school. Additionally, the school data was skewed- it did not take into account potential school closings. While the elementary school has some room, the middle school and high school were at 82 and 85 percent capacity. This, and the fact that the overwhelming majority of those that contacted me were against the project, caused me to vote no.

I was garnering support from no one on this- just acting in what I believe were the best interests of the city.

Mike King's picture

Should Mr Obama be reelected your belief of a double dip recession is very apt to be correct. On the other hand, should he lose the effects of an economic recovery would begin to be recognized very early on simply because of the optimism Mr Romney brings to the table.

Either way, very little will be done physically on the property until well after the new year which makes me believe the city staff duped the five of you into making your decision too early. A three week delay would/should have been in order.

It's all water under the bridge now.

I was at one meeting on this, which is more than I'm sure you or any of your siamese blog friends were at.

Selling this future of this city out for short term impact fees will leave this city for years beyond with no plan, higher service needs, more infrastructure upkeep and ultimately higher taxes will come into play. What haven't you learned in the last 3 years with our budget? 50 years of build, build, build and no forethought to the consequence years down the road are what we have now.

Keep playing the Section 8 game. Very pathetic. The rest of the city already knows the suit was brought because ALL councilors who voted NO on Hearthside (Imker, Fleisch, Learnard included)did so without doing their homework before they voted. This time, they really stepped it up with forced fake numbers and stats done by a staff that is faced with "do it our way, make it look good, we have the votes to say yes". I have no intention of changing your outdated mindset. Could care less. Nor the others you love to butt-kiss with on here. Young Turks, you say? Man, anyone under 60-65 would fit in that category for you.

Dondol's picture

lied to by your elected officials? I guess integrity is something these three just don't have, Kim Learnard, Vanessa Fleisch and Eric Imker all straight out lied to you, their bosses. It has always been my experience that if someone will lie to you they will steal from you also. So whats next, are these three stooges going to fall inline with our lying, stealing mayor and take us for $10,000. each. Maybe not but they just cost us much more with the added cost to emergency services and such. You three are just a POS!

Before you write that letter to the editor, how about sending it my way for a little proofreading? I would be happy to give the letter and a red pen to my 4th grader so he can help you.

RKS's picture

All you supporters should take a drive down 314 and look at the subdivision that never got finished, it's near Lowe's/Pavillion. That's what happens when developers and builders can't sell homes and run out of money to build. What would have been wrong with leave the property as it is....certainly doesn't hurt to have greenspace now does it?

Mike King's picture

Your preference on green space likely wasn't considered by the property owners when they made the decision to sell the tract. Likely, the developers and builders that created the subdivision in which you reside didn't either. Surely, you're not advocating a double standard?

RKS's picture

I simply stated, what was wrong with leaving it alone? I didnt' advocate anything. I pointed out that at the Pavillion you get look at ugliness in an unfinished subdivision because the economy sucks.

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