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Ex-boyfriend, out on probation, admits to golf cart assault

A jilted boyfriend has admitted to brazenly assaulting his former girlfriend

and another woman by dousing a golf cart with gasoline and setting it on fire while the women were still inside the vehicle, police said Friday.

Austin Michael Puddy, 19, of Aster Ridge Trail, Peachtree City ,was unhappy about the pair’s recent break-up, and he confronted the victim on a cart path behind 576 Crosstown Court Oct. 17, said Peachtree City Police Capt. Rosanna Dove.

At least one of the victims suffered minor injuries and both victims’ clothes had singe marks from the blaze, Dove said. The victims were able to escape the golf cart before it became engulfed in flames, Dove said.

Puddy is currently serving a year on probation for contributing to the delinquency of a minor after he pled guilty to that charge Sept. 16 when State Court prosecutors dropped a misdemenaor charge of statutory rape relating to a 15-year-old victim. Puddy was arrested on that offense back in February.

Puddy remains in the Fayette County Jail pending a bond hearing for the golf cart assault case, officials said. Puddy has been charged with two counts of aggravated assault and one count each of first degree arson, making a terroristic threat or act and criminal damage to property in the second degree.

The golf cart was completely destroyed by the fire, but when police and firefighters first arrived they were led to believe the golf cart had somehow sparked to cause the fire, Dove said.

The girls did not come forward about the assault at the time likely because Puddy had remained on the scene, as they later admitted they were scared to tell police what had really happened, Dove said.

Days later police were told that the fire was intentionally set by Puddy, who was subsequently interviewed and confessed to taking a bottle of gasoline and dousing the golf cart during the confrontation, using a lighter to start the fire, Dove said.

Police have also collected the victims’ clothing which had singe marks, Dove said.



Mike King's picture

"The girls did not come forward about the assault at the time likely because Puddy had remained on the scene, as they later admitted they were scared to tell police what had really happened, Dove said." Says a lot about the confidence in our local police force.

At 19 years of age, does anyone see a court granting him less than a ten year stint in the state pen?

They don't usually "snitch."

Well once the jury finds him guilty, yes.

Do you trust all witnesses?

Did they find the gas can? Was the fire by gasoline?

hutch866's picture

Read the article fool, he confessed.

I yam what I yam

I read it, I knew that.
He can change that any time up to sentence!

Maybe his girlfriend might come back if she thinks she jailed him!

That is why we have trials!

Never seen such a bunch wanting to hang everyone immediately.

You said "he can change that any time up to sentence". After the jury's verdict is back (which comes before sentencing), it won't make any difference what he says. Maybe you oughta go down and watch a few trials--if you can find your way to the courthouse. If you get lost again, we'll send Sue back out! She's got your scent and we've got your number!

I don't know what your problem is but you know what I meant about changing of pleas, it happens often.

Just quit hanging people upon reading a stupid blurb! We have a justice system that though not perfect, is required.

Quit trying to impress other red-neks with your "tough on crime" stuff.

That's about all of your post that is pertinent. I don't need to impress anybody around here about being tough on crime because most folks are not asleep. And no, I don't know what you meant about "changing of pleas" I only know what you posted. Good Lord, if I could ascertain what you "meant" by your postings, I might be able to ascertain some good lottery numbers. About the same logic. Sleep on.

You are trying to insinuate that anyone who pleads guilty to an officer can not change his plea! Even if drunk, psychotic, or fearful!
You assume him guilty as charged when he pleads guilty.

Even John McCain eventually called us as Americans bad people in writing, after of course severe beatings, psychological treatment of fear, broken bones, and hanging backward for hours in severe pain with beatings!

He later changed his plea!

Tell me something, do you think Lindsey Lohan or these crooked GA bankers should plead guilty? Should Bush admit management and regulation failures for our condition?

