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Abortion stances reveal core issue in American society

In a Bible study I’m now involved in, the instructor said there were five reasons for Adam and Eve to eat the forbidden fruit: 1) a desire for something beautiful; 2) a twisting of words by the Serpent; 3) a desire for power (knowledge of good and evil); 4) a suspicion that God was holding out on them; and 5) lack of trust in the loving providence of God.

This really made me think of abortion and how it fits into all of these primeval motivations.

We abort our children because we desire the beauty of a life unencumbered by the burdens of raising a child. We fantasize that our lives will be so much better if only children are not in it, at least at this stage in the game. We may also even fear losing our own beauty as a result of pregnancy.

We are convinced to abort by twisted words. The child is only a “glob of cells”; it’s a just a matter of choice; don’t tell me what to do with my body (forgetting that there’s actually two bodies involved); it’s all about privacy.

We desire power over our bodies and lives and do not want to cede control or influence to the unborn child. We want to be freed of the shackles of our physical reality and exercise complete dominion over our bodies.

Even if we don’t believe in God, we feel that an unwanted pregnancy is going to deny us something greater, that the good we had in store will now be permanently delayed.

And again, even if we don’t believe in God, we can’t trust that our lives will work out well, and even good, with an unwanted child. If we do believe in God, we simply don’t trust in God’s goodness and that all will be well even in the midst of the fear and uncertainty of an unwanted pregnancy.

I guess what I’m saying is that abortion is not a small issue, or one that can simply be relegated to “social issues.” It is a core issue in our society because of how it parallels with the core experience of our spiritual parents, the experience that condemned humanity to a proclivity to sin and to push away God instead of embracing him.

I know this is all quite religious language and I’m going to be re-labeled “Taliban Trey” and told to keep my God out of the public square, but until we realize how abortion undermines our collective good by using violence towards the most innocent and vulnerable persons in our community to solve a “problem,” we’ll continue to struggle to solve every other problem that plagues us.

Trey Hoffman

Peachtree City, Ga.



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Selfishness is not always the driving force in the decision to have an abortion. Years ago, in the town I grew up in, there was a girl who grew into a woman who was severely mentally delayed. Her mother was not much more advanced and could not teach her daughter the ways of life and hoe to take care of herself. The young woman was found to be pregnant at 16. She was pregnant again the next year, and the next. She had a total of 5 children because of neighborhood boys taking advantage of of her mental disability. The situation was truly sad. See, I'm not so much in support of abortion, but this was a situation where I think the young woman should not have been having babies. Most all the children she had are mentally disabled and need special care. The older ones are adults now, all of them are on government care, food, housing, and other programs. None of them can be productive citizens, can never hold a job. Now, I'm not a cold hearted person, but I wonder if it was really the best for the kids and the mother, and grand mother to have all those babies. The fathers, they had there moment of pleasure, and left a lifetime of misery behind them.

It really makes me sick to my stomach when I hear people talk about abortions as if its always the case where the pregnant woman is being selfish and vain. I think it would be a much different picture if men could get pregnant and the woman just walk away, unnamed, unphased, undamaged, and unburdened.

I'm thankful to God that I was never faced with that decision but I can't condemn someone else because the did have to make or will have to make that decision. I owe love not condemnation.

Well said. One size does not always fit all.

Your story makes an excellent case for legal sterilization in such situations.

This is exactly the type of disgusting rhetoric that convinces unstable whackjobs to shoot up abortion clinics or murder doctors. This is also one of the main reasons why the Republican party will cease to exist in about a decade or so.

Shame on you. By the way, God isn't real.

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Is it that, with ALL the ills ans sins in this world...why is abortion considered THE CORE issue in our society?

To prevent unwanted pregnancy, why not support FREE birth control...which is a heck of a lot cheaper, and less emotional toll? But, republicans don't want women to have that either.

