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PTC heading for more stormwater debt?

The Peachtree City Council has taken the first step toward issuing more debt to pay for capital stormwater projects, and perhaps additional maintenance personnel.

At Thursday’s meeting, council approved a resolution that allows the city to be reimbursed for preliminary expenses in a financing of up to $7.5 million.

Still up in the air is the specific project list, the possible inclusion of additional maintenance employees, and how much all of that might translate in the form of an increase to residents’ sewer bills.

In May, city staff suggested the stormwater bills could be doubled, which in the case of a residential property would increase to between $63 and $142 a year, up from the current range of $32-$72.

The stormwater fee is also assessed on businesses, schools and even churches to help fund infrastructure repair, improvements and maintenance of the city’s stormwater collection system.

Mayor Don Haddix voted against the resolution, saying he preferred to get the city’s spending under control before proceeding with an increase in stormwater fees.

“I know we need stormwater money, I know, but as I said before when it comes to property taxes I am not prepared to vote for any increase in anything until we get our spending adjusted,” Haddix said.

In the May proposal, Public Works Director Mark Caspar suggested adding several employees to increase the level of stormwater pipe maintenance. Currently when a stormwater pipe is replaced, Caspar has to take his crew off maintenance projects to replace the pipe.

The new hires would cost the city about $358,246 a year according to Caspar’s projections.

As for the new capital projects, those under consideration include rehabilitation of the Rockspray Pond, the Kedron ponds, the Harbor Loop drainage system and the Golfview Drive drainage system.

Other projects in the mix include repairs to the BCS Pond, pipe lining in the area of Woodsdale and Lenox Road and also other pipe lining projects throughout the city.

The city is close to depleting its stormwater funds from revenue bonds that were issued in 2006, officials said.



Most of us in PTC have probably just received the mailed invitation from the PTCWSA inviting us to its Anniversary celebration on 3 NOV! Really? Here's a few ideas: Save the funds from this mailing, the 'celebration', the staff overtime for scheduling the event on a weekend and stop the 2-sided full-color newsletter the WSA feels compelled to mail each year. Focus on stormwater issues. Let the city send a link to any news the WSA feels the public needs to know in the excellent weekly 'PTC Updates' newsletter sent by email.

I'm with you--what is there to celebrate anyway? Will we get an invitation to celebrate the anniversary of switching to private landscapers, etc? Just how much is this costing US? Invitations, postage, time etc--also agree about the newsletter. I really don't need and don't care about receiving this junk mail. Send as iten in PTC Updates newsletter sent by e-mail. I am being taxed right out of Peachtree City and an anniversary party for something I did not want in the first place does not make me feel warm and fuzzy. More wasteful spending.

This appears to be one of the clever attributes of a "stormwater utility". They get a credit card with $7.5 million credit on it and don't have to have an approved budget. So when the sole source engineering firm or law firm says "I have a project that will cost you $50,000" the Stormwater guys say "Where do we mail your check?" . And they don't take bids on much of the work. This whole thing stinks.

long time probably remember Corelli's when it was next to Brandon's Liquor Store on 54. They are back, located at 54 Carriage Oak Drive in Tyrone. Went there for a meeting last night and the food was as good as it always was and the deserts were fantastic! We all had one of the chef's concoctions for desert, think it was called a Zappoli or something close. Pastry filled with mascapone and drizzled with the most delicious warm chocolate I have ever tasted and I know chocolate! Meals are reasonable and huge portions, with enough to take home for lunch or dinner next day. Place is small, just four or five tables. It is a deli, market, restaurant all rolled into one. My fear is that people won't find it and it goes out of business. They are closed on Sunday and are only open from 10 am to 8 pm the other days. It is still all family run as it was before--If you want a good Italian meal at a good price with friendly service stop by and see for yourself. I have no other reason for mentioning this except for the fact that I would hate to see another good eating place go out of business for lack of customers; and this one is worth saving.

NUK_1's picture

Hope they pay their damn taxes this time :)I'll definitely check it out because I always liked it! I can remember going to all of their locations after they moved around from Brandon's area, the Industrial Park/Huddleston to I guess Braelinn Shopping Ctr was the last stop?

I saw that a restaurant with that name had opened in Tyrone but didn't think it was the same owners as I thought the husband fled the country over not paying payroll taxes and the wife took the fall and was doing some time.

(one of the wives) was our waitress and the niece also worked the floor and the nieces's husband was the chef. From what I was told by MaryAnn there is also a Corelli's in Ft. Lauderdale and the other Corelli brother runs that one. Not sure which brother is here in Tyrone--. Was also told that they all hold other jobs and work in the family restaurant during off hours from those jobs. Not sure just what happened with all that other situation--but food is good and service good so I will definitely go back and as i said desserts are out of this world!

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Ate there again last night with daughter......Mayor Bloomberg would not approve of just how much food they give you! More take home and just excellent. I had sausage/peppers on penne and daughter had tortellini aldredo she called "amazing." We were both way too stuffed to even consider dessert which is getting to be a habit.

Talked to the owners for quite a while as I recognized them from Braelinn and Huddleston and they recognized me which kind of shocked me, definitely the same folks as before. They apparently have 4 corelli's in FL and have leased the vacant space next to them in the Tyrone shopping center and are about to knock down walls and expand their present location. I recommend this place highly for those who weren't around in FC when corelli's was here before. Great food, humongous quantities, and really really nice people. Well done!

great, portions are humongous and deserts are out of this world and price is right. Haven't been there for a while since I have been fighting a 'bug' but glad to hear they are still do great and will be expanding. Hope they hang around.

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people. The one at Brandon's was great. Many days had a sandwich for lunch and got some great Italian take-home dinner.

I think the Braelinn one involved some extended family and there was a big bad problem, more serious than payroll taxes at the end.

Live free or die!

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