You fool no one---your judgment is sufficient.

ptctaxpayer's picture

Same Ole Hutch....Trashing away on anybody and everybody. On occasion he demands that a politician respond to his childish inquiries. When the politician intelligently ignores him he then makes some stupid pronouncement about "That proves my point". I'm amused, Hutch, I'll say that.

TP, maybe you're just pissed because he stole your thunder----or are you just soft on crime? So Hutch is tough on crime--just like we all should be. He didn't mis-state or mischaracterize anything. Oh, you do understand "probation" don't you?

Who isn't tought on sane crime once found guilty, except for Momma sometimes?
If we could be just as tough on lying radio idiots, then we might progress.

Having a bad day are we? Maybe a day off from the computer would be good--or maybe a month.

hutch866's picture

Please, PLEASE, show me where I "Trashed" on anyone on this thread. I admit I did say this boy confessed, so kiss my ass. Amused now? If you're a Brown clown more power to you. The fact remains, that I asked Brown several questions when he was running for office. Not ONCE did he answer my questions, not ONCE. I'm amused that you have Dice as your avatar, I believe that tells a lot about you, and ain't much of it amusing. Now, I'll wait while you get back to me about the TRASHING thing, I'm dying to see where I said anything about this kid. You remind me of ol' Crispy Bacon, he puts word, or opinions on me too, but when push comes to shove, can't back it up.

I yam what I yam

Now hutch, maybe you haven't trashed Bush or Reagan, but not many others, including me, have suffered and escaped your rough cut thorns repeatedly--usually writing it up to frustration, and thinking you are out of your mind and can be forgiven!

Hang em high at arrest!

ptctaxpayer's picture

Hutch List of Hissy Fits

- Trashed on CHR: calling him a "fool". (His point-- with a roulette style system of justice with a bedwetting DA and worthless judges, he's right in wondering what will happen. Confession? So what. He'll walk right back in to his family's cuddly arms.)
- Trashed on the kids at the Starrs Mill Football game
- Trashed on Steve Brown
- Trashed on another local politician who would not respond to your nonsense

I could go on and on and on.....Like I said, I get amused by tired old dudes like you that never spout a worthwhile contribution here.

You are having a "hissy fit" over someone else complaining? Why?

What starrs mill football game? Is that here on the citizen web page.

Trashed on Steve Brown(?) or is hutch complaining about a politician who can't answer questions?

What other local politician did he complain about, I missed it?

I thought the purpose of the blogs was to comment on local news?

Hutch has made some very notable contributions on this blog site. The one that is the most memorable is his campaign to help a young girl struggling with a brain tumor. He also participated in the St.Baldricks foundation campaign to raise money for pediatric cancer research.

Just because you don't agree with someone doesn't make them wrong or right, and it doesn't make your opinion wrong or right either.

ptctaxpayer's picture

More low-hanging Hutch Fruit:

"Bottom line, if the kid is stupid, so are the parents, but it's mostly the parents."

That's a heckuva a nice way to start the day there Huckster.

hutch866's picture

Just my opinion man, I believe it's my right to have one, regardless of what you think. Now if these are hissy fits like you say, then you're pitching one right now. I'm always willing to discuss things face to face, come have coffee sometime, and lets hear some of your opinions.

I yam what I yam

hutch866's picture

BTW, post the whole post, don't just take one line out of context, and, do you really want to start calling names? What a hypocrite you are, you climb my ass for doing something, and then turn around and do it yourself.

I yam what I yam

hutch866's picture

C'mon Delusional, Diva---
ptctaxpayer's picture
Submitted by ptctaxpayer on Mon, 06/01/2009 - 1:02pm.

C'mon Delusional, Diva--- just yell louder. Do some more cut and paste. Get some Jesse Jackson training tapes. Just because it has been proven that even a monkey can fly an airplane, researchers have yet to get a chimp to engage in intelligent political discussion.

Here he is going after a...Gasp...politician. For some reason he's allowed but I'm not....Wow, is that a reality
ptctaxpayer's picture
Submitted by ptctaxpayer on Thu, 02/23/2006 - 11:33am.