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God is real. I'm independent, but I don't think the republican or democrat party will cease to exist. Be realistic.
The author is entitled to his opinion, though I don't completely agree with him.
The author may feel empowered to make his comments because of the crazy insane comments recently made by republican congressMEN. Who, I might add have no problem trying to dictate to women about what they can and can't do with their bodies.

of BOTH parties are all too willing to tell EVERYONE what they can and can not do to their own Bodies. Men and Women are forbidden from renting out their sexual organs to other Adults, Men and Women are forbidden from putting
certain substances in THEIR bodies. Men and Women are forbidden from ending their own life, (Suicide is illegal)
BOTH parties support these laws that deny adults from exercising choice, the phrases "Right to Life" and "Pro-Choice" are BS phrases as in this country
Roe v Wade is just the tip of the iceberg, when it comes to Choice that CongressMEN and WOMEN of BOTH parties wish to restrict

all republicans--or representative of anything or any group except himself.

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You say that someone's "disgusting rhetoric" causes murder and then close with a "God isn't real" missive. Nicely done. Are you trying out for Hypocrite of the Year or are you just deluded as hell?

You and Lion here seem to share the same fascist notions towards freedom of speech and have no tolerance for it whatsoever if it is coming from an opponent of your beliefs. If you agree with's some kind of awesome. Otherwise, ban it, it causes mm-m-murder!

Two points..

1) God, or at least the Christian god Mr. Hoffman is referencing, is not real.

2) A harsh reprimand is not the same as wishing to ban speech and your assertion that it is, especially since I've never, EVER advocated that stance anywhere on these blogs before, is baseless and frankly outrageous.


I think you need to keep this type of rhetoric for your bible study class. I really think you just like to see your words in print, and I am basing this on your many letters to the editor. Perhaps you should put them all together in a self-printed booklet and then use it for a bonfire on one of these chilly nights. That is where they will do the most good. Sad thing is we do have free speech and that even extends to windbags like you.

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. . . right on the head. The best way Republicans should deal with the sticky abortion issue is to tell every male Republican to shut the hell up about it and leave the issue to women, as it should be.

Terry Garlock

Terry Garlock, PTC

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on the abortion issue. And IMHO, all social issues. The GOP taking a stance on stuff like this is what enables clowns like Sandra Fluke to speak up and actually get an audience.

Many more important things for the government and even the rest of us to worry about than abortion.

Live free or die!

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I agree with you completely, but I have to say I'm not too worried about Sandra Fluke. This may be an isolated case, but it seems unlikely.

From the Reno Gazette Journal on October 20th:

"Sandra Fluke, the woman at the center of a media firestorm earlier this year after Rush Limbaugh called her a “slut,” spoke Saturday in front of about 10 people at the Sak ‘N Save in north Reno.

The speech was part of a daylong effort by Democrats to get Northern Nevadans to the polls on the first day of early voting."

She attracted "about 10 people" at a Sak 'N Save. Any fool could get a crowd of 10 together at a grocery store. Maybe she should have handed out some Obama phones or something a little more enticing.....

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Didn't you?

That is funny though. She goes from a fake congressional hearing supported by Nancy Pelosi on national TV to vamping at a grocery store for 10 people. Which illustrates my point - why do conservatives have to fuel the fire by preaching against abortion or birth control? It just gives irrelevant little strumpets like this their 15 minutes of fame.

And much more importantly, the preaching turns off moderate Dems who prefer small government and are aligned with conservatives on fiscal issues. So what if they are luke-warm on religion? Why annoy them? Those are people that would cheerfully vote against their party when their party's President just isn't getting the job done economically. Like now, for example.

Live free or die!

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To be completely fair, she also had a rally in Carson City that same day that did much better. The crowd estimate for that one was twelve. If those crowds keep growing, she may have to leave Sak 'N Save and find a Sam's Club or a Super Wal-Mart.


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[quote=Letters to the Editor]
I know this is all quite religious language and I’m going to be re-labeled “Taliban Trey” and told to keep my God out of the public square, but until we realize how abortion undermines our collective good by using violence towards the most innocent and vulnerable persons in our community to solve a “problem,” we’ll continue to struggle to solve every other problem that plagues us.

Trey Hoffman

Peachtree City, Ga.[/quote]

Yep, you're pretty much right. Most people are sick of hearing of the evangelical fundie litmus test on every issue facing this nation and you can keep on writing those letters and the rest of the population will either ignore them or say "Hallujeah!"

A Bible study about the mythical beings Adam and Eve. How can you argue with that?

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