Wow, is that a reality disconnect. Linda and Greg both love doing the podium slash and burn thing, usually without any warning. Sure, you're fair game if you step. But don't try to fool us, Janet, by claiming that Greg and Linda have manners. They don't. You will never, ever see Randall trashing on someone. So what if it is a county employee ? Without the Free Speech they would be fully silenced

Here he goes again, at least I'll give the whole post.....
I'll take the hot seat, Hack
ptctaxpayer's picture
Submitted by ptctaxpayer on Wed, 04/16/2008 - 11:01am.

I'll take the hot seat, Hack, as long as you are not flying the plane.

Hack says: "My neighbors, and many other PTCers voted FOR Eric to get him OUT OF PTC COURT! Ask around. We saw no other way to get him off of the bench here locally." WOW, what a problem solver you are !

So if Hack has a bad flight crew instead of solving the problem he dumps it on another pilot. Way to go !

WOW, what a solution---- give Maxwell more responsibility and make him somebody else's problem. You are exactly the kind of American who made Congress so dysfunctional.

I could go on, but why, I'll tell you what diceman, get your own backyard in order, then come talk to me, till then you're just another hypocrite yelling do as I say, not as I do.

I yam what I yam

ptctaxpayer's picture

More low-hanging Hutch Fruit:

"Bottom line, if the kid is stupid, so are the parents, but it's mostly the parents."

That's a heckuva a nice way to start the day there Huckster.

NUK_1's picture

Did you miss the part about this piece of crap dude CONFESSING to setting the golf cart on fire while they were in it?

You don't know the difference between a primary and a general election and you cannot comprehend what you read, all because you have to post 30 times a day or so on every subject.

See note to scribbler on "confession." We are always sending poeple to the chair who are innocent.

Brown was elected in primary! No competition, he can vote for himself and he is in! If that isn't elected I don't know what is!

when you just have to put the dog down.

On probation for rape and then this.

I'm sure there are still those out there that think Manson can be rehabilitated; I'm just not one of them.

you truly sicken me.

that's what he'll be for the big boyz when he goes to the big house. I drove by this crime scene the other day when the PD and FD were there analyzing the damage. The intensity of the fire melted the asphalt and burned the bushes into the woods. Considering the dry conditions, this fire could have gone all the way over into Village Green if it hadn't been contained. The only remains of the cart was the frame, per the investigators.
If this danger to society ever sees the light of day outside a prison window, it will be a travesty. I can't imagine the terror these women experienced. I pray for them. And thank you to the PD and FD for your persistence in the investigation.

AGAIN...FANTASIZE ABOUT VIOLENT GAY PRISON SEX MUCH? Police have dropped the charges because it was an accident!!! IDIOT!

He has that to look forward to.

jackmehog's picture

Hopefully he'll spend years in some hard core rump-pounding prison. Bwahahaha!

How sad for all of you - this is a 19 year old with some serious anger management issues. How dare any of you post nasty comments regarding someone you don't know. And the "victims" - well, that's another story altogether!!

What has happened to society? Let's pray and hope Austin gets back on the right path!! His parents are grief stricken as are his grandparents. We love him and will do everything in our power to help him.

Please show some compassion - he clearly needs help.

C'mon April, he admitted to setting the cart on fire--and that means he's a 2-time loser! He's got more than anger management problems. Probation was his chance to "get back on the right path" and he flunked the course.

Pretty tired of the common response pattern when defending those who break the law -- and then get caught and charged...

[quote=aprilburger]<em>How dare any of you post nasty comments <strong>regarding someone you don't know.</strong></em>[/quote]

When someone commits a crime and is arrested and charged with same; their behavior, record, and trial just moved into the arena of public disclosure and opinion.

On the other hand....
Remaining informed about the law-abiding and orderly atmosphere in our neighborhoods is quite important -- and worthy of note and discussion.

[quote=aprilburger]<em> His parents are grief stricken as are his grandparents.</em>[/quote]

I am sure they remain filled with regret for their son's / grandson's recent foray into the dark territory of repetitive and flagrant criminal activity.

The facts speak for themselves:
This young man respects neither the personal safety and property of others...
--Nor the system of laws to which we all subscribe...

[quote=aprilburger]<em>... he clearly needs help.

I agree wholeheartedly.

In these cases where parents, extended family, school, church, and peers fail to "get through" to young people in the formative years-- the criminal justice system almost inevitably ends up being the "schoolmaster". Sad yes... but very true indeed.

Wouldn't it be great if there were some creative and additional forms of "preventive maintenance"?? To get into these young minds with some of the hard facts of life and gravity of these kinds of consequences?? Before the handcuffs "CLICK" ??

I expect young Puddy now wishes he had known ahead of time:

Real life can be very tough enough
.... even when doing one's best to "live right"--

Real life is often "not fair"--
... especially in forging relationships...


Their are genuine--occasionally strict and harsh-- consequences for crossing the boundaries of civil decency and law.





[quote=saddened]<em>YOU ARE A VILE PIG.</em>[/quote]

[quote=saddened]<em>you truly sicken me. </em>[/quote]

[quote=saddened]<em>GET A LIFE.</em>[/quote]

Is that all there is...??

Arcane... trite... spewing vitriol while attempting cheap punch-line comebacks??

Do you understand the meaning of intellectual honesty??
You know what this is... right?? Sure you do-- you're a smart little girl...

It's being truthful and forthright in your own mind about what is going on here?
a.k.a. -- using your brain to think it through before typing and posting....

All of your back-biting, sniping and name-calling to the other contributors here??
Is that all there is??

Is this what they teach you in language arts these days??

You don't have to agree with anyone--

...or even like what others offer for consideration on this board...

--but everyone has a right to post their opinions, wild-guesses, and marginal prison satire... just like you!

Everyone learns a boatload about you-- when we read your "sad" posts.

Saddened....It's just "sad"...

jackmehog's picture

He'll get plenty of help from his new Daddy in prison - but he'll probably have a hard time walkin' if he ever gets out! "Anger management" my a** - this kid is a punk. Maybe Granny will bake him a cake with files in it!

You clearly have violent gay sex on your mind. SICKO.

Lock him up and throw away the key. Lock his parents up with him.

The real question april is how dare you, or his family think that this community should have to put up with this psychotic antisocial behavior???? This kind of behavior didn't happen overnight. How long has this antisocial behavior continued without punishment, discipline or any consequences??? Did they really expect this rabid animal to discipline himself?? If his parents were afraid to discipline him why didn't they send it to boot camp at the first sign of trouble?

Our lawmen have become so competent,
That an arrest is sufficient proof.
Why not off to prison they be sent?
Unless they are among the aloof!

Robberies by locals in large bunches,
Seem to not make the lists for awhile.
Not until all possible of the hunches
Have been parsed, resolved, of bile.

We have fear of face to face crimes,
But overlook those who work in dark.
Theft of assets sneakily makes for rhymes.
Bankers can steal enough to fill a park!

We have no fear of trillions robbed
Nor do we listen to those who sobbed!

The paper reports what the police charge them with and some interpret that as gospel--which it may be, or not.

My Sonnet above is simply trying to say that we have an unequal system of justice. That is primarily caused by our fear of some criminals and no fear of others.
We assume some people will learn, and we assume some others will not.

Several women for instance in recent years have killed several of their children by drowning, one after another, or in a car with them tied in, and one shot her husband in the back with a shot gun, killing him.

Neither of those women served any time in prison and are certainly not "crazy" today, as they are out and free mixing with sympathetic people every day.

I can't imagine what some of these dudes on here would say if the same things happened here, especially by those we fear the most!

I would foresee pitchfork and tar and feather people at the courthouse or jail! Some in white hoods. Some stomping heads into concrete.

Three homes, for instance, in one neighborhood were robbed very recently in PTC. No reports as yet!

Lock his parents up with him? He is 19 years old. He will do what he wants to do. Regardless of how his parents punished him he would have done something to get himself in trouble. His parents have no control over what he does. He is a "big boy" and its obveous he had no regard to what his parents would have said to him anyhow. I think 10 years in jail will teach him a better lesson than his parents giving him a slap on the butt. Dont you think?

How long have you been riding that high and mighty horse? "RABID ANIMAL"?? REALLY??? Dig for some truths before you cast your first stone.

Anyone who would throw gas on another human being is a RABID ANIMAL!!!

If you condone that kind of anti-social criminal behavior you are a rabid animal also.

Some of us recognize this kid from the cart paths. As someone else indicated on here he is a troubled kid to be sure, but that still is no excuse for that kind of criminal behavior. Regardless of any abuse he received as a kid there is no excuse for this kind of behavior. NONE!!

I doubt he can be rehabilitated. Just lock him up away from the rest of us. We don't need to be subjected to his rabid anti-social behavior.

Again this kind of anti-social out of control behavior doesn't happen overnight. This kid had to have been showing signs of trouble for a long time. The parents are at least partially at fault for letting this rabid behavior continue on unchecked for this long period of time. Animals like this kid don't happen overnight. They are molly coddled by parents who are totally out to lunch
Stop having kids if you won't discipline them.

I agree sad for society that people just 'accept' the spoon fed twist on this jaded "sensationalized" post!!! The truth of the entire situation has not been brought to light. The people who read this need to keep into consideration that not everything you read in print is despicable for the editor/publisher submitting this defamation to rely soley on what is capitulated in records through emotional admission. My heart goes out to Austin's parents, grandparents and close relatives as well as Austin. I pray also for compassion from the general public. Do not judge what you do not know based on what is printed in languished forums!!!

Myra Elaine Johnston

We all have skeletons and there is no excuse for lawful defiance, but there may just be other issues involved in this delicate situation which no one is privy too....just saying, don't be so cruel in these comments. I am truly saddened for the harsh commentaries left at the expense of this family.

Myra Elaine Johnston

Sorry, don't see a "jaded, sensationalized" post here. Just one question: do you have any info to contradict that Puddy admitted to setting the golf cart on fire? That's the only issue here. Sure there may be other issues involved but regardless of what they are, they're secondary to the major charge here. Plus the fact that he was already on probation, which he clearly has violated. Let's see your rebuttal of charges.

AtHOmeGym...anonymously real name is out there, no shame in my comments...who are you? Any info I may or may not have is irrelevant to this judgmental forum!! As I stated in an addendum post which followed your anonymous retort before it was posted....there is no excuse for breaking the law/violating probation. My issue here is that there are a lot of probable underlying afflictions involved here that warrant a little more investigation/compassion before posting such a scandolous dipiction of someone who may be suffering emotionally. Also, the parties involved may not have been quoted verbatim!! We live in a 'spin-doctored' society where drama 'sells'!!
God forbid your child or someone you are close too child befalls such a horrible would you feel if your life was out there for the world to berate you? No parent is perfect and no child is perfect and we live in such a debaucherous media filled society!! It makes it almost impossible to raise a child with absolute values and virtue, but we do the best we can. My heart aches for the challenges I face myself a mother of a young son, who I know will face the hardships of these pressures.
My charge is this....try not to use this 'blogdom' or whatever this is to ridicule and hurt the family already suffering from this misfortune....who are we to cast stones?

Myra Elaine Johnston

PTC Observer's picture

You mean innocent until proven guilty? Novel concept in this world of instant news, isn't it?

Everyone needs to give it a rest and let the system work it out.

Well said!

You don't see "jaded/sensationalized" here because you don't know any of the facts.